Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bloggin' Buddies (Surprise Gifts & A Meeting)

Wow! This weekend was just full of bloggin' blessings! One of them was a surprise to me and the other has been a surprise that I've been waiting to share after it happened!

First of all, this past Saturday, Joy and I came home from a busy day....a birthday party and some grocery shopping. As I brought my groceries into the kitchen, I spied a box on my kitchen counter (mail brought in by Jason). I didn't waste any time checking it out. Sure enough...it was addressed to me....from Donna (Never So Simple). I tore into it (with help from Joy), and imagine Joy's surprise to find goodies labeled with her name too! I have to admit, though, that I fussed a little bit at Donna when I saw that it was from her. If you have followed Donna's blog, you know that they're going through some tough times right now, and she shouldn't have done this! It's obvious that Donna is such a sweet, giving person!

Well here's what she sent me........a longaberger basket with more prim goodies tucked inside! There was a prim star, a pumpkie pie tart, a pipberry wreath, and prim fixins'! I was so excited! I know the basket is probably supposed to be a bread basket, but I'm thinking it will look really nice (and just the right size) for the back of my toilet in the newly remodeled bathroom. I haven't made up my mind for sure if that's where it's permanent home will be, as I'm still tweaking. But wasn't this the nicest gift, especially knowing the heart with which she gave it? Thank you so much, Donna! I treasure your friendship!

And as if that wasn't enough, she had a stash of goodies for Joy too! Included in her goodies was the coolest mechanical pencils, colorful fashionable erasers, a journal, "Joy" letters, and a jewelry kit. All of these things fit Joy perfectly. She always has paper and pencil in hand, writing something and she loves crafty things! Donna made her a very happy little girl! Thank you again, Donna!

The second thing I'd like to share with you was my very first meeting with a fellow bloggin' buddy! Can you believe it? I know many of you have done this, but it's a first for me! Not long ago I had my 200th post giveaway and first year blogging anniversary. Well the winner of the giveaway was Susan (Penless Writer). After receiving the goodies in the mail and seeing my address, she got in touch with me and told me that she and her husband were traveling my way to see relatives and asked if I would like to meet with them. I was so excited! We worked out the details and met them Sunday afternoon at a local restaurant in town after church! It was just the neatest thing and Susan and her husband, Mickey, are the sweetest couple! They are a very genuine Christian couple, very active in their church, and we had a wonderful conversation and time together....the five of us......Susan, Mickey, Jason, Joy and me. I wish Colt could have been there, but he was in an afternoon church service playing and leading music.

Joy showed Mr. Mickey how to hold chopsticks and they practiced on the french fries! (That would have made a good picture). I feel like I've known them much longer! I really enjoyed our meeting and like Susan said, I don't think it was an accident at all that she was the winner of my giveaway right before they were going to be traveling my direction!

Here's a picture taken by the cashier at the restaurant. I have to admit that I do not like this picture of me at all (I know everybody says it, but it honestly looks like it added 10 lbs!) Anyway, it's the only one the girl took, so I wanted you to see us all together!

And when we went back out to our cars, Susan gave me some honey which came from the bees they raise! And look closely at that bottle.......I didn't notice it until the way home, but usually you see a honey bear bottle......but this one is an angel! Isn't that the cutest thing? I learned that Susan collects angels and I wish I had known it because I sure would have taken her an angel. However, I did take her a Blessings stitchery......I guess that goes with angels though, right?

And Susan said as she drove off that I would get to blog about our meeting before she would. I think they won't return for ten days. I told her that I would wait, but she told me to go ahead. She didn't have to twist my arm too much, because I've been anxiously waiting this meeting and wanting to post that I was meeting a blogger and make a mystery blogger....but I restrained myself! lol! So, I'm glad to finally be able to tell it! (Thanks, Susan)!

This was just an wonderful weekend of bloggin' blessings. I am amazed at the bond I've come to share with many bloggin' buddies out there, and with the kindness as well. When you count your blessings today, don't forget to include your bloggin' buddies! :)


ghomeschool said...

Very cool!!! I love the honey angel. Oh, and the picture was just fine. You look great. Sorry we had to miss seeing you at the pary Saturday. Bobbi and I were getting some good deals at garage sales.

Denise said...

What a sweet person Donna is! Your goodies are just perfect!


Raggedy Angel said...

How fun....I have not met up with anyone either. What wonderful goodies! Beth

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Goodness you did have a great week. Love the gifts Ms Donna sent and the Angel Syrup bottle is so neat. Isn't it great when you finally get to met someone you have already gotten to know online.
Hope you have a great week.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

How wonderful Tammy!
I love the Honey angel...I do think it was destiny for you to two to meet:)

Love the Longerberger basket:)

Shellmo said...

