Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Time is truly flying by this summer! I can’t believe June is almost gone!

After my last post, our pool began leaking again, so still no swimming in the pool. However, we have a pool guy coming out tomorrow morning. We’re really hoping he can take care of it (without mention of a new pool liner)…..especially so since we have cousins coming down to see us that will be anxiously waiting to swim, I’m sure!

We just got out of the hospital again Sunday. Joy’s pancreatitis flared up again and we ended up being admitted through the ER per her doctor Thursday night. This time her pancreatic enzymes reached even higher (lipase was 4500), yet she bounced back from this episode quicker. They did further testing through a MRCP MRI to take a closer look inside the pancreas and it all turned out normal. That’s good and bad. Normal is always good to hear. However, if they found something there, it could possibly be corrected by surgery or other means. This means still no answer that can be corrected. The other testing they have done is genetic testing. The results from that won’t be back for two weeks. If that comes back positive, then there is really nothing they can do. We will just know the cause. We’re just praying and asking God for a miracle and that He will just heal her pancreas so that she never has any recurring episodes. We do have a follow-up visit with her GI doctor Thursday.

……And our air conditioner is not running properly. My Uncle Jesse is coming Thursday to see about that (all the way from Alabama….. bless his heart). But we just thank the Lord for The Cedar Loft! We are staying up here. We feel like we’re on vacation away from home staying in a cabin. We were actually lying in bed last night, and Jason said, “You know I could live like this.” One thing I know, if we ever move, we will definitely down size and go for a smaller cabin feel.

But through all of these trials, we have so much to be thankful for. We see people with many more trials and problems. We have God on our side and we know He’s in control. That’s the most important thing.

Okay, now for the title of this post. I mentioned it a week or so ago, but my Thirty-One online party is nearing the end of the deadline. Unfortunately, it’s not going that well. Well, I did get one order so far! That’s something! Anyway, I just wanted to remind you all that you still have until Friday to shop. If you’re interested in taking a look, just let me know in a comment or email me here and request it, and I’ll send you the link directly to shop in order for me to get credit as the hostess. Purchases can be shipped directly to you, if you don’t live near me. There is also a special going on right now through the end of this month: you may purchase the large utility tote (really nice) for only $10 when you spend $35.

Thirty-One has a really great organizer that's great for throwing in some magazines or books, snacks/bottle water and much more, for those times that you're waiting (I'm thinking doctor appointments).  I will have my stash of Country Sampler magazines in there.  I do this now (without a tote) just carrying them with me now for anytime I have down time waiting.  My mother laughs about me carrying my magazines or books.  Joy is the same way.  Anyway, Thirty-One really does have some great totes (and pretty fabrics to choose from too).....so check it out!  And thank you!  :) 

Hope you’re enjoying your summer! Take time to enjoy all the simple moments!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I hope they can find out what is causing Joys pancreas' flaring up and that she can stay healthy and happy..I will keep her in my prayers.;)

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I hope your party finishes up well! I'm a Thirty-One consultant and am addicted. I use a Large Utility Tote for my rug hooking supplies when I go to hook-ins. :-)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I really hope they can find the cause for Joy's problems. When I was hospitalized in April with my intestinal infection I thought it was the worse pain I have ever had in my life and Michael was 10.5 pounds and got stuck. I feel for her because she's so young to be having this! I'll be praying! Hope you get the pool and the air conditioning fixed!!!