Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Days

I know it’s not officially summer yet, but summer days are definitely here for us!

It’s so exciting to start summer with a new bike! I remember those days! It’s too bad that kids today can’t enjoy the same freedom that we enjoyed as kids riding our bikes. I remember riding all around the neighborhood. Everyone waved at me. I was home at supper, or by dark. No worries. I wouldn’t dream of that for my kids today.

Joy and Luke saved their money and bought new bikes. (Well Luke had to have a little financial help but he didn't do too bad for a 4 year old).  :)

I love the vintage flare to Joy’s bike. My brother was here this weekend and asked her, “What old lady did you steal that bicycle from”?

Isn’t it cute? Love the color too!

Luke opted for a Car’s bike. (He likes Lightning McQueen, but Mater is his favorite).

Luke has the bike riding down now (with training wheels of course). He had only ridden a tricycle up until this summer. See………he started cautiously with his helmet, wearing it every single time, taking it slowly.

Now he’s getting more daring… helmet......

......riding faster, and wearing his Mr. Cool shades.


This evening Jason, Joy and I went for a two and a half mile bike ride. We’re going to try to build on that and go every evening. Even though Luke is Mr. Cool on his bike, we didn’t think he could keep up with his training wheels, so he stayed with Grandmama and Pop next door.

Oh, and we did get the red mulch in our flower beds in the backyard. It's not all play. 

Remember the before?

Much better now:

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any swimming in our pool yet, because we had a slow leak somewhere that we couldn’t find. Jason and I finally found a few tiny pinhole punctures and got those repaired, thanks to Missy (my sister-in-law). When they were here this weekend, she told us she heard somewhere that if you put a water hose under water near the suspected leaky area, it will bubble on the outside and reveal the leak. It worked! Hopefully, we’ll be swimming in a couple of days! Believe me………. we’re counting down the days, especially the kids!

Luke has been enjoying snow cones (in a bowl). I pulled out my Pampered Chef ice shaver; picked up some snow cone syrup at Walmart, and he’s one happy little boy. Joy’s not a big fan of snow cones. She’s more of a lemonade girl. Come to think of it….I’ll have to pour some lemonade over the shaved ice for her! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that before!

Summer is also band-aid season, especially for little rambunctious adventurous boys! And Luke has a thing about them. You’ll probably notice in many pictures that he’s sporting one!

The other day he came into the kitchen with a band-aid stretched across his ear. He had a mosquito bite on the back of his ear and this (evidently) made it all better! He wouldn’t part with it for a couple of days either!

Luke has also been enjoying his sandbox everyday, which means a lot of sweeping for dear ole mama.  :)

It's flip flop weather.  (And evidently time to beat occasional boredom and take photos of your shadow).  :)  Right, Joy?

I’m a bit of a whimp about the hot weather though, especially the older I get. Give me fall weather any ole day! But summer days are especially fun for kids and good for making memories!

Speaking of summer, it’s the season for vacations and family reunions, which means packing and unpacking, trips to the pool or beach, going on picnics, all of which require toting all the necessary equipment along. I recently got the opportunity to look at a catalog from Thirty One. If you haven’t heard of it……it’s a Christian company (based on the principles of Proverbs 31) that specializes and carries the cutest organizational baskets, totes, note cards, purses (and more) with a wide choice of pretty fabrics! I love their products! And they c an be personalized!

Anyway, I decided to host an online catalog party that begins today, June 18th, and lasts until June 29th. You may order directly online and pay online and your merchandise will be shipped directly to you. I will get credit for any orders made through the link for my online party. So if you’re interested, drop me an email here and I’ll send you the link to shop (no pressure to buy…if you just want to look, I’ll send you the link). You can even book your own online party if you’re interested so you can earn free and half price items too.  Oh, and I have to point out that through the end of this month, they are offering a special that allows you to purchase a large utility tote for only $10 when you spend $35, which is an awesome deal.  Thank you in advance for taking a look!  :)

 Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your summer days!  :)


LynnMarie said...

Love the mulch and how nice it all looks. Love the bikes and have fun riding. I love the summer heat so I'm excited that tomorrow, the first day of summer it is suppose to be 97 degrees up here! Send me the link please so I can look around and shop for Christmas! Thanks.

Hollie said...

I love all the pictures!! Especially, that smiling boy!! Gosh, he just melts my heart!! Makes me want to just smother him in kisses!! I have ordered a couple different lunch bags from 31!They are awesome and hold up wonderfully!!!

bettyj said...

Love the pictures of the bike riders. Luke is just too cute. Mollie is into bandaides now and they have to be Dora. She likes one on each knee. I won't show her a picture of the ear! Lokks like summer is going to be fun at your house. Now how far is from Clinton to Arkansas?lol

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I love Joys bike and I would definitely choose it over the new fangled type..I love how the red bark looks in your yard..beautiful..we are still cold and rainy here..hoping we get summer was muggy and humid the past two days..not liking that at all..but would love some sunshine...;)