Friday, July 31, 2009

27 Years......

Today Jason and I celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary. I have the absolutely best and sweetest gift he could ever give me to share with you today....words from his heart. Today's post (except for this introduction and explanation), was written by my husband to be shared on my blog. I'm a very sentimental person and always the type of girl that loves being shown by her hubby that he's still in love with her everyday....but I'm also the one in our relationship that is the note writer. I write him notes in his lunch everyday, or leave them in other places. Besides cards that he makes for me on special occasions (which are always treasured because they are his words), this really is special and unique. I will treasure this always and I even wondered about sharing it on here because it just means so much, but since he wrote it with the intention of sharing it on my blog, I am going to do just that. I have to admit, it seems weird to me being the one talked about as I'm more comfortable being the one doing the sharing on here, and besides this makes me all teary eyed! Back in February, I shared our love story (Her Story) and Jason shared (His Story) of how we met. If you missed this and would like to read it, you can click here.

And now, before I go I'd like to wish my soul mate, my best friend, my husband forever, a very Happy 27th Anniversary! (I love you, Jason, with all my heart...more everyday....I love my life with you! Thank you for all the little things you do to show me you love me everyday and for all you do for our family!)

Now on to his post (which he asked me to type for him since he "hunts and pecks"):

I was born in 1960. I believe from that time up till now, our beloved country has seen the most changes of any generation before us. We have seen the very best in standard of living and technology, but the very worst moral decline.

By the time I graduated high school in 1979, I knew I did not want a relationship in marriage built on "if you love me", or "I don't(s), or "I love you BUT." I wanted a marriage of absolutes. So I started look for that girl. I looked only in the so called church world. I don't want to offend anyone out there, but even in churches I was starting to doubt if there was anyone out there for me with my beliefs of right and wrong. Well after a long talk with God, I met that person, my so beautiful wife, Tammy, I often call my little tiger. We were married on July 31, 1982. I can tell you exactly what it means to have someone that believes in absolutes about truth, committment, and treating others as they would like to be treated. It means 90% of the worries in a marriage are non-existent. I have never had to worry about my wife's committment to me or our children. Tammy is my best friend, my companion, my soul mate. She is the one I lean on alot for comfort and strength. She is an outstanding mother to our children. Our home is made complete everyday because of her.

Husbands get alot of credit for taking stands on things and issues that are right to stand for. We get credit for a job well done at work or an activity or committee we serve on that accomplished a goal, or just from others seeing us being a good role model in our community. As for me, I can say it's because of my wonderful wife whom I love very much. It's been 27 years and I am firmly committed that I love her more everyday.

There is a saying that says behind every good man is a good woman. Well, I am that lucky man.

Love 4 ever - Your husband,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lazy Days of a Summer Past

I'm sure everyone was about to give up on me! I really haven't had anything very interesting to share. I haven't been crafting or decorating or anything like that. My days lately have been more in the mode of school planning for our homeschooling year and going through books to sell and books to order.

But just this evening, Joy and I were looking through some older pictures and I thought I might take some days here and there to share some memories of past summers. This particular day was a very hot day in July of 2003. We used to have a little weekend spot that we leased and left our RV. Anytime we had a chance, we would pack up and head there for a lazy, relaxing weekend and slow down the pace. That lasted until Colt got older and learned to drive, and got a job, and didn't want to leave home on the weekend. (Sigh)! But we had some good times there.....lots of family memories made there! I can almost smell the bacon, eggs, and coffee now! My mom and dad and aunt and uncle had places there and we ate together, played cards together, sat out in lawn chairs and just enjoyed simpler times!

I love these pictures because I remember Colt and Joy having so much fun in that little wading pool. Joy wanted to be just as "cool" as her big brother. She loved every minute of him being in that pool with her. Notice the hairbow! Poor little girl even had to swim in a's the truth! She had matching hairbows for every swimsuit!

Joy was trying hard to get her arms posed just like Colt.

You can see how high the river was that year in the background back behind them.

I hope you're all having a great summer and making lots of family memories!

~ Tammy ~

Friday, July 24, 2009

Faithful Fridays - "From My Heart"

I missed doing my Faithful Fridays post last week, so I'm really happy to be back at it this week!

Today's post will not be lengthy at all, but it is definitely something that the Lord laid on my heart to share.

In the society that we live in today, it seems like everywhere we turn, there is resistance against the family unit, and even Christianity. I am really burdened about this. There are so many families that are already struggling, whether it be financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc..., and that's hard enough for any family to deal with. It bothers me alot that there are so many obstacles in our society that families face and have to overcome. I see it around me and as I read blogs too.

