Monday, December 29, 2008

Behind the Scenes

We go through this every year! Every year I get the kids together for a Christmas picture to include with our Christmas cards, and just for me to have some Christmas photos of them! Each year gets a little harder finding a time when I can catch Colt at home long enough, and dressed to somewhat coordinate with Joy (not a favorite thing for a 19 year old boy to want to do, but done to please dear ole mom)!

And...since Colt was little bitty, he's always been quite the clown....or else just not wanting his picture taken. He's the same little guy in preschool graduation that found numerous uses for his diploma....telescope, head-bopper, orchestra wand....I guess he's always thought it his job to be silly and so he has been and still is at times like this!

I might as well plan on a Christmas photo shoot taking awhile! This year was no different. Joy is always ready for the camera with a pose and a smile, and Colt is the clown. The slideshow pictures below tell the story though. You'll see all the photos ending with the one we used for our Christmas cards.

The pictures begin with Colt playing the Wii and Joy and I trying to convince him to come over to the couch for I just started snapping pictures there. He's looking at the video screen on these and Joy is over his shoulder. They finally move to the couch and thus the funny faces begin! Scroll on down to the slideshow labeled "Behind the Scenes" in the post directly below and enjoy our silly side!

Have a great day....and remember to take time to laugh with your family! You're making memories to last a lifetime! :)


Farmchick said...

Too cute!! I too find it hard to get everyone in a picture...three different ages, three different personalities and three different moods...hard to coordinate!!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas--Happy New Year too!

Shellmo said...

I do like the natural photos like this - ones that aren't posed but just show a "caught in the moment" like this - they are both cute!

Linda said...

My Jay was the same way! Then came the fall of his senior year and walked into the studio for his senior pics and he told the photographer - I'll do whatever my mom wants - these are special for her. I was sos shocked but so pleased. It was great! I knew he was growing up!

Your pics came out great - I love candid ones as well as the posed ones!

Happy New year!!

the primitive country bug said...

That's just too funny and too familiar! I go through that with my two every year too. They usually end up in a pig pile on the floor on each other. Those are the best memories though, especially when you look at the not so perfect ones. It makes you laugh all over again.
So glad you had such fun getting to your perfect finale. The ending picture turned out great!
Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Tammy; Oh what a cute story, he sounds like my Son. Dustin is always acting up while I am trying to take a photo and he is 28 now. lol I love the slide show photos they are just too cute. And I love the one you picked...

Have a great week.


Kindra said...

It always seems hard to get a picture of more than one child together. As we have learned...

I think the pictures turned out great! Happy New Year!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh you must be the most patient mother in the South! LOL So sweet. I love them all!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy~~
Thanks for sharing your picture's of your family with us!! What a cute couple of kids!! I know what you are saying about getting a good picture of them!! I am the same way!!! LOL!!

Keep in touch and thanks for stopping by!!!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

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Tammy said...

Oh, that was so fun to see! :D

Both of them are adorable...and Joy has such a beautiful smile! I'll have to show my girl these photos of her special pen pal!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Tammy, What you said is so true... Take time to play with and have fun with your family. They grow up so fast---and soon they'll be gone. Great picture!!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Tammy, your kids are too cute...they seem like they are really close..What Nationality is Colt?..I ask this as I have 3 adopted nieces and nephew and they are from Korea...not blood related...They are 23, 21 and 17...I got to visit with the oldest this past october and meet her new husband...My sister adopted the 2 girls at 3 months and Ben was 2..They just recently found out that he has shaken baby syndrome....They have had him in therapy ever since they adopted him...he is a cute kid, they all are..Have a wonderful new year! and thanks for sharing the photos of your 2 cutie patooties...:)

Raggedy Angel said...

Colt sounds alot like my Joseph! I love the pics!!! Lovely kids! Beth

Colleen said...

So sweet! I hope you all enjoyed every minute of Christmas, Tammy!

We love our photo :)