Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cross-Stitcheries, Some Favorite Photos & a Little More....

Thank you all for the get well wishes for Joy! I'm very happy to say that this is the first day that Joy has not run fever and she is feeling much better. It will be a few days, I'm sure, until she's back to her regular energetic self. We're keeping it low key for the next couple of days with lots of rest. She is still slow going and I understand that this cough will linger awhile with the flu, but the worst is definitely behind us and she is acting so much better! Thanks so much for the comments and emails!

I mentioned in my last post that my friend, Betty, stitched quite a few cross-stitcheries and brought them to me. She brought them around Christmas time, and I tucked them away in my closet in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Here are the Americana ones.

A Country at Heart one:

She also gave me several Christmas ones:

And more Christmas:

I've bought a few frames from Goodwill here and there, so I'm going to stain some of these and frame them. I'll be sure and show you when I get them finished.


Last Friday, I mentioned our resident friends in the nursing home that we just love visiting and you'll probably remember me mentioning Ms. Ollie. Joy also mentioned her in greater detail on her blog. She was the one with Alzheimer's and cancer too. Well, I'm very sad to report that she passed away Thursday night. It was especially hard for us too, because we didn't get to make our regular visit this Thursday because of Joy being sick. Please pray for her family. We know her children. She has seven of them. They will all miss their mom tremendously.


This has been a really crazy week and I didn't get a chance to share any Easter pictures with you. Remember I said we did go to church and to a dinner (against my better judgement since Joy was already beginning to feel bad and run fever), so we took a few pictures that morning and these are a few of my favorites:

This is probably my very favorite! Colt, in his own style, wore a shirt and tie with jeans! lol! He was in Joy's room, kidding around with Joy and me, and tying his tie with Joy standing by (with wet hair) with the normal admiration she has for her brother!

Giving my baby girl a kiss:

Jason with his little girl:

Colt had already left the house when we were taking these pictures. He had to leave to go practice music for the praise team.

But Bambi couldn't be left out...the little fur baby...


After being cooped up in the house all week and not going anywhere since the beginning of the week, Jason asked us this evening if we wanted to go to Sonic (where we could just sit in the car and not to have to get Joy in and out), and Joy could stay in her pjs too and still get out of the house for a change of scenery! I hugged his neck because it sure was a welcomed outing to me! You would have thought he took me to Outback Steakhouse or something! We took a little drive and it did my spirit good! We listened to Delilah on the soothing! Now we're back home and have some brownies in hand that my mom made and sent over and we're settling in to watch Rocky IV! Yes, that's Rocky IV...we've already gone through the first three so Joy could see them all (for Jason and me it's probably the 20th time). lol! Believe me this week we have watched some movies!


me said...

Hi Tammy,
I'm so glad that Joy is on the road to recovery.I hate it when my children are poorly.I feel so helpless.I love the photo of Bambi...what a wonderful mane.Very lion like!!Enjoy the rest of the weekend.L.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad to hear that Joy is feeling much better...Love that kitty photo.I swear she looks just like our pody ann...very pretty kitty..:) have a great rest of your weekend..:)

Zaroga said...

I'm glad Joy is feeling better.. I know that trip to Sonic was a much needed one.

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, Ms. Ollie.

The stitcheries are beautiful and look forward to seeing them framed.

Great pictures.

angie said...

glad that Joy is feeling better~great Easter pics~sorry for the loss of your friend~have a great Sunday!

Heather's Stitches said...

Glad to hear that Joy is feeling much better. Those are great looking stitcheries, your house is going to look nice with them displayed.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I am so sorry Joy lost her friend and especially at a time when Joy couldn't visit her to say goodbye. I will keep her and the family in my prayers. I'm so glad Joy felt like taking a little outing. That will help her more than anything, change of scenery and fresh air and know it helped you keep from going stir crazy. Hopefully all will be back to normal soon.
I love the pictures of you and you baby hugging.
Have a blessed week

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Hi Tammy,

So glad that Joy is feeling better. I am also sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Her family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Can't wait to see the finished pictures of the cross stitches.

Take Care and have a wonderful weekend.


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I am so glad Joy is on the mend. Tha kind of outing makes me happy to - the simple things in life!

What sweet samplers Betty gave you. They are adorable.

I am so sorry about Ms Ollie. Just think of the joy you brought her in her final days.

I hope this week is wonderful!

hugs, Linda

Lauren said...

I'm so glad that Joy is feeling better!! I'd get excited about Sonic too though...there aren't any too close to us, so it always a treat to eat there:) I hope Joy will be back to her regular self really soon!!

I'm also so very sorry to hear of your friend's is always to tough to lose someone you love.

And I enjoyed the Easter pictures..and all those cross stitches! They all very cute:) Enjoy your afternoon!!

Shellmo said...

Nice to hear Joy is feeling well and got to enjoy some time out of the house at Sonic! Great idea!
Sorry to hear about your friend Ms. Ollie - I bet she enjoyed yours and Joy's visits so much and it must mean a lot to her family as well. All your stitcherie finds look lovely - I like that birdhouse one especially!!

Amber said...

Bambi is sooooooo CUTE!!!!!

Linda said...

A truely 'joy'ous day! Thank goodness she is feeling up to a drive. It is becoming more springlike with each passing day! I know she will want to be outside, looking for insects and birds and playing with the dog. BTW~cute kitty~cute name....

The Whites said...

I'm so glad that Joy is feeling better!

Sorry for the loss of your friend. I prayed for the family.

I can't wait to see those stitcheries all stained and framed - what treasures!

Have a great week!

wrcdgc said...

Tammy thanks so much for my ecard! It means so much to me to have such a great friend I have found in you.

I am so happy Joy is feeling better. I have really missed her posting. I'm glad you got to get out of the house for awhile. :)

Love the stitcheries and can't wait to see what you do with all of them. I also love all the Easter pictures.


Julie said...

So glad Joy is feeling better. It is so hard to have sick little ones. Hope she feels 100% right away. Have a great day. Julie

At Home With Amy said...

Glad to hear Joy is feeling better. In a couple of days, she won't even remember how sick she was bless her heart.

I'm sorry to hear you and Joy have lost such a special friend. I will be praying for you and her family as well.

I love your stitcheries. What love and labor went into creating those. Can't wait to see them all framed up.

Enjoy your week,

Michele said...

Hi Tammy ~ I'm so thankful that Joy is feeling better. I was praying that the weekend would put her over the hurdle and smooth sailing from now on! I love your Easter pics...your family is so beautiful!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Glad Joy is recovering, even if it is slowly! It's so hard to see them sick! The picture of her and her brother is adorable. I love the Americana cross stitch samplers. They will look very nice grouped together! Enjoy your day!

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Tammy,
I've been catching up with all my fellow bloggers and I'm sorry to hear that Joy has been so sick. I'm glad to hear that she's doing better now though and hope that she continues to get her energy back. It stinks when our little one's are so sick.
I enjoyed reading your post and especially enjoy the pictures! The one with Colt and Joy in the mirror is such a wonderful captured moment!
I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend Ms. Ollie. I'll be keeping her family in my prayers tonight.
Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit