Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Decorating With Life's Little Distractions

Do any of you out there ever have trouble concentrating on any ONE thing long enough to get it accomplished without other projects distracting you along the way? I'm the girl that starts decorating for Christmas, only to discover that something needs cleaning before I can put that tree there or that decoration up. Then as I'm cleaning, I find something that I meant to complete.....and I attempt to finish that. Anyway, that seems to be my life story these days. I know I've promised Christmas pictures and I really have been decorating! It's just I still want to do a few minor details (but are important to me) before I get pictures. Part of that involves picking up some greenery. I will be going to Hobby Lobby on Tuesday and hopefully tackle the task at hand! I guess some people would call that being a perfectionist, but I can't call it that...because my decorating results will be far from perfect! lol!

In the meantime, I'll share with you one of those projects that distracted me along the way.

Remember these bowls that I bought while in the Ozarks recently? I've had them on my cupboard in the kitchen and as I was decorating a little for Christmas in the kitchen, I decided to stop and paint these.

I painted them red, mustard, green and black and distressed them. Here's what they look like now.

And of course, they found a home on the stepback cupboard.

And I remember Linda writing about finding the healthy balance in our lives with our families, home life, and blog world too. And that is just the sort of thing that has also kept me from doing some of those things I intended to do....but things I wouldn't trade for the world. Between home schooling, extracurricular activities, church, and just daily life, it's a struggle to balance it all sometimes...but sometimes you just have to stop and take a little time to do those things that are important to your kids. So that's another thing we did recently.....Joy made salt dough ornaments and decorated one for each girl in her Wednesday evening class at church so they could add it to their Christmas tree there. Apparently, she "took orders" for what kind of ornament they would like before she made them specifically for each girl.

Then she's wanted to make Christmas presents and her heart was set on a sign for my dad (her pop). If you remember he's always outside in his garage or around there DOING something. As a matter of fact, she's been known to call over there and ask my mom (her grandmama) on the phone if Pop can come out to play. So for Christmas she made him this sign since he "tinkers" around in the garage and outside. She picked these colors because she wanted it to look something like John Deere colors. She's getting a little experience working with paints...and the problems that go along with it! lol!

And that is a trinket box above it that she is making for her dad (don't worry I won't let him read this). It's to keep his keys and loose change in. She plans to paint "I love (well a heart shape) you (actually the letter U) dad" on it.

That's just a few of the crafty distractions I've had along the way while decorating for Christmas. If you'll be patient with me, I'll take pictures and share a room a day with you soon! And I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone else's Christmas decor too! It will be like going on a Christmas parade of homes!

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great week!


Janene said...

Good Morning Tammy~
There are no better distractions than the ones that involve children and crafts!
Your bowls turned out really nice.
Looking forward to your Christmas house tour.
Have a good day~

AnnaSam said...

Good morning Tammy,
I am so that girl you speak of!! It drives my husband crazy. He always tells me to finish what I am doing before I get to something else. But I always tell him that something else needed to be done before I could finish the original project.He gets aggravated with me sometimes!I love your bowls. They turned out wonderful! Have a blessed day!

basketsnprims said...

Tammy, I am so like you we could be twins. I am constantly getting distracted & never seem to finish what I started out to do. I love your bowls. There are no better distractions in life than our families, they come first in my life and joyfully so.

~ Pam ~

angie said...

the bowls look great tammy~can't wait to see your Christmas pics~i know all about the distractions, but they are so worth it!

Anonymous said...

The bowls turned out so great! I love them and the fact that your daughter is involved in crafting is fabulous. Hope you have a great day and can't wait to see your home decorated for Christmas

Linda said...

OH boy, I wrote about never getting it all done today too! LOL I should be decorating but I am reading blogs instead! LOL Still working on that balance.

The bowls look so prim!! I am going to look for old wooden bowls now. What a great idea.

I hope you get one or things crossed off your do list - depsite those distractions!

Kath said...

Hi Tammy!
LOL-Yup...that's me to a "T"!!!
I thought maybe I had some kinda crafting/decorating/putzing attention span disorder...if I do...I'm glad to see I'm not the only one! ;)
I love your bowls...
Joy's homemade gifts are all just so wonderful!

Have a great day...

(oh-we got snow-wish I could sent ya some!)


Shellmo said...

You have so many great projects going on! Loved how the bowls turned out. And how sweet of your daughter to make that sign and trinket box for her grandfather - (my grandfather was very special to me as well so this post really warmed my heart!)
Looking forward to seeing your christmas decorations....I need some ideas!

Sandy said...

Hi Tammy,

I love the sign that your daughter made for her grandfather. Those handmade gifts are the ones that are more special then anything else. I am sure her Pops will love it very much :) We have been crafting around here ourselves...the girls love it so and it adds to the memories.

I love how your bowls turned out.
The colors are so prim :)

Can't wait to see your home all decorated for Christmas. I must continue myself. So many boxes with so much...I just need to find the right spots for each item.

Have a wonderful Monday...


Mel said...

I have that same dilemma, I just call it, multitasking... Yes, always family first!

Tammy said...

Tammy, I so understand how hard it is to juggle everything! But it sounds like you are doing a great job putting the Lord and family and home first!
I love the bowls that you painted!
And wow, Joy's sign is wonderful!!! Her "Pop" is going to love it!

