Saturday, February 15, 2014

Faithful Friday - "Love Does"

I know it's Saturday, but even so, I wanted to join Joy's Faithful Friday this week!

Joy received the book, Love Does, by Bob Goff, as a birthday gift.  We'd heard it was an awesome book.  She started reading it and kept passing along snippets of it to me as she was reading, and just how much she loved it.  Since I couldn't wait until she was done, I've been picking it up and reading when she puts it down.

It is so inspirational.  And although I'm only chapter 7, I have to say, it's so thought provoking.  And it's funny!

Just from those first seven chapters, the thought that keep flooding my mind is just how much of a difference we can make by demonstrating love.  Even if that little act of love doesn't seem like much to us.

Particularly, in this book, I'm talking about a young Christian man that, although he knows that Bob (the author of the book) is probably headed in a direction that isn't ideal for his life (quitting school and going on an adventure), wisely lets him know that he's "with him".  That wasn't just something he "said".  No, he put action to his words.  He grabs his backpack and sleeping bag right then, and goes with Bob on this crazy adventure.  He sticks with Bob.....showing him love, God's love, even though he knows it's not going to work out.  He never once says "I told you so" or "I didn't think this was a good idea."

Looking back,  Bob sees what an awesome sacrifice it was for this young man to make. This radical young man made an impression on Bob's life because he was someone that didn't just say he was a Christian and "preach to him," but he sincerely loved Bob and lived out what the Bible said.  When they returned from the adventure, Bob learned even more of what a sacrifice this young man made by going with him.  (I don't want to tell you everything because you really should read it).  So get the book and read it!

Anyway, it really got me to thinking.  I'm sure this young man that sacrificed his time, comfort, and more to go along with Bob (on a crazy adventure that he knew was crazy before they began), probably never thought just how many people that one decision would impact.  When I think about not only the lives that this young Christian man has touched alone, but all of those that Bob Goff has touched, just because he invested in Bob at that point in his life, it is just an awesome picture of what Love Does!  It snowballs!

Love Does.  It catches on.  It spreads.  It makes a difference.

What if that young man hadn't invested in Bob?  I wonder if Bob would have lived a life for Jesus?  I wonder if he would have traveled the world touching lives?  I wonder if he would have written a life-changing book?

If nothing else, this reminds me that even the smallest acts of love.....doing....showing love.....make a difference.  And in that moment that we are demonstrating that small act of love, chances are we probably don't have a clue just how much difference we are making until it has the chance to completely manifest.  That may take years.

Because God IS Love, letting God work through us by being his hands, feet, and voice, is doing what God called us to do.  We are doing God's work.

God IS Love.  If we are Christians, we have God.  We have love.

And Love Does!  That's an action word!  :)

♥ Tammy ♥