There are so many nice blogger people out there - you are proof of that!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

What a nice surprise from Donna. She is a very special person and I know I have enjoyed meeting her. It was especially nice that she sent a little something for Joy too!

Isn't it great to meet blogging friends? We are so lucky to have the internet as a source of meeting people.

Take Care and enjoy your week!


wrcdgc said...

I love the honey angel it is too cute! I'm happy you and Joy like everything. I wish I could send all my wonderful blog buddies something. :) In due time.


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh Tammy, I am not at all surprised Donna gifted you like that. She has such a good soul!!

And what fun to meet Susan and her DH too. The world is full of really good people!!

Michele said...

Oh Tammy, how cool is that? To be able to meet someone that nice and she's a blogging buddy too!

You're a very lucky lady indeed...getting the gifts from Donna. What beautiful things!

Have a wonderful week!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That is so neat to get to meet a fellow blogger, Tammy. I too will get to meet two of my special friends this coming Friday. I cannot wait.

Nice gifts you got---you and Joy, also. WOW!!!!

Have a great week.

Farm Chick Paula said...

That's awesome, Tammy! Love the goodies you received, and being able to meet a blog friend in person would is a treat! I often wish I could gather up ALL my sweet blog friends in one great big room and chat with everybody- wouldn't that be so much fun?

Angie said...

What fun to be able to get together like that. Honestly, I think we are most critical of ourselves...you look wonderful! I love honey and angels..so I just love her honey jars!

Hugs ~ Angie

Chandelier said...

Wahoo I love gettting prizes.

green gables girl said...

That's so nice of Donna!
And that sounds like so much fun, going to that restaurant!
That is so cool that you got to meet a blogging friend! I hope I get to meet Joy, soon, too! Where does Susan live? China? LOL!

Talk to you soon!
Love, Lyssie

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I do everyday!!!:)..great post and wonderful goodies too...

The Whites said...

It's so nice that you got to meet a blog friend. I've got a couple of blog buddies that live near me - Sherry from Backwoods Country Primitives and Betsy from Joyful Reflections are both about an hour from me. I'd love to meet up with them sometime soon!

You got some really great things in the mail - how sweet!


the primitive country bug said...

How fun that you got to meet a fellow blogging buddy. Those are the unexpected gifts of making new friends. :)
Love all the thoughtful goodies that Donna sent you too.
Can't wait to see that bath redo!
Hugs~ Birgit

Julie said...

I haven't met any blogging buddies, but I think that would be so wonderful. That angel honey holder is absolutely darling. Glad you had such a good time. Blogging friednds are the BEST!! Julie

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love your package! And how nice that she include some things for Joy! And how great is it that you were able to meet a blogger!! How special!! And I do love the honey bear angel! Very nice. I can see we're both on the same wavelength with being grateful for our blogging friends!!! Enjoy your day!

This simple Life said...

Thanks for stopping by to see me. I am sorry to hear that so many others are struggling with eBay and Etsy.
I am planning to work hard at getting my Etsy running at full speed. Im going to focus on the jewelry. I have better luck selling jewelry because the shipping isn't bad.

Im not sure their is an answer right now. I think it may be a sit and wait game with the economy.

country gal said...

Good post, Mommy!! I loved meeting Ms. Susan and Mr. Mickey.

Ms. Donna really did do a sweet thing!!!!!

8!!!!! You are the best mommy in the world!!!!!!!


Love, Joy =D

Linda said...

Now that is really cool. I've talked with a couple and email several and skyped but never met a blogger that I didn't already know.
It is always great to be thought so well of by anyone. Your package is delightful. I'll bet Joy squealed with delight, too.
I've never seen a honey angel but I'm definitely curious where she found the bottle.....

Nancy M. said...

What beautiful gifts! I know it must have been nice to meet a real life blogging buddy!

Susan said...

Hi Tammy, Jason & Joy!!! We just got home. We only stayed 5 days!! Guess which is the only blog I've read??? Ha-ha you knew it would be yours. Thanks for the sweet comments. It was SUCH a joy getting to meet and spend some quality time with the 3 of you. I hope to blog about our meeting tomorrow.....if I can get all unpacked and settled down. I love my "blessing" stichery. I use to do a lot of stichery but can't any more so receiving those type of gifts are very special to me. Thanks so much.
Love, ((hugs)) & "blessings"!!