Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pop's Birthday

Last Sunday (Feburary 15th) was my daddy's birthday. With it coming on a Sunday, I somehow managed to "forget" to blog it. I didn't forget his birthday at all. We all celebrated his birthday at Bonanza Steakhouse, the restaurant of his choice and mama made him coconut pies!

My daddy (or Pop as we call him since the grandkids came along) turned 67, but you would never know it! He's a hard working, outdoorsy, tinkering kind of man. He loves to hunt, fish, and "tinker around outside" as well call it. He pretty much has to be doing something and if he's not he's probably in his recliner watching hunting or fishing on the TV or a western movie! I guess there's not anything my daddy can't do either (in my eyes anyway).

My daddy is a guy to give out nicknames too. If he's around a kid (especially) very long, he gives them a nickname. Of course, my brother and I have nicknames and all the grandchildren and their friends even. He has a Punk, Partner, Pistol, Toots, Sweet Pea and Snuggles among us. Can you guess which one is me?

Some of his favorite questions for kids are: "Do you live around here or work on a farm?" OR "Have you been contemplating matrimony lately?" OR his favorite "Do you slumber in the bed?" He gets a kick out of their responses (and looks)! We just all sit back and grin.

He loves history, old things, nature, his family, and anything to do with a simple life. I'm very proud to have a dad like mine....can you tell?

Happy birthday (again) Pop! Thanks for being the man and dad you are!

I love you!
~ Tammy ~

(If you guessed "Toots" were right...that's me.)


Tammy said...

A very happy birthday to your dad, dear Tammy!
I loved seeing the pictures of him...what a handsome boy he was and a handsome man, as well!
You know, I was struck with how much Joy resembles his boyhood pictures!

My own dad passed away 20 yrs ago (hard for me to believe!) and though he was far from perfect, I sure do miss him! Your family is blessed to have your dad and "Pop"...just as I'm sure he feels blessed to have all of you! :)

~Tammy (other one)

Janene said...

Happy Sunday...Sweet Pea~
Was that the nickname for you?Those are great pictures of your "Pop"/Dad!
I think that when people are the outdoor type they enjoy their life more and are younger than their age...that is what I found out with my parents...who own 14 acres and have a huge garden every year!
Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad, I know you enjoy every minute you can with a minute I though you were describing my Hubby, he will turn 66 this year, but your description of yur Dad fit him to a T, including givng everone a nick name, we have a sippy, redman, Moo-Moo, and Rissa Kat. Pig, gobber,

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful dad, Tammy! What a sweet tribute to him and all that he means to you ...

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

A very Happy belated Birthday to your young dad! He sounds like a great guy Tammy!! Thanks for sharing him with us.
hugs, Linda

Susan said...

A great tribute to your wonderful dad. He sounds very much like my husband, their generation raised boys to be men like them!!! You are indeed blessed. I would have guessed "Sweet Pea"! Sorry Toots!!!

Blessed Beyond said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! What a sweet and precious tribute to a wonderful man!

I'm glad you are enjoying the 31 days of Prayers for Husbands. IT is so awesome. I'd love for you to share your Love Story and link it back. I'd be honored.

Hugs and Blessings,

Liz said...

I lost my Daddy back in your post about your Dad. Keep celebrating!

Kath said...

Hi Tammy!
Happy (belated) Birthday to your WONDERFUL dad!!

I was gonna say "toots" ... really I was ;)

Enjoy your Sunday!


country gal said...

Happy happy birthday, Pop!!!! Love ya!

Love, Joy =D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Tammy--your Daddy is George's and my age. George turns 67 in March and I turn 67 in August. I just think it is so neat that your Dad comes to your house and brings the mail in every day...SO special!!!

Happy Birthday to Tammy's Dad.

The Whites said...

Well Toots,

Happy belated birthday to "Pop"!

I thought for sure you sweet pea!


Tami said...

Happy Birthday to yourd dad!! Cute pictures too!

Homespun Simplicity said...

Happy belated birthday to your dad, Tammy. Enjoyed your post.

wrcdgc said...

Oh Happy Birthday to your Dad. You have been so blessed with a wonderful family and wonderful parents. I guessed sweet pea!


Shellmo said...

Your dad reminds me of the qualities I loved in my grandfather - the love of outdoors and the sense of humor! Happy birthday to him!

Back in the Day said...

What a great birthday blog about your dad! I hope he had a great time! I was given a nickname too - I was Runt and my Daughter is Squirly. Don't ask me!

miss mary said...

Happy birthday to your dad. He reminds me of my grandfather, really loveable.

My dad passed away 2004 and it's the hardest thing to ever go through. we were super close. Cherish your dad everyday,they are a blessing, aren't they.

God Bless