Friday, June 15, 2012

Faithful Friday - "Legacy"

This past week our pastor called to check on us after we returned from the funerals of Uncle Junior and Aunt Betty. As I was speaking with him, he made a remark about what a legacy they left behind. That’s what I want to share today for Faithful Friday.

While we tend to focus on the fact that we lost two people whom we loved dearly and that we will miss them very much, there’s so much more that they left for us. I knew it already, but when our pastor made the remark about a legacy, it drove it home to me. If we could all leave such a legacy as they did, our world would be a much greater place. And we would be doing what God created us to do and intended for us to do.

Uncle Junior and Aunt Betty were a living Christian example and touched many lives. Someone counted over 800 names of people that came through to pay their respects at the funeral visitation.

Found this picture on my computer from Mama and Daddy's 50th Anniversary almost 3 years ago.  That's Uncle Junior  on the far right side wearing glasses wearing jeans, light shirt, and white tennis shoes.  My scanner wasn't working for me to scan a picture of Uncle Junior and Aunt Betty.  That's also my Grandma sitting in the chair that we lost in March.  

After the accident, their children (my cousins) found a note that had been left among their things in their home written by Uncle Junior and sealed in an envelope that was to be opened upon his death. It began with, “In the event that my death takes place before the rapture”………I love that! It went on to request that if his kids could sing, he would love for them to sing Amazing Grace, his favorite hymn, and if they didn’t think they could, that was okay too. (Their kids did sing it). But the best part left in his note was this request he made: He asked if they could, he’d really like a sign placed on or near his casket that read, “Not here….Gone Home”! Not only was that a comfort to all those that loved them but what a witness to the security of eternal life in heaven!  He also requested that the funeral service be a regular church service with an evangelistic message so that others would clearly hear the Gospel and be given a chance to accept the Lord. And so it was. That service was two hours long as a matter of fact. Because the funeral service took place in Indiana and the burials in Tennessee, there was a second graveside service by a different pastor from Alabama, who didn’t know (or hear) what was spoken at the first service.  His message spoken at the graveside service turned out to be a direct continuation of the first service.

As I looked at the large photo on the easel of Uncle Junior (who made you feel like you were the most important person when he spoke with you) and Aunt Betty (who gave really good hugs), I couldn’t help but to think how much I’d miss them both at all the family get-togethers…..especially Uncle Junior asking the blessing. Then I thought how pleased they would have been to know that even in their deaths, they were still evangelizing. The way they lived their lives spoke to the testimony of Christ. Through the way they lived, they left a legacy to all those left behind. That’s the kind of legacy I want to leave!

What kind of legacy ARE we leaving? Are we leaving a legacy that truly matters?


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Have a great weekend! Be blessed! ~ Tammy ~


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


You're right Uncle Junior was always so sweet and could just TELL that he was a Christian.

We'll miss them both!

I love you! 8! Thanks for doing Faithful Fridays!

Joy :)

bettyj said...

Legacy-------something we all need to think about. What will we be remembered for? Good post, Tammy.

Sandra said...

Great post Tammy :)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Great post! I think about this all the time and really hope I'm doing my best! enjoy your weekend!

Laura Lane said...

Beautiful thoughts today. I'm so glad you know they've gone to Jesus.