(Let me know when she receives that penpal letter!) :)

Have a great week, dear Tammy!
Hugs, the other Tammy

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy! Your daughter is very creative just like her mama! Have you really been decorating for christmas already!? I will do mine next friday! I can't wait!! Hope all is well:)

My*Prim*Cottage said...

I love those bowls! I have some like that from a trip to Goodwill this summer! I haven't done anything with them yet. Yours look great! Love the little salt dough precious! Have a great day! ~Beth~

Debbie @ said...

Hey Tammy, little ones, even big ones sometimes are precious distractions! I like how your bowls turned cute...I love them!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love her Tinkering sign..she did an awesome job...what a great gift..can't wait to see your home all decked out too..Iam like you..has to be perfect before the photos are taken...:>)

Colleen said...

Such lovely and uplifting "distractions," Tammy. Aren't we lucky to have them?

I can completely relate with the issue of balance. My days are very full as well and I get sidetracked more now than I ever used to. It's sometimes frustrating, but I've tried very hard to adopt a positive and grateful attitude about our very full life. It's a blessing.

Some things will keep. Moments like those you spent with Joy won't. I'm so glad you made the most of them!

Besides, a little decorating suspense is fun :) Good luck!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Tammy ~ Your bowls turned out awesome! It's so cool that your daughter is getting into the crafting arena...she did a great job on the sign!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl...long time no see. I'm sorry I haven't been by to see ya...I have been busy in fact I got to do some crafts today for the sample for our women's ministry tomorrow night...we are going to make ornaments too. I will post it about how it went...I haven't post about our trip to Arkansas yet but I 'm going to...if I just stop enough...I like you ..I start something then I see something else to do..and put the others stuff on hold and then come back to it. I have so much to do to my house to finish it. Hope you are having a great day....It's cold here...Love ya my friend..Kat

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to tell ya...those bowls are Cute...Great edeas for your kitchen....Love it...Tell your daughter I'm proud of her...she so sweet and caring. She did a great jobs...Love all her crafts. She has a talents like her mom...:) Smiles...Take care..kat

Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Tammy, I am the same way when it comes to distractions!

Love how your bowls turned out.

Your did such a nice job on her projects!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I love the bowls!! I would have never thought to paint and distress them. What a great idea. You need to post these on the forum girl!! We miss you there. Jax

Kindra said...

I love your prim bowls! I have some waiting for me to do some prim magic!

Joy did such a great job on her handmades. Like mother, Like daughter.

Debbie @ said...

Hi Tammy, distractions come in big and little got to love them! Love those bowls, they are wonderful looking. Looking forward to all your posts!

Sue said...

LOVE those bowls! The gifts Joy made for her dad and granddad will be so special...I'd rather have something homemade any day.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

The bowls turned out great Tammy and I love the colors too!
I have way to many things going on...always stopping and starting:)
Say hi to joy for me and tell her she did a great job!

Julie said...

What would we do without distractions? I have too many. I guess that's why I'm such a list maker--it helps me focus. I love your bowls. Very creative. Also, Joy's creations are great. I can't wait to see your home all decorated for the holidays. take care, Tammy. Julie

Farm Chick Paula said...

Love the bowls, Tammy- you did a great job on those!
And handmade gifts are always the best!!

Back in the Day said...

I hope your trip to Hobby Lobby today is eventful so you can show us the work you have been doing! Love how your bowls turned out! And Pop's Tinkering Place is too cute! She did a great job!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Hey Tammy! Sounds like your priorities are in order! We all have to learn to shuffle things a bit, don't we? As long as family comes first, everythign else should fall into place.
I'm looking forward to seeing your pics and I completely understand you waiting until you are ready!
This is why I scrub and clean for weeks before I ever atttempt to decorate for Christmas! LOL!
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I am the queen of distactions. I love the bowls. I can't wait to see pictures of the house all decorated. Thanks for my email yesterday! I emailed you back.


The Whites said...

Oh, I love running across a fellow homeschooler's blog! I so agree with you about trying to balance it all. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. I'm adding you to my blog list if you don't mind!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention in my earlier posts that I loved Joy's ornaments and sign. She did a great job.


Leslie said...

Joy did a wonderful job on her projects :) I'm sure everyone will love their gifts!

Yes, I always get distracted! I'm always jumping from one project to the next and it ends up taking longer than expected. I guess that's life?! LOL

The bowls turned out great :) They look great all stacked and painted different colors!

Have a great day! Hope you get everything caught up :)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Tammy, I read your comment on Shelley's Log Cabin blog---and it caught my attention since you live in Arkansas. My hubby and I LOVE Arkansas and visit there every year--at least once. I feel like we are 'neighbors.' Thanks for letting me read your blog.. Check mine out sometime.

Sit A Spell said...

I love the bowls! I've spent many a day in the Ozarks...grew up in AR and now live in brrr cold Michigan.

Sit A Spell said...

OH...forgot to say...told the kids ...please don't mess in the house this weekend. I have tons to do so I can put up the Christmas decorations. As I "cleaned"...I had many, oh yeah, I need to do that...and that first.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Tammy, you are so precious. Taking time for Joy is more important than anything. I just love her little ornaments and handmade gifts. Quite a talented little gal you have there.

Your bowls turned out wonderfully! Maybe you'll share sometime how you accomplished that and made them look so prim.

I actually finished a project today and I'm so euphoric that I can't sleep. LOL


Angie said...

I've been having fun perusing your blog :) I had to comment on the bowls. I've been painting thrift store wooden bowls lately too :) I've totally been on a crafting kick and I'll be posting some soon.