Friday, June 5, 2009

Faithful Fridays (Pray Without Ceasing)

Pray without ceasing.....have you ever thought about what that means exactly?

I've thought about this alot. The best way to describe it (for me) is in terms of my family. For example, how many of us talk constantly all day to our husbands or kids? Not many of us actually do that. (Although I do think that Joy could come pretty close to talking all day long). It's more like we just pick up the conversation throughout the day. We might talk about something in the morning. Go on to a task. Sit down at lunch and pick up the conversation again, and so on. It's a relationship of conversation with our loved ones.

I really think that is what God means when he says to pray without ceasing. We should pray throughout the day at different times.....when we're in the shower, while we're putting on our makeup, while we're driving down the road, or while we're walking through the store. Of course, most of us have definite times that we pray alone or with our husbands or kids, and that's good, and so it should be, but I think we should always have that attitude of prayer and ready to talk with God at various times throughout our day.

There are (and have been) a few things in my life that I consistently pray about such as salvation for family and friends, protection for my family, the person my kids will marry, and for those on my prayer lists, etc....But there are also things that "come" to me throughout the day. I might remember that someone is going for a test at so and so time during that day, or someone is going for an interview, Colt is taking a test at a certain time, etc...and in those times I just pray silently wherever I am. I want to encourage you all, if you don't do this, to keep that attitude of conversational prayer at all times. I think it's pleasing to God.....his children talking to him throughout the day. Don't you enjoy your family talking to you throughout the day?

Another example (to me) of praying without ceasing is to continue to pray about a situation or for a person, regardless of what you see happening with the circumstances. Believe in prayer with the faith that God can change those circumstances. And that leads me to two specific prayers that I've prayed in my life that God didn't answer right away, but eventually did so in His timing and in His way, and I never ceased praying about them, no matter what the circumstances dictated.

One of these happened as I was growing up. My dad didn't go to church and wasn't a Christian. My mom took my brother and me faithfully. We ALWAYS asked my daddy when we left to go to church (or at least one of us did) if he would go with us. We ALWAYS got a "no" in some way or another. But Mama always told us to just keep praying (pray without ceasing) we did. Well, the preacher would come to visit and daddy would leave the house and "hide out" until he left! One particular time, he left the house and was out driving around. He passed back by the house and saw the preacher was still there. He said to himself, "That's MY house and I'm not going to let SOME preacher run me off from my own house." So, he went home. Well that day he was changed forever. This preacher didn't "preach" to him. He had another down-to-earth guy in blue jeans with him and they all just sat there and talked about hunting and fishing ALOT and spiritual things A LITTLE. This made an impression and long story wasn't long until my dad was a Christian and was going to church with us........and so he has been ever since. Pray without ceasing.

Another instance in my life are all the years when I prayed for a child. You may have read all about that in another Faithful Fridays - The Purple Dress. I won't go into the whole thing again, but there were many years of praying without ceasing as I waited for both of my children. My timing wasn't God's, but He knew exactly how to build our family. Pray without ceasing.

**And just an answer to prayer this week is the one you all know about....Colt is better. Although, we never figured out the cause of the allergic reaction, he is free of itching and hives. I'm very thankful for that too. **

I hope you're blessed this weekend and if you would like to read more Faithful Fridays, you can check out Joy's blog and those participating will let her know under the comments. Or maybe you would like to share something for Faithful Fridays. If so, please let her know under the comments, so we can all check it out!

Remember.....Pray without ceasing!

~ Tammy ~


At Home With Amy said...

Prayer Changes Things!!! God Answers Prayers!!! Praying is such a simple thing to do and it doesn't have to be complicated at all. You are just conversing with God one on one. So Easy!! Sometimes we think we need to help God along a little because he isn't working fast enough. We just need to wait upon the Lord. Thanks for sharing this post Tammy I loved it.

Susan said...

A great post on an aspect of our walk with Christ that many stumble over. It kind of becomes like breathing, we don't do it "consciously" but we do it constantly.

Sharon said...

This was so inspirational to me.
I never thought about it in that way.
Love the way you wrote it.
Have a blessed weekend and I am so glad that Colt is better.

wrcdgc said...

Believe it or not I talk to God more than my own family these days. Sometimes it just helps me through the day or I have a friend who may need a prayer. I'm waiting for God to tell me to take a number because I am constantly requesting his attention. :) This is such a great posts. Oh and I am a big shower prayer it's the quietest place. :)


Julie said...

Amazing post, Tammy. Thanks, I needed to read something like that oday. I pry in my heart all day long for different things and people. I'm so grateful that I know I can turn to a higher source for direction and influence. Have a super weekend. Julie

Anonymous said...

