Friday, July 17, 2009

Our "Rustic Prim" Bathroom (Lots of Pictures, Finally)!!

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone for being so patient with me! It seems like forever since we started on this bathroom! It sort of snowballed as far as my budget went. For example, when we went shopping for faucets, I fell in love with this particular one (which of course cost much more) so I had to slow down when it came to decorating it and get creative! There are several Goodwill and thrifty finds used in here. Anyway, you get the here goes! Please keep in mind that this is a small bathroom, so it was rather tough getting pictures that give you the overall picture! So, I took lots and lots of pictures! Hope I don't bore you!

You'll see my favorite color in here alot! Red...yep, it had to be red! The walls are painted a color called Bread Basket. The vanity cabinet, hanging cabinet, and inside of the door are painted a color called Calico, distressed with antiquing glaze.

Do you remember what it looked like before? Click here to see the "before" pictures.

That's quite a change, isn't it?

Jason made the hanging primitive cabinet. The inside is painted the wall color and the outside is the calico.

Here's a closer look at what's inside.

Did you recognize Kindra's blocks? On the top shelf, to the right is a star that Anne sent me. On the bottom shelf to the left is the candle holder that used to be brass with a primmed candle added and some rose hips and cinnamon sticks (sent to me by Donna) added around it. The pip berry wreath was also a gift from Donna.

That's the candle keep (I think it's called?) that Anne also sent me hanging on the side of the cabinet.

Now when you go in there and shut the door, you see a beautiful red paneled door! Jason added the raised molding for the panels and we painted it the same color red.

Here's a close up of the vanity cabinet.

And can you see the trash can over there? This is what I used. I found it a long time ago at a thrift shop. I intended to paint it, but I can't make up my mind, since you can't see too much of it anyway. The shower curtain has green in it, so I'm living with it awhile to see. If you think I should paint it....what color?

You can see it a little better here. That's the toilet paper holder Jason added to the side of the cabinet.

The vanity area:

Close up of what's on the granite countertop:

The soap dispenser is inside the little basket (above). The little lamp used to be on my sunporch, but found a new home here in the bathroom. I like the soft lighting in the evenings in here.

This was my solution for primitive lighting. I really wanted something that hung down more, but we needed flush to the ceiling lighting. This was actually in the outdoor lighting area of Home Depot.....primitive and very affordable at $39 (alot less than all the other primitive lighting I had my eye on)!

I just love this picture. It says everything about "Home", don't you think? It's above the mirror.

The back of the toilet:

The shower curtain is a Park Design called Cinnamon. Kindra made the vertical saltbox board painting. I couldn't put anything on this wall that was very cumbersome because it is such tight quarters manuvering in there.

Beside the sink.......This is a Goodwill pegboard find that was unfinished for 99 cents with a coat of black paint added. The primitive punched tin light switch cover and outlet cover was purchased from Birgit of The Primitive Country Bug. I have these in other rooms and knew I wanted them for my bathroom!

Hanging on it is another Goodwill find.....the mini washtub. I rubbed some stain on it and added some cinnamon to some soap to grubby them up, tied them up with some cheesecloth, added some sweet annie and prim candles, and instant prim! My nephew, Kemper, was here this week and saw that. He told me he liked how I decorated that. I thought that was really thoughtful and attentive of an eleven year old boy!

And here's a few more shots.

So, that's it. Again, hope it was worth the wait. Nobody was as impatient as me, but I had to learn patience! :) Hope you enjoyed it! And by the way, I'll be back in the swing of Faithful Fridays next week, hopefully. I promised pictures of my bathroom on my next post, so I wanted to make sure I delivered them! :)

I hope you have a great weekend!


Carmen C. said...

Oh Tammy~ Perfectly PRIMILICIOUS!!!!!I LOVE everything:)

Kris said...

Wow, Tammy!! What a big difference! I love it!! You did a great job!

Enjoy your weekend!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

WOOHOOW! WORTH the wait Tammy! I love love love the colors. Tan and red with black accents - can't go wrong there. The faucet and counter are gorgeous! The cabinet Jason made is amazing. I like the lighter color inside. Nice choice! You ad Jason make a great team!!

