Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Princess!

Ten years ago today our little princess, Joy, was born.

I could have hugged (actually I think I might have) my Dr.'s neck the day before when he asked me if "we" wanted to have a baby tomorrow! I was absolutely miserable...swollen ankles...well...swelling everywhere! And to make matters worse, I had four kidney stones that were moving around in one of my kidneys. They would bother me from time to time, but not always...right at the end of the pregnancy. Of course, there was nothing they could do about them or for the pain until after Joy was born. On top of that, I spent pretty much all nine months with "all day sickness". I don't think there was a place in town (restaurant wise) that I didn't get sick after eating! lol! So, I welcomed this day! However, I have to say that the delivery was a breeze, as if she knew she'd better make this part easy for her dear ole mom! Kidney stones are worse than child birth anyday!

We welcomed our little bundle of "Joy" at 9:18 p.m. - all 6 lbs. 9 oz, 20 inches of her! Here she is the next morning. (Call me vain but I had to get up that morning...take a shower, and put on makeup before visitors started coming)! It just made me feel better! And I was so relieved that so much of my swelling was gone!

On Joy's first birthday (A Barney theme) She was overwhelmed by everything!

This was on her 2nd birthday with her proud brother, Colt. I made this doll cake. I had one like it when I was 3 years old that my Aunt Jo made and I wanted to make one for her. One day I'll show you the two pictures side by at 3, and her at 2.

This was her 3rd birthday. This was an old-fashioned birthday party at our know the drop the clothespins in the jar, pin-the-tail on the donkey games like I used to have when I was little.

And one of my favorites...her 4th birthday. We kind of went all out on this one..a princess party. We made the castle and drawbridge. The boys became knights and the girls princesses. They feasted inside the castle at a table set for royalty of course.

This was Joy's 5th birthday. It was a baby doll party. The kids all brought their favorite dolls. They paired up and then had a race to feed their partner a bottle. This was a fun one too!

On her 6th birthday, we had a scrapbooking party at the local scrapbook store. The lady that owned the store led them through the process. The kids brought their favorite pictures and scrapbooked a page. I had a pre-made scrapbook with the kids names and pictures on front. They added their page and took it home to continue scrapbooking. Joy has kept her love of scrapbooking alive and has added to hers often.

This one was her 7th birthday....a skating party. What can I say? It was easy for me, just show up and the kids skate! (But it was noisy!)

I also loved her 8th birthday party. This one was a 50's party. We had adults and kids alike here. We had a full house too. The kids (and some of the adults) were dressed 50's style. My mom came over and taught the kids several 50's dances. Whew! We were tired, but it was SO fun! They all went home with a CD of the 50's songs and doing the hand jive!

On her 9th birthday...I had the flu. Bless her heart, we had to postpone the celebrating a week. For this one, she had her friend, Katie Beth, over for a sleep over. We did a little bit of everything.... pampering, crafts, playing on the computer, and movie-watching.

And this year, her 10th birthday,....well, you can click over to her blog and check out this year's party. It was all day Saturday. I think it just might be one of my favorites too! The girls were lots of fun and it was a laid back party. There was plenty of time to do everything and I loved visiting the Nursing Home! Yep, she wanted to go to the nursing home for part of her party. But I won't tell you anymore about the day, because Joy wanted to do that. I'll just leave you with this one photo of her 10th birthday.

And now our little princess is in her double digits (as she loves to say). I can't say that I like it. She's growing up a little too quickly on us! But that's how it goes! I'm so thankful that the Lord blessed us with her. I'll tell you another day about the faith it took to get her here. (I consider both of our kids miracles and.. well I'll tell you more on both on another post another day).

Happy Birthday, Joy! We love you!

~ Mom and Dad ~


Phyllis said...

Happy Birthday to Joy!

They grow up so very fast!!!

Kath said...

wow-what a pretty new mommy ya were (are)! ;)
Happy birthday to your beautiful little princess!!
She just keeps gettin more beautiful with each birthday!

Love all the pics.

Have a wonderful day!

Janene said...

You are the Mommy I would love to be!
All of those parties look wonderfully fun! She is a very lucky young lady!
I am headed off to Joy's post to read about her day!

Country Acres Primitives said...

Happy Birthday to Joy! She is a beautiful little girl.

Jennifer :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Groundhog Day.. We have a winter wonderland on the plateau this morning. The birds are eating and eating and eating.. I guess we'll have 6 more weeks -at least--of winter!!!!

Happy Birthday to Joy!!! I left a message for her!!! Love that picture of you with the new baby. Doesn't look to me like you just had a baby. You look incredible!!!!!!


Frugal Home Living said...

What a fun birthday she had (all of them.) Her blog is so neat. It looks so grown up. Wow, the kids now-a-days have so much more computer knowledge than us adults. *grin*


Kindra said...

