Thursday, July 9, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue....

Did you think someone was getting married? Sorry, I just had to use that title for today's somehow fit! :)

I've been eyeing this bench for awhile now thinking that it needs help! It is in my foyer. The way our house is designed, you walk right in the front door into the foyer which is all open and steps down into the living room, which you know is decorated prim Americana. The colors in there are beige, navy, red, and colonial blue. I've had this bench for a long, long time. I really like all of Rondell's blue (and the blue cupboard Jason made my mom that I had to give up), and was thinking that I just might give it a coat of colonial blue paint. There are quite a few hearts on there, so I'm not sure what I'll do with those. They may just have to stay. What do you think, should I paint it blue? And if you have any great ideas for the hearts, I'd love to hear it! That's "the old" for today's post.

Now for the new. When I went to the antique gallery and bought the little bench that I ended up putting on the hearth of the fireplace, I also picked up this picture. I kept walking by it and being drawn to it. When I looked on the descriptive tag, it said, "Colonial Picture". No wonder it caught my eye. I just loved the people in it and the colors and I could just imagine all sorts of history when I looked at it. Well the last time I walked by and looked at it, the owner of that booth happened to be in there and she said if I wanted that picture, I could have it at 20% off, so I had to bring it home. I got it for $9.40. I ended up hanging it on the little wall between my staircase and hallway. I decided to just let it stand alone (for now anyway). I'm trying to decide whether to paint the frame or not....what do you think.....the same dark navy that my long shelf is behind the couch....colonial blue....or leave it alone? That's "the new". Well it's new to me!

Now for "the borrowed". The borrowed started off as borrowed from my mom's house and ended up in a trade. I traded her a bunny decked out in a blue and yellow dress for this crock. I added it to the foyer. It is straight ahead as you walk through the front door.

And finally, my "something blue" doesn't have anything to do with decorating (well I guess contemplating painting the bench blue could fit that bill), this one is about Joy. Monday night she tested for her blue belt in taekwondo. Testing had been scheduled for the day we had Super Saturday VBS, so they arranged a special testing for her and this was it. Here she is during testing (with her green belt still). It's so hot these days inside the building, that they are allowing them to just wear a T-shirt instead of the entire uniform.

And Ms. Jane presenting Joy with her blue belt. They always put the old belt around their neck. Can you tell by that smile how happy she was to move on to blue?

She's been white, yellow, orange, green, and now blue. The hardest (and longest to achieve) are still yet to come.....purple, brown, red, and black.


I hope you're all staying cool! It is super hot here today! I'm so thankful for air conditioning! Have a great Thursday, everyone! :)

~ Tammy ~


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Yes, paint it blue! Congrats to your daughter for her blue belt. My son does karate also and he's on his purple belt, which is different from what your daughter does, but it's been a wonderful experience for us! Looking forward to seeing your new design!

Susan said...

Yeah for Joy's blue belt!!!

Janene said...

Oh I love this post.
Red, White and Blue...can't go wrong with those colors!
Congratulations to Joy for her great acheivement!

arkie said...

Love the crock! I can't remember where I saw it, but someone had transformed a shelf the had cut out hearts with placing a board with routed edges over the hearts. ( Sort of like a layered look?) You might try making or finding some prim like cloth flowers or something like fabric stars to put over them? Just thinking. Love the star on the bench. I love the bench with the hearts the way it is also but blue would be real cute!

Congratulations to your daughter!

Parsley said...

Did you see my recent post that I'm a black belt in TKD? Hooray for your daughter. I'm proud of her.

Black Sheep Lisa said...

congrats to Joy! Yes paint the bench, and maybe drape some fabric or quilt over the hearts or even hang a sign to cover them up. Great trade on that crock!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Congrats to Joy, how cool is that. She looks so cute doing her test.
I would paint the bench blue and maybe add some black screen wire behind the hearts to make them pop.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Tammy everything looks great! I love the colonial picture. I think it will show up on your red wall a lot better if you paint the frame blue. The brown of the frame and the red are too similar and makes the white background too stark. But that's just me, It may look completely different in person. LOL!
Love the crock with "sticks" too. I also have something with the heart cut-outs that was an anniversary gift many years ago. I have been planning to cover the hearts or have them cut into squares or of these days. And probably painting it too.
And congrats to Joy for earning her blue belt! That's aweome!
You have a nice eveing!

wrcdgc said...

