Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Cousin Fun

Summer is the season for cousins to visit.....and this summer we've had three consecutive weeks of cousin visits!  Joy and Luke are a little disappointed that they're all gone now.

The first week my nephew, Trey (who is Colt's age), and his wife, Shauna, came.  Of course Luke enjoyed all the attention and Joy had swimming companions while Colt was at work.  Colt and Trey have always been very close, so the four of them - Colt & Amber and Trey & Shauna - had a good time hanging out. (I just realized I didn't get any pictures of them while they were here).

Then the following week, Kemper and Laci (that's Trey's brother and sister) came to visit.  These three belong to my brother, Richie, and sister-in-law, Missy.  Joy and Luke had a great time with them.  Not surprisingly, they spent alot of time in the pool.  Kemper also enjoyed a fishing trip with my dad.

These four are very close and see each each fairly often.

Joy & Kemper

Even kids need to relax....
The girls.......Joy & Laci

And this past week, we had two cousins that visited our home for the first time.  We usually only see them at family reunions or other family gatherings.

This is Ms. Emmalee from Delaware.  She is soon to be 9.

It's really funny.  We've come full circle because Emmalee's mom and I used to have summer visits too.  I remember riding her mom on the handle bars of my bike (and having a little wreck over a speed bump), as well as sleep overs.

And this is Ms. Jessica.  She just turned 11.  Jessica is from Alabama.

We see Jessica more often.  She was probably getting impatient with me because I kept calling her Carrie.  (That's her mom's name...she looks just like her).  It's so strange that these kids should be this old.  And by the way, how old does that make me?  :)

Again, they had a blast in the pool!

How many girls can you fit on one small tube....3 for about 3 seconds! 
And when they weren't doing that, the girls were creating and performing plays together.  

Now the cousins have all gone home and they will be missed BUT they don't have to wait very long to see each other again.  Next weekend is the family reunion and they will all be together again.  And this time they'll be wading and swimming in the creek!

Ah....the joy of cousins in the summer! 

And why can't I get a suntan like this?


Bama said...

Looks like a great time. My cousins are still some of my best friends. :o)

Happy 4th!


Never So Simple said...


I love all of the pictures. It makes me miss my pool. How come no pictures of you and Jason in the pool? :) Looks like the children had a great time. I used to spend a lot of time with my cousins growing up. Memories what a great thing.


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I love when cousins get together and become close.
My husband is VERY CLOSE with his cousins...and we're going to a COUSIN'S reunion the week after this coming week.

Fun family pictures.


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Haha! I can't wait to see Emmalee, Jessica, Kemper, and Laci again!

And hopefully, Emmalee, Jessica, and I can perform our Helen Keller play again!

Great post!

I love you! 8!

Joy :D

Melissa said...

Looks like you all are having a fun summer so far! And yeah, I put spf 55 on Sofie and she still gets that beautiful brownish-red skin...I just get burnt and freckly! :)