Have a great weekend!! hugs, Linda

wrcdgc said...

WOW! So worth the wait. It looks great and I see so many great things! Tammy you have a great decorating eye. I will email you more later. :)


ohiofarmgirl said...

I think it looks just wonderful...I love the favorite!!
The decorations a so cute and I like that you mixed old with new. The shower curtain looks great in the pics but maybe you just don't care for it and that's ok too.
I do think I would pain the trash can the same as the wall color and add a primitive label...just a thought! Thanks for sharing and it was worth the wait. Dianntha

Karen said...

Your bathroom is so beautiful, Tammy! I love it!

I got my Sonlight order today!! I am so excited! :)

basketsnprims said...

WOW! Tammy, definitely worth the wait. I love, love your color choices and you did a fantastic job on primming your vanity ~ just perfect. Jason is such a talented builder ~ love the cabinet and the raised panetls on the door. Love the blocks & saltbox panel from Kindra, too. I just love it all. I maybe would paint the trash can, though. A prim label sounds like a good idea. Thanks for sharing your perfectly prim bathroom. Oh, forgot, love the countertop & your fixtures are awesome. Have a great weekend.

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

It looks amazing, Tammy (and Jason)! Love the color choices and all your special touches.
Love your light fixture and your faucets. Love it ALL, girl!

Well worth the wait, yes indeedy!

Have a beautiful weekend. Thanks so much for all the pics...I just love lots of pics :)


Wendy said...

Gorgeous Tammy!!! I love it all! you and hubby did a fantastic job!!:0) Take care!~Wendy

Mandy in Mayberry said...

Tammy, Tammy, Tammy - I would be in there just staring all day if I were you!

It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful WOW I love it! So much pretty eye candy! I looked at each picture more than once.
Faucets are expensive
we just paid $120 for a
Monen kitchen faucet.
Pamela in NE OH

Kimberly C. said...

You did a GREAT job!! It is beautiful!

sonyadawn said...

OH TAMMY!!! I don't know where to begin, I love it! The cabinet Jason made is wonderful, I love how it turned out! You two are a great team, I can complete agree with you that it is great when you can work together as a team. I have got to get some blocks from Kindra, I keep saying it, I just need to do it. If your trash bucket was mine I would paint it black... You did a fantastic job!!
Have a blessed weekend!

Linda said...

I love the red--red being one of my faves, too. The lighting is great. Really masculine shower curtain but I like it.I believe I would paint the trash bucket black and add a vintage label or swap it out for a crock.
Love Kindra's blocks.......

Madison said...

It looks GREAT!! I looove the countertops!! Have a great day!!

Love, Madison

Sandy said...

I your bathroom turned out. I can't pick just one thing because I love how it all is pulled together. Between you and hubby, you guys both did a wonderful job!

Thank You for sharing and unbelievable the change before and after...WOW!

Lisa said...

WOW - WOW - WOW!! Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the color of everything and I love all of the fine details that you put into everything to give it that finished look. You should be proud... it really look beautifully prim!!


arkie said...

The bathroom looks so good! Love the red cabinets! Faucet is really great!

Michelle said...

Love it!!!

Marie said...

Tammy, your bathroom looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey the "After" so much the warm color on the walls and I love how the door has the molding..I am so showing my DH that one as we love panel guys did a wonderful job..:)

Kindra said...

I love the panel door! What a great idea! I just the love how the bathroom turned out. Super colors and a super team! Great job!

Folk Art From The Harbor said...

I Love it! I am in Love with RED too! Such a Rich color! I love your decorating! Hugs BeCca

Миловика said...

Tammy, I'm like to read your blog! I'm from Russia. Your home is so beautiful! Viktorya.

Janel said...

I can't begin to tell you what a GORGEOUS bathroom you have! I think your whole house should be in Country Sampler Magazine! You have such a great talent in decorating! ~Janel in NJ~

PS...could you tell me what brand of paint your husband used? The Bread Basket and Calico colors are great together! Thanks!