I loved seeing all the pictures! Happy Birthday Joy!

Jo-Anne said...

It was fun to read about all the parties....She has sure been a beautiful girl-right from the beginning! :)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday JOY!! I know she was along time in coming and her name says it all!

I love all the pink - after having a boy, I did everything pink when my daughter was born as well.

She is one lucky girl coming into a home so filled with love!

CozyCoops Corner said...

I loved all the birthday pictures ! It makes me think about all the birthday themes and parties we've had at our house over the years. So fun ! I read Joy's blog and it looks like such a fun day ! Happy Birthday Joy !
Janae :-)

Kimberly said...

What great memories... Happy Birthday Joy! Maybe you and Julianna can get together sonetime to compare notes on "being 10"!

Zaroga said...

It is just a blink of an eye they are grown... savor every minute. Loved the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Tammy, Joy sure has been a very beautiful little princess ever since the wonderful day she was born!! She is a sweetheart!! She has a real special & pretty looking Mom too!! I loved looking at each one of Joy's birthday pic's! She's a 'lil cutie in each one!! She is one very lucky girl to have been born to such loving and caring parents!

I did the same thing too, had to have my shower, hair and makeup done and all, before visitors came to visit us at the hospital when our kids were born.. I remember some visitor's saying, "You don't look like you just had a baby."

Have a wonderful day Tammy, and, I'd like to once again say,... HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY JOY!! :)

Love & Blessings,

The Whites said...

What a great post! Birthday wishes to sweet Joy!

Zach is 10 and I know how you feel - we want them to grow into Godly young men and women, but it is so hard to watch them grow up! I've had to pray a lot about this very issue. I used to cry before every birthday until God convicted me and taught me to enjoy the here and now instead of trying to live in the past!


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to Joy! :)

My little Shane will be ten in about two months! Where did time go?


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

How much fun she has been for you, they are gifts from heaven and only on loan to have given her such love Tammy:)

country gal said...

I love you Mom! Thanks everybody for the nice comments on my blog!

Love, Joy =D

wrcdgc said...

I loved Joy's blog. She really had a nice party. You did a great job Mom! Hard to believe how fast they grow. My oldest Jessica is going to be 20 on Thursday. Seems like yesterday she was a new born.

I love that you took a shower and did your make-up. I did that before Jessica was born. :)


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, she is a cute princess for sure.
I stopped by via Red door.
I really did enjoy your blog.
How funny about the make up and getting ready for company.
God bless

basketsnprims said...

What a lovely post and I enjoyed seeing Joy and how much she changed from year to year. I went to her blog to wish the "Princess" Happy Birthday. Have a great evening.

Susan said...

Happy birthday to your Joy. What a wonderful post showing her growth and fun parties. You look beautiful in that new born picture of her. Now I'll go visit her blog and read her story. How neat she has her own blog!!!!

Shellmo said...

So sweet - loved all her party photos! You are such a creative mommy w/ all the party ideas! When I adopt a little girl, I'm going to have to use these! Happy birthday to Joy - I'm headed over to her blog now!

Stephanie said...

WOW! First of all, you look beautiful for just having a baby! And Happy Birthday to your sweet little one :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful life story of "JOY" She is adorable...Love all the photos...just so CUTE! Happy Birthday Joy!
Smiles and Hugs

Sue said...

Each birthday was so special...thanks to you. I know that she has brought you much JOY! I am off to visit her blog and tell her Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (belated now) to Joy!! How sweet!! the pics are awesome and love the one of you and Joy when she was a newborn. That is my favorite stage of life: they are fresh and new and tiny and just like to sleep. thanks for sharing.
Jill from NY

Tammy said...

Tammy, so sorry I am late on this...but a very Happy 10th birthday to Joy!
I just loved seeing all of her pictures...sort of like watching her grow up before my eyes! And as a mom of a soon to be 10 yr old, I know that's pretty symbolic of how it really is...they just grow up so quickly before our eyes!
What a precious picture of you with her just after she was born...(and you look the same ten yrs later!)

Wow, you guys really had some great birthday parties for her over the years! And I love the cake that you made with her new double digits!

Anyway, seeing all those picture of Joy and know our daughters are just five months apart, made me really reminisce...sniff...

I'm going over now to personally wish her a (late) happy birthday!

Back in the Day said...

Don't they grow up so fast? My son was so excited to reach double digits! I know Joy is too!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

My heart just melted seeing Joy grow each year. She is just precious. Parenting is so bittersweet ~ you want them to grow their wings and yet there is often that little bit that wants them to stay little.

I'll have to pop over and read about her special day.


Blessed Beyond said...

Happy Belated Birthday, to Joy! I loved looking back at all the pictures! Thank you for sharing! That was really fun! Looks like she has had lots of fun parties!
Hugs and Blessings,