Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When You Have a Jie Jie......

Luke is boy through and through.  He loves anything with wheels and loves to build things with blocks.  But....he also loves his jie jie (big sister), so anything she loves, he loves too!  He likes loves being by her side, so he'll go along with just about anything she wants to do or play.  

When you have a jie jie, you have someone to....

Let you be their papoose...

Play not-so-boyish games with you on the computer....

Share music with....

Put an apron on you and let you help "paint" the club house...

Someone to pretend to be your baby....

Someone to explore with...

And search for shells together...

You have someone looking out for you being little mother hen....

You have someone to play wrestle with on the floor....

Someone to share a book with.....

You'll even let her dress you like a little girl and then pose for her.....

You have someone to get dirty with......

Someone to help you check those important emails and teach you computer skills...

A swinging partner...

Someone to give you piggy back rides...

Someone to ride in the back seat with you....

Someone that will "play" nintendo ds with you...

A fun play-in- the-snow partner....

Someone who almost never fails to pick you up and wag you around (when you say "bo bo) or "hold me please") even though you weigh nearly half as much as her!  :)

But mostly, you have someone who thinks you're precious and loves your with all their heart.....

When you have a jie jie.....

You have love.

Friday, January 21, 2011

From the Workshop: A New TV Cabinet for the Big Black Blob!

Last winter, we did something we've not ever done in our (now) 28 years of marriage......added a TV in our bedroom!  I really don't know why....we had no particular conviction or thoughts on it; we just never did.  But you know men and their power tools and their electronic equipment!  Jason decided we needed a TV for our bedroom and when he decided, he decided BIG!  We went shopping and came home with a LCD 42" flat screen TV.

Now you can imagine how that massive black thing with a mounted Blue-Ray DVD player under it, with cords hanging down, looked on our bedroom wall.....nothing really decorative or romantic at all about it.  But, I'll have to admit, we've enjoyed having it....whether it's just us or with the kids piled up in the bed with us watching movies together.  There's just something cozy about it!  (And we don't have cable or satellite or anything, only movies we decide we want to watch.  That keep us in control of the TV, instead of the TV controlling us). 

I've envisioned a cabinet for it since I first saw it hanging on that wall last January, but being knee deep in adoption paperwork last year and saving every penny we could for it, the building of the cabinet was pushed to the back burner.

However, I can tell you it was worth the wait.  Jason just decided a few weeks ago that it was time to build it; he had a little time off and got super busy!  

Here's a (before) pic of the big black blob on our bedroom wall! 

Here's the cabinet freshly built.

After paint.....a color called summer tan, and a little distressing with mocha glaze.

And the new cabinet on our bedroom wall.

Quite an improvement from the ugly massive piece of electronic equipment on the wall, huh?  I chose this color because although we're not even close to redoing our bedroom, I have a vision for it including a different paint color for the walls (than I would normally choose) and I wanted this cabinet to have a country/primitive flavor but a lighter look.  And it blends fairly well with what's in there now.

Needless to say, my favorite carpenter got a big hug and kiss for that one!  I love it!  And...he's even got a couple other little projects in progress in the workshop for the kitchen too....and the weekend is here again!  But more on that later....

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  :)    

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lesson Number One

Since October, Joy taught a beginners dance class in our homeschool group, leading up to the performance at our Christmas party in mid December.  The girls ranged in age from 4 - 11.  Not only was it a learning experience for the girls in the class, it was just as much so for Joy, as she choreographed and lead the class.  It was challenging at times teaching the wide age range a beginning dance class, but she loved those girls and enjoyed teaching the class.  

Her dance was a blend of dance and martial arts since their song was from Mulan:  Lesson Number One.  For the dance, Joy "played the part" of Mulan with the girls following her lead.  They dressed in their best Chinese attire for the performance.  

(from left to right:  back row:  Bobbi, Sarah & Madison; middle row:  Susannah, Saja & Cora;  front row:  Joy, Lily, Lydia & Aliya. 

Everyone did a great job!  I was proud of my Joy, as well as all the girls in the class!   

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Waiting Blessings in China.....