In addition, I feel this same burden for our country, actually very strongly. I know this country is great, and it IS great because it was built upon Godly principles. I know you've heard me say it before, but it seems like things are slipping and declining so quickly, that I feel that we all need to stick together and unite in prayer.

So this brings me to what I felt like I needed to share today. As I sat in church a couple of Sundays ago, our pastor said something that hit me like a brick! He asked if we were spending as much time PRAYING for our leader(s) as we do criticizing them. Now I have to admit that I have my share of criticism for our politicians and leaders, and my faith in them has begun to slip even more. But since that day, I can honestly say that I have lifted them up in prayer more.....praying for them to become Christians if they aren't, and for them to make decisions based upon Godly wisdom.

I also am making it a point to specificially lift up families in prayer. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone that read this, just lifted up families everywhere in prayer, or everytime you visit a blog, just pray a prayer of blessing and protection (in every way) over that family?

I know this is a different toned post than my usual, but I can only say that it is with a heavy burden that I write it. Will you stand with me in prayer?

And I'm going to leave you with the scriptures that God gave me today to pray and on which to reflect.

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

"........Don not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:15 (NIV)

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)


Please continue to remember our friend, Richard, in your prayers. He had more blood work done, but was encouraged more by the last Dr.'s visit. They seem to think that sometimes these readings come back high. They've not heard back on these tests yet.

And thanks, from my heart, for listening and reading, but most of all for your prayers!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In Full Bloom

Anyone that knows me well at all, knows that I don't have a green thumb at all! I've learned (the hard way) what I can grow (when it comes to flowers and shrubs). I've tried ferns on my front porch many times....keeping them spritzed and all, but our front porch gets so much wind that they end up drying out and looking spindly! I've tried petunias in hanging baskets on the front porch and they always look so bedragled! Now, I just head straight for the rose moss or spanish moss. They like me and I like them! They love sun, and dryness, and don't mind being neglected....they still grow! :) As a matter of fact, I have some rose moss in pots right now and usually also plant it in my flower boxes on the front porch too.

But, when it comes to bushes, I love my crape myrtles. I was beginning to think they weren't going to bloom this year! I think they were later this year because it was well into July before they ever began blooming and usually it's June. However, now they're in full bloom.....beautiful bursts of pink and fuschia and I am really enjoying them! I thought I'd share them with you today!

This huge one is my favorite.

It is visible outside my kitchen bay window! It is planted as the center of attention in front of the pool deck, near the stairs. I guess we did okay when we planted it there as we did all of our own landscaping. I can't imagine paying out the kind of money it costs to have it professionally done. We are do-it-yourself(ers) out of necessity! :)

These are in our front yard along our side of the driveway.

These are in my mama and daddy's front yard (next door) along their side of the driveway. We both have this same split rail fence lining the driveway.

And last of all, there's my Jason out there mowing our grass! I offered to mow it, because he was busy helping my dad tear out a bathtub for a bathroom remodel they were working on most of Sunday afternoon, but he wouldn't hear of it! He does such a great job taking care of us!

And thanks to everyone for the kind and encouraging comments on my bathroom! I really appreciate each and every one!

Have a great Tuesday! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our "Rustic Prim" Bathroom (Lots of Pictures, Finally)!!

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone for being so patient with me! It seems like forever since we started on this bathroom! It sort of snowballed as far as my budget went. For example, when we went shopping for faucets, I fell in love with this particular one (which of course cost much more) so I had to slow down when it came to decorating it and get creative! There are several Goodwill and thrifty finds used in here. Anyway, you get the here goes! Please keep in mind that this is a small bathroom, so it was rather tough getting pictures that give you the overall picture! So, I took lots and lots of pictures! Hope I don't bore you!

You'll see my favorite color in here alot! Red...yep, it had to be red! The walls are painted a color called Bread Basket. The vanity cabinet, hanging cabinet, and inside of the door are painted a color called Calico, distressed with antiquing glaze.

Do you remember what it looked like before? Click here to see the "before" pictures.

That's quite a change, isn't it?

Jason made the hanging primitive cabinet. The inside is painted the wall color and the outside is the calico.

Here's a closer look at what's inside.

Did you recognize Kindra's blocks? On the top shelf, to the right is a star that Anne sent me. On the bottom shelf to the left is the candle holder that used to be brass with a primmed candle added and some rose hips and cinnamon sticks (sent to me by Donna) added around it. The pip berry wreath was also a gift from Donna.

