Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Cats vs. Robomaid & Goodies in the Mail

Recently, I discovered a couple of robomaids in a closet that my mother had gotten me. I had forgotten all about having them. I remember wondering if those things really worked, so I pulled them out and thought it couldn't hurt to give them a try before putting up the Christmas tree. After charging one up, we let it go on our hardwood floors in the living room.

I wondered how long it would take our two cats, Bambi and Matty, to discover little Ms. Robomaid. Bambi was perched high up in a favorite spot on the half wall of the loft that looks down on the living room. She spotted it pretty quickly and watched it for awhile from there...but not for long. She couldn't stand it...she had to come on down and check it out!

Matty, always the very cautious one and scared of any noise, was keeping her distance. She figured out that she was safe up here on the step-up into the kitchen, so she stayed there peering around corners, watching carefully and cautiously from the kitchen.

Bambi was more determined to "get the best" of Robomaid. She followed it around bravely, until it made a turn around, then she was sliding around on the wood floors because she couldn't get away fast enough.

I'm sure we had plenty we could have been doing this particular evening, but it was very entertaining to watch. Besides, I figure, it gave our floors a good cleaning (it did work), and our kitties some exercise. And you know, I guess we're just easily amused!

And just in time for Christmas, came goodies in the mail from Jo-Anne's Christmas ornament swap. I received the cutest framed stitchery and the painted snowflake from Gail. I love both of them! It was so fun knowing she made these especially for my home. And they both have found the perfect spot in our Christmas decor (which I will show you in another post).

And from Jo-Anne's Etsy shop, came the sign I ordered from her. I love these words and knew when I saw it that I wanted it for my kitchen.

The sign now has found it's permanent spot on the wall in my kitchen. If you check back, I'll show you along with the rest of the kitchen Christmas pictures.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope you all have a great Thursday! :)


Kath said...

Hi Tammy,
how cute!
...and as for your kitties being 'easily amused' by your robo maid...LOL...I was too, just reading about them & seeing the pics! ;)
I love the gifts ya got there, that stitchery is just darling!

Have a wondeful day-girl!

btw-I'm anxiously awating those Christmas decor pics!! :)


basketsnprims said...

Tammy, your kitties are so cute & funny. Love your goodies & that sign. Have a fantastic day.


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I love that sign too! And so glad the robo things worked. I have been wanting the big one that vaccums! I need it! LOL!

Have a great day!

Raggedy Angel said...

What wonderful gifts....I need some robomaids EVERYWHERE! LOL

Tammy said...

Hi Tammy,
What great new toys for your kitties! LOL
And love all the things you got in the Christmas swap! They're wonderful!
P.S....I just e-mailed ya'! :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

The pictures of the robo maid are so funny, Tammy- the cat's looking like "humph- what's up with this thing?" LOL

I love your little sign, too... I have the one that says "always kiss me goodnight" hanging in the bedroom... just in case someone forgets!! tee hee

Back in the Day said...

My pooch would have eaten ROBOMAID! You got out lucky!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh those kittys are too cute..Bambi looks like our little Pody Ann does...I could just crawl in her fur and start to kneadle it is sooooo soft and lucious...:)

Anonymous said...

Cats are sure a lot of company, aren't they? A really cute post and I enjoyed browsing thru your blog. It's lovely.

country gal said...


LOL! The cats are soooo funny! I like to watch them play with the Christmas tree ornaments that are toward the bottom....that's thier naughty side! ;) lol! The stichery looks awesome! lol!

Love, Joy =D

Katy said...

LOL...those are too funny! :) i love them...but what exactly does a Robomaid do? I have never heard of one before! :) That is really neat! Your cats crack me up! :)

I love your sign you got! It is beautiful and a wonderful reminder each time it is read! :)

Julie said...

What a cute post!! Our dog is fascinated with our vacuum. She won't leave it or me alone when I'm vacuuming. She is RIGHT there in the way--drives me crazy!! I love what you got from the swap. Now that was fun, and you were so generous. Hope you're having a nice day. Julie

Shellmo said...

Oh how I wish I had robo maid for my kitty! Your kitties looked so cute checking it out. That 'count your blessings' sign is perfect!

Merrie. said...

My pups would have had fits; they would have had a time with those; we have long wanted a roomba; but I would have to take a Xanax after all that drama; LOL; love your goodies; just wanted to stop off at your home and say hello! Merrie

AnnaSam said...

Yor cats are adorable! I laughed siting here as I was reading it because I could see them swiping it! Love your gifts and your sign also. have a blessed day!

Colleen said...

So many cute new goodies to peek at... I can't wait to see more, Tammy!

And your cats are so sweet. I can imagine the show they put on for you all the other night.

Have a wonderful evening, my friend!

Stephanie said...

That is too funny, I always wondered what an animal would do with one of those! lol

Anonymous said...

ok, first of all, your cats are beautiful!! and I laughed out loud, thank you!!

second, your ornament swap is so nice. I also love the sign.

third, you decorated your house already for Christmas??? I cant start yet and I am jealous!! Cant wait to see pics!!

Jill (from NY or aka jbean)

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Hi Tammy,
I've never heard of a Robomaid but if it will clean my floor, I need to get one!


Terry said...

Those kitties are so funny! I would love to have some robomaids!
I love that sign! I've been wanting to get out my paints and work on something, so I might try to letter one out.
Can't wait to see your Christmas decor!
Have a wonderful weekend Tammy!

Farmchick said...

That is too cute! We whittle away our day watching our animals do funny things I guess we are easily amused also!! :) Have a great weekend...stop in and visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Well, for some reason my log in name won't work again. :) I love your cats. We have 2 also and a dog. They are so much fun to watch. I haven't put my tree up yet probably another week or so. I can't wait to see pictures of your decorations. I remember last years were gorgeous. Thanks for always sharing your lives with us.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Tammy,
I bet that was so funny to see the kitties like that.

I love Jo-Ann's prim things and love the sign!

I'll be checking back to see your kitchen all decked out:)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell ya that I loves those bowl...You did a great job....That's will looks just great in your kitchen...very uplifting and cheerful colors for the kitchen...great ideas...Your daughter is so sweet...she is doing great on her crafts...Tell her I'm proud of her...:) Smiles...Take care..Kat

The Whites said...

Our cat Stripes would go crazy over robo maid! We just put the Christmas treee up last night and he's already checking that out! Enjoying your blog!