Tammy.... I always love reading your blog and especially when you write about God, and what all he has done and is doing in yours and your family's life... Your love of God comes right through your blog so lovingly... One can tell you love him with all your heart and soul... You are and have been such a great inspiration to me and I'm quite sure to many of the others who personally know you and the one's who visit on your blog also.

I so believe that Our God is such an awesome and caring God, and answers our prayers. He has answered many of my prayers over the years, and, like you mentioned in your blog, they were answered in his time, not mine, as I'm one who usually has a hard time waiting for God to answer my prayers, but I have learned to do so over the years.... It's always worth waiting for his answer, as he really knows best.

I love the two songs that are playing on your blog today too! They are a couple of my favorites that we all sing at our church.

I am so glad to hear that Colt is doing and feeling better!

I leave for Los Angeles early tomorrow morning, so I can wave my cheerleading pom poms & CHEER in my son Jamie, along with 2200 others riding in on their bikes from the bike trek they have been on. I can't wait!! I am so proud of him, and all the other bike riders too!! By the end of this AIDS bikeathon, he, and the others will have ridden 545 miles on their bikes, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which took them all 7 days to do...

That's a loooooooooooong way just to travel in one's car, & especially a long way for those peddling on their bikes, that's for sure!!

Have a great and beautiful weekend!!

Love & Blessings,

miss mary said...

Hi , I just loved reading this. I do believe I talk all day = -) and it mostly is to God, While I'm getting dressed, getting my shower, fixing meals , during laundry, driving. I have even woke up (still being in prayer) I talk a lot..
I love what you wrote, it is great. Inspirational, uplifting and thought provoking.
Thank you and God Bless

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, Tammy... We all should pray without ceasing all of the time. I sometimes call them "Breath Prayers"...God hears them!!!


Jo-Anne said...

I have such a huge testimony of the power of prayer. It seems like I have had a prayer on my lips most of my life. Not only does it helps us remember that God is always available to us, it also helps in building our relationship with him. As we learn to turn to him in times of struggle we will become more aware of his presence and his love for us. I have seen prayer work some mighty miracles! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't pray. :)

green gables girl said...

Great post! Prayer is very impotent.
Talk to you soon!
Love, Lyssie

Zaroga said...

Wonderful post, Tammy. I find myself waking up in prayer in the middle of the night. My prayers are always answered, just not always the way I want them to be answered. I have to learn patience.

Nicole said...

Thankyou for the post. I just went and looked at your bathroom! It looks amazing. I'm so jealous of the granite counter tops, they are beautiful!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I like that...pray without for thought..thank you..I really liked that..I pray as it comforts me..and I feel complete when I do and that I will be protected as well..and I always include my blogging buddys too...:)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a great post and testimony to how we are instructed to pray, without ceasing! I love this!! I'm so happy you were raised by a mother who knew the power in prayer and refused to give up on your father!! I find myself praying all day long as I go about my day, just little things,more like a conversation with my Lord, just as you described!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Blessed Beyond said...

What a wonderful post!!! Prayer changes things!!!!! I love to pray in the car! It's like one of my favorites, but I pray like you throughout the day. And I agree we all need to do this. I'm trying to teach the girls how important it really is to keep in conversation with God. I hope yall have a great weekened!!! Thank you for always being such an inspiration!
Hugs and Blessings,

Farm Chick Paula said...

This was such a wonderful blessing to read, Tammy! Especially the story of your Dad- prayer really does change things!
Thank you so much for sharing your heart!

Farmchick said...

That was a wonderful past Tammy--I really enjoyed reading it. Have a great weekend!

country gal said...


I always feel better after reading your Faithful Friday posts!!!!!


I love you!!! 8!!!

Love, Joy =D

Michelle said...

What a great post. I am STILL praying for my dad. He was raised by a wonderful godly mother, but for some reason he has wanted nothing to do with church or God. He is obsessed with hunting and fishing and that is all he likes to talk about. But, like you said, I will keep praying without ceasing for him!

the primitive country bug said...

What a great post Tammy! Praying without ceasing (in both ways) develops intimacy with God. He wants us to be intimate with Him!
Thanks for sharing your faith and acting as a witness on His behalf.
You'll be blessed! You already are!
Hugs~ Birgit

Shellmo said...

I loved reading the story about your father! And a great reminder on praying often!

Anonymous said...

Yes you did spell my name right! Thanks for the compliments! I like this post, and the really cute pictures!

carol said...

I enjoyed your post~

Elizabeth said...

What you say is so true, Tammy. We have a God who is always there, ready to listen to His children. He loves it when we walk through our day, conversing with Him. It's so importan to stay close enough to Him to listen to His hearbeat - what He wants for our lives and the direction He would have us go.

Anonymous said...