Lydia said...

Tammy - it looks wonderfully prim! Love that cabinet. You should be very pleased about how it turned out.


In His service, Anne said...

Looks Great!!!!Love the faucet. The color of the walls is perfect!
Well worth it huh?

Here goes my life said...

HI Tammy,I luv your bathroom redo.Your wall color looks very similar to my bedroom color.I luv that color.All the colors look awesome and I luv your decor.Have a great weekend!Sherri:0)

Country Acres Primitives said...

Wow, you guys did an awesome job! I love it! :)

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

WOW! Tammy, it looks soooooooo awesome prim! Worth the wait for sure! I know you are so proud of how it turned uot. My favorite part is the cabinet your hubby made and the colors! Your hubby really has a talent for making great prim pieces of furniture and you have an amazing talent for decorating.
The faucet with granite counter looks great too. And the ceiling fixture is perfect.
I'm really happy for you!

Janene said...

Can I come over for a visit and use your bathroom?
It is absolutely Prim Perfect!!!
Mind if I save this post and copy some of your awesome decorating ideas to add to mine?
You have inspired me!

CozyCoops Corner said...

Wow Tammy! I love it! I just love all the red with that wall color. It looks amazing! I especially love the cabinet that Jason made. I bet you are so excited to have it all finished. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

wow, your bathroom is wonderful! so much better than before!! I have an oak bathroom vanity too so maybe some day I can paint mine too. Love the new sink area and faucet. And the cabinet that Jason made is great!!
Great color choices too!

Jill from NY

UPON A HILL said...

Everything looks really great! Love that big shelf above the toilet!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your bathroom...jus solll CUTE! I have something I want to give you...that I made two week ago...It's belong to you...and everytime I look at it...I think about you. So I want to give it to you...E-mail me your me at kathy) Thanks for stopping by on my Faithful Friday...I did not realize that it was last week...ole well...Did Joy get to witness her cousin...I will go to Joy...and take another visit..You have a special lil girl in your hand...God has a great plan for her life...I know you are proud of her. Love all the photos of the renuion...Great family! Smiles and Hugs..Katherinellen

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Awesome job Tammy! everything looks amazing, i used the Calico in the den on our beadboard. As for the trash can i like the painting on it, i would just rub some stain over it.

Zaroga said...

It looks terrific, Tammy.

It looks like y'all had a great family reunion.

Anonymous said...

Your bathroom is absolutely beautiful Tammy!!!! You & Jason did a really suburb job!!! Your bathroom is on the plan of our master bath... I love all that you've done in there!! The red color is gorgeous!!

My DH & I was at Lowes today, and I showed him some bathroom faucets just like yours that I loved, and this is before I ever checked out your pic's posted here on your blog!! I'd love to have that style & color of faucets installed in our master bath and in our kitchen!! I'll let you know if it comes to be... ;)

You & Jason do such beautiful work on everything that you both do!!

Thanks for sharing Tammy!! I definately enjoyed your pic's that's for sure!!

Have a great weekend!!

Love & Blessings,

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Hi Tammy,
Your bathroom looks amazing! Love the colors...very, very pretty!

WoolenSails said...

I love your bathroom. Love the cabinet over the toilet, need to show that to my husband;) All the little touches and decorations are perfect, you did a beautiful job on decorating it.


Susan said...

Fantastic to the last detail!!!

Colleen said...

Well, Tammy ... it was SO WORTH THE WAIT, my friend! I just love everything you've done. Now it's time for you to enjoy it...

Denise said...

OMGosh, Tammy, it doesn't even look like the same room! I love how it turned out.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

All I can say is WOW, Tammy. You all have done a marvelous job with the bathroom. I love it---especially the color scheme. It's amazing what creative people can do with such a small area. WOW!!!!

Have a great evening.

debra said...