Little boys are blessings.  And there's a little blessing waiting for a family in China from Luke's orphanage in Inner Mongolia.  He's barely over a year old, just turning one in October.  He is awaiting cleft lip repair. 

Little "Jonathan" is on the BAAS individual list.  Here's what is said about him, which is updated information as of December 2010:

Jonathan was born on 10-3-2009. His special needs are cleft lip and palate; hernia. He is being cared for at the Half Sky program.

His weight is 7.30kg, height is 71cm, head size is 46cm, chest size is 46cm, number of teeth is 6.

He can sit on his own, stand holding onto something and take steps holding hands with someone. He is bright, curious and good-natured. He loves to smile and communicate with others. He understands instructions and loves to listen to music.

Doesn't he look like the happiest little guy?   He could be your blessing!  Or if not yours, maybe you could spread the word so his forever family could find him!   
And this little girl just tugged at my heartstrings, so I have to share one more. 
This is "Ruby", also on the BAAS individual list.  Ruby will be two in June. 
Here's what is said about little Ruby:
Ruby was born on 6-18-2009. Her special need is postoperative sacroiliac tumor. She is an active and lovely girl.
Isn't she just beautiful?  Could Ruby be part of your family? 


Good news!  Ruby has been placed.  She has a family!  That's one less orphan out there today!  :)  
If you'd like more information on Jonathan, you can email me at

Thank you for stopping by today!    

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day: A Sleigh Ride (Southern Style), Snowball Fight, and Snow People

Like most of the southern states, we got snow beginning Sunday evening continuing off and on throughout Monday!  That's always exciting around here because we just don't get that much snow and when we do, everything closes down (even homeschoolers get a snow day).  :)    We ended up with about 4 1/2 inches on the ground. 

More unbelievable was that my brother (in Alabama) got 9 inches!  That's just unheard of for them!

Of course, we had to go out and play in it.  Jason had an office day here at home, so he went out to play with us. 

Oh and please don't laugh (too hard) at our snow attire......we just start layering with whatever will in what will fit over what.  Every year I say I'll invest in nice snow suits (especially for the kids), but then a snow day slips in again and I haven't gotten them.  And mind you, they would only get to use in once or twice a year anyway.  So, we just start layering with pjs, wind suits, thermals....whatever we have handy.  Little Luke was so bundled up and stiff he sort of waddled along.  He had on footie pjs, windpants and hoodie an over that, and pj pants over that, topped with his ski jacket and 2 different toboggans along with the hood from the hoodie.  :)  Joy was layered just as much. 

Now for our southern style sleigh ride.  If you're expecting a horse drawn sleigh, sorry to disappoint you!  :)  Our sleigh ride was a concrete mixing pan pulled by a 4-wheeler.  :)

Joy and Luke were tucked all nice and snug under a blanket.  

Dad was the driving our "sleigh" and mom was the photographer (turned around backwards on the 4-wheeler snapping photos and video).

And I caught Joy a little worried (note the expression) that they were about to tumble over into the ditch at this point.  Of course, dad knew what he was doing.  Luke was calm and collected....oh how trusting he was.  I guess he just felt safe all tucked under his jie jie's arm.   :) 

When we got back, the kids got into the messy wet part of snow ball throwing and making snow people.

The snow wasn't a real good sticky-make-a-good-snowman-type-of-snow.  But Joy and Luke made mini "snow people".



Colt had been hibernating under the covers in his room (also off from work) until we came back.  Then he joined in the snowball fight and went for a 4-wheeler ride with Jason.

Here's a little snowball action near my mom and dad's house:  You can hear what a hearty laugh Luke has.  He was thoroughly enjoying this part!  :)  And notice when he falls down, how hard it is for him to get up because he has so many clothes on....making him stiff and waddly.  

And of course, I had to take a few scenery photos.  It was so pretty in the wooded area near our home!

Mama and daddy's house next door:

Afterwards, we came home, washed a ton of clothes, and settled in for a marathon of movies in mom and dad's room snuggled up together on the bed.

Today it was back to work for Jason and Colt, back to school for Joy, and back to our normal routines, but the snow still looks so pretty outside!

How about you.....did you get snow......and if so, did you celebrate or hibernate?  :)