Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Goodies Waiting on Our Front Porch!

Within the last week or so, we've received a couple more packages.  Both were too big to fit in the mailbox, so they were waiting for us on our front porch.  It's so exciting to look out there and see a box of goodies waiting to be opened!  :)  

I won Gina's Fall Bingo Giveaway (of Cap Nap Inn Primitives).  But she sent so much more.  She told me there was something in there for the entire family, and boy she wasn't kiddin'!  It was like Christmas!

First of all, here's some of the goodies that were for me and Jason.  The picture frame and butterfly are both Joy's, but all of the rest of the fall stuff is mine!  She made Jason a "World's Greatest Dad" cup cozy insulator sleeve!  And she made me a "World's Greatest Mom" one.  They're so cute!  Jason really liked it and thought it was cool, Gina.   

Also included in there was cream and sugar room spray made by Gina.  It smells yummy!  I love it.  There are two fabric pumpkins (love love those), another distressed paper mache' pumpkin painted by Gina (very cute), some of her fall fixins (also smell wonderful), chapstick and a pin, and a crow.  So I got to decorate a little more, which I'll share a little later in this post.

But first I have to show you what she sent for the kids.  I think Colt was tickled (and surprised) to be included in one of my prim friend's packages!  She made him this rock star guitar pillow.  (Click on the picture to see it a little closer).

She had the package addressed to Joy because she had been working on something for her all along for her new bedroom.  And here it is!

Isn't that the cutest?  Joy loved it! It's perfect for her room.  We don't have it hung up yet, but we'll get to it soon!

And she included something for Mr. Luke too.  He got a little monkey friend!  When I wanted to get his picture, I told him it was like his book, Caps for Sale.  So he had to put two caps on his head, just like the peddler in the book.  :)

I asked him what he wanted to name his monkey, and he said, "Give Me Caps".  You have to know the story, to know that line, but I guess we'll call him Caps I guess.  :)

Thank you so much, Gina!

And, I was also one of the winners of Linda of Parker Paradise's giveaway.  I wasn't even sure what all was included as it was to be a surprise.  And boy did she include alot too.  Just look at all of this!

I have already have plans in mind for several of these items and one being in the new bathroom makeover!

Thank you so much, Linda!

Now for where I added in some of the fall goodies:

The fabric pumpkins went on the bench in the foyer.

The distressed paper mache' pumpkin went beside the fall blessing blocks on my side table with the pump lamp.

The crow had to be added to the little bench with Mr. Scarecrow and the other crow.

I added some of the fall fixins to this bowl on my kitchen table....

.....and to this wooden box inside the black bowl in the kitchen also. 

I've already been using the room spray (my house smells really good right now) and I'm trying to find places for more fall fixins! 

Oh, and one more thing.....I just made a new entry in the adoption journal, Journey to Luke.  You can click here, if you'd like to read it.  It has a little more information than yesterday's blog post, if you like to read more about how it's going with his adjustments.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Thanks for the very sweet comments on yesterday's post about Luke!  Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!  :)


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...
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Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


Our front porch has been a happy place hasn't it?

Love ya, 8!

Joy :)

Hollie said...

You have got to tell me how that winning thing goes....especially since it's for Primitive stuff! I love all your goodies!

I went back over & read about Luke. Awww, he just melts my heart! My heart broke when he thought he might be left with your friends. He is such a precious child! (((HUGS)))

Nancy M. said...

What great prizes! Those are awesome! It's so fun to get unexpected things!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Tammy I love where you put the goodies..and let Joy Know that the ballerina dress is glow in the dark..and I love what Luke named his monkey...and Colt looks so cute with his pillow.;)

Karen said...

How exciting! You got some really great stuff there! And it was especially nice that Gina included a gift for the whole family. Luke is a little sweetheart. I always enjoy seeing your decorations and hearing about you and your family. Karen

Blessed Beyond said...

How fun and sweet to have goodies for everyone! You did get some GREAT prizes!!!

Hugs and Blessings,