That looks great! I love the red.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Okay, can you PLEASE come to my house and do that to my bathroom??? PLEASE! I love the mirror. Did you add the molding or is that the way it came? We have the plain boring mirrors and would love to put some molding around them. i love the big size of our mirrors, but find them boring! Great job. I love everything!!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Okay, can you PLEASE come to my house and do that to my bathroom??? PLEASE! I love the mirror. Did you add the molding or is that the way it came? We have the plain boring mirrors and would love to put some molding around them. i love the big size of our mirrors, but find them boring! Great job. I love everything!!!

Amber said...

Wow! This looks awesome! Great job!

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

It looks absolutely FANTASTIC Tammy!!!! I LOVE it!!! Great job! :)

Leslie said...

It looks so nice! What a change for you!



Shellmo said...

It is absolutley wonderful! I love the colors and all the items you have in there! I think I want to hang out in your bathroom the rest of the day... lol!!!

Wendi said...

Tammy, it turned out great! Jason did a wonderful job on the cabinet. I love it all!

Sharon said...

Wow, is all I can say, it is just beautiful and I love the cabinet that Jason made.Don't you just love homemade things. It means so much more I think.
Thanks for sharing
God Bless

Mandie said...

The bathroom looks fantastic, I love it! You and your husband are a good team. I especially love the cabinet behind the camode. LOVE it all!!!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh my goodness, Tammy- your bathroom is gorgeous! I love each and every little thing!

Jamie said...

LOVE. IT. :)

the primitive country bug said...

These pictures were well worth waiting for. Wow! What a beautiful bathroom you have and quite different from the before pictures.
You must be thrilled to have that big project behind you.
I must say that the faucet fixture you picked out is perfect (I so would have paid the extra money for it too!). :)
Hugs ~ Birgit

country gal said...

Hi Wonderful mommy!!

I love our bathroom!!!!!!!!! It's really the most prim room in our entire house!!! and it used to be the least primmy!!!!!!

8!!!! Love you more!!!

Love, Joy =D

City Girl Country Heart said...

I L O V E it! You did a great job- please tell me about the red color. I am looking for a red to paint some doors, that color is perfect.
I too have that faucet- isnt it great?!
Wonderful job and thanks for posting them :)

country gal said...


Here's your sixtieth comment!!!! LOL!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Joy =D Love you more!!!! 8!!!

Elle Bee said...

Oh my goodness Tammy, I was just going through some of your older posts to get to know you--I LOVE the way you decorate! So so so cute.

Blessed Beyond said...

I love your bathroom!! It is perfect! And I love the red!

and I meant to tell you, Lil E swims in a hairbow most of the time! Must be something about little girls!

hugs and blessings,

Country Decor said...

I love the cabinet over the stool. Where did you find that? The little crock up the corner is neat too.

Jane said...

I have looked at your bathroom makeover about 50 times because it is set up very close to my guest bath. Sink, toilet and shower in the same spots...the only difference is, I have a large built in cupboard in between my sink and toilet.
I love your makeover...great job.

Susan Graham said...

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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your bathroom. what are the names of the wall color and vanity color?


reclaimed wood furniture said...

Ah! I bought the exact same shelves from Target and had the EXACT same problem! I actually tore up my receipt from Target, rolled it into a few small balls and shoved it in the holes on the back of the shelf. Worked like a charm. Great minds.... :)

Susan Graham

Anonymous said...

Tammy, we are building a new home that is all primitive...I was just searching for some ideas and found you! Thank you. I love your bathroom--well worth the wait, I'm sure!
Blessings, Angie

Frances said...

All I can say is Wow! Thanks for posting. im redo-ing our bathroom, as much as I love prim I wasn't sure I would like it in my bathroom. Thanks for helping me decide to go with it!!!

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Anonymous said...

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Dawn said...

Tammy, It's beautiful. I love the color you chose for the door and vanity. Perfect potty!!

jennifer768 said...

Tammy it is simply beautiful!Love the color choices you made.Hugs,Jen

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Beautiful, Tammy! Love the colors and all your displays.
What a wonderful transformation.


John Condon said...

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Fedor said...

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