Congratulations Joy!

I love all the blue. I am a huge fan of blue and always have been. I had a bench like yours but gave it away when it didn't work in my last house. I think it painted would look great not sure about those hearts. I have a shelf I love with hearts and don't know what to do with it either. I hope you get some great suggestions. Oh and I love the new crock. As usual Tammy everything looks GREAT! Thanks again for Eleni's ecard.


green gables girl said...

Joy has come a long way!

ohiofarmgirl said...

I too vote yes for the blue for the hearts...have dh cut out some wooden stars to place on top to cover them up...just my idea...HTH. Dianntha
Oh..the prints of George and Martha are Diana Swartz...she framed them and painted can check her out on the web. Dianntha

momstheword said...

She does look very proud. I know my boys were pleased each time they earned a new belt in karate.

I'm not very good at this sort of thing but I'll try. Are there wooden hearts on the bench? It's hard to see. If so, what if you painted them red so they've pop against the blue?

As for the picture frame, the blue might be nice. It's in the picture!

I am not sure what colonial blue is, so don't really know the shade you're talking about, sorry!

Nancy M. said...

Congratulations Joy!!!

I think it would both would look good blue! I love the picture!

Colleen said...

Blue! Definitely blue. And how exciting for Joy! What an achievement.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post Tammy---listing all of the categories... Perfect title!!!! Congrats to Joy... That is NEAT!!!!

Your bench looks great and that Colonial picture is perfect... And the crock is perfect... Glad you swapped instead of borrowed --so you won't have to take it back!!!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Linda said...

I would definitely paint both the frame and the bench. I think navy for the frame and colonial blue for the bench. Blue seems to be coming back. And Joy has her blue belt! What a sweet deal.....You must be so proud!!!!Way to go girl!!!

JenW!~ said...

well since blue is my favorit color I say paint the bench and I think the frame would look good in the dark blue. Conrats to Joy on becoming a blue belt..

Farmchick said...

Love your photos--I would paint the bench blue to go with the blue belt! YAY!! Have a happy weekend with your family! :)

In His service, Anne said...

First..good for Joy!!! I hate when people say homeschooled children dont get to socialize...just read both your blogs-lol. I would paint the bench,and maybe get a thinner piece of wood and stencil an american themed stencil and nail it to the back to hide hearts?? Have a Great weekend!!!!
Hugs to you and Joy!!!

Sharon said...

Congrats to Joy on her achievements
I love the little bench,I like the way you have it decorated. I would not paint it tho.
Have a great and blessed weekend.

City Girl Country Heart said...

I love the crock! You can never have enough of those either!
Congrats on Joy's blue belt, what an accomplishment!
Also, blue for the bench!! Have fun :)

Zaroga said...

I am no decorator, so I won't make suggestions :-)

I love the bench, crock and the picture.

Congats to Joy!

Michele said...

Hi Tammy ~ Yes, I say paint it blue! Congrats to Joy...that's fabulous...I loved karate and made it to green belt..then I got old and never went!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mandy in Mayberry said...

I don't have ANY blue in my house except for an American flag block set that I made, but I put lots of blue out on our screened porch. Blue is growing on me!

Congrats to Joy on her belt!

Angie said...

Congrats to Joy on a blue belt! She is such a cutie...she can't hide the joy and happiness from her face if she tried! I see why you named her Joy! The little bench is cute...I would paint it, too..but would probably go with a deep red or even heirloom white. Maybe even a flag design since it is in a room with lots of Americana. You can easily cover the hearts up with a sign or draped blanket over them. Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

Hugs ~ Angie

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yay for Joy! She must be really proud of her accomplishments!
I love all your new decorations, Tammy- the little bunnies are so cute on their little bench!

chandeliers said...

I love the bench