That's the candle keep (I think it's called?) that Anne also sent me hanging on the side of the cabinet.

Now when you go in there and shut the door, you see a beautiful red paneled door! Jason added the raised molding for the panels and we painted it the same color red.

Here's a close up of the vanity cabinet.

And can you see the trash can over there? This is what I used. I found it a long time ago at a thrift shop. I intended to paint it, but I can't make up my mind, since you can't see too much of it anyway. The shower curtain has green in it, so I'm living with it awhile to see. If you think I should paint it....what color?

You can see it a little better here. That's the toilet paper holder Jason added to the side of the cabinet.

The vanity area:

Close up of what's on the granite countertop:

The soap dispenser is inside the little basket (above). The little lamp used to be on my sunporch, but found a new home here in the bathroom. I like the soft lighting in the evenings in here.

This was my solution for primitive lighting. I really wanted something that hung down more, but we needed flush to the ceiling lighting. This was actually in the outdoor lighting area of Home Depot.....primitive and very affordable at $39 (alot less than all the other primitive lighting I had my eye on)!

I just love this picture. It says everything about "Home", don't you think? It's above the mirror.

The back of the toilet:

The shower curtain is a Park Design called Cinnamon. Kindra made the vertical saltbox board painting. I couldn't put anything on this wall that was very cumbersome because it is such tight quarters manuvering in there.

Beside the sink.......This is a Goodwill pegboard find that was unfinished for 99 cents with a coat of black paint added. The primitive punched tin light switch cover and outlet cover was purchased from Birgit of The Primitive Country Bug. I have these in other rooms and knew I wanted them for my bathroom!

Hanging on it is another Goodwill find.....the mini washtub. I rubbed some stain on it and added some cinnamon to some soap to grubby them up, tied them up with some cheesecloth, added some sweet annie and prim candles, and instant prim! My nephew, Kemper, was here this week and saw that. He told me he liked how I decorated that. I thought that was really thoughtful and attentive of an eleven year old boy!

And here's a few more shots.

So, that's it. Again, hope it was worth the wait. Nobody was as impatient as me, but I had to learn patience! :) Hope you enjoyed it! And by the way, I'll be back in the swing of Faithful Fridays next week, hopefully. I promised pictures of my bathroom on my next post, so I wanted to make sure I delivered them! :)

I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cousins, Cousins, and More Cousins!

You know you have lots of cousins when your daughter has to come ask if "so and so" is her cousin too! And that's the way it is when we go to our family reunion. Joy is getting older now and has pretty much learned who belongs to who, but still yet, someone will show up and sure enough, they are her 3rd cousin or something like that!

Well we had a good time this weekend. My brother and sister-in-law took us to a great Italian Restaurant called Ricatoni's Friday night. They seated us in the loft area, which the kids thought was cool! Their lasagna and bread is SO good! Then Saturday it was off to the family reunion which is always held at a local church fellowship hall/gymnasium in Alabama. The kids all seem to gather at the stage on the right, or the basketball goal on the other end. I think they have the best time, really! I took mostly pictures of the kids this time. I guess it's because they are always willing know the adults seem to dodge the camera! :) Here's a few highlights....of lots of cousins! (Warning...there are lots of pictures........again.)

Laci (my brother and SIL's daughter) and Joy:

Sydney and Joy:

The beautiful young ladies all in a row on the edge of the stage.....Sydney, Joy, Tiffany, Jessica, and Laci.

Austin and TJ found them a board game to play:

The teenage girls were much more reserved, you know. That's Tamara, Amber, and Brigette.

Joy and Noah. Noah lives in Indiana, so she only gets to see him about once or twice a year. Too bad they don't live closer, because these two would be the closest of friends. They have always hit it off quite well.

Here's Noah's little sister, Lindsey. She is the baby girl behind three older brothers!

I had quite a time getting a picture of this little guy! This is Jacob. He was a little blessing that came along later in life. His daddy is about 48 or 49 years old! Don't you know he's alot of fun...and keeps them really busy?

Here's my brother's oldest son, Trey, and his wife, Shauna. Trey is 3 months older than Colt and they have always been really brothers. Colt didn't get to come with us to the reunion this year. He had to work all day Saturday.

My nephew, Kemper, came home with us from Alabama for a week. So Joy had another whole week with one of her closest cousins. This is my brother and SIL's middle son, who is just one year older than Joy. So this week has been a busy week trying to do some fun things with them. Let's see....Monday we went to the Incredible Pizza Place. I did a post on this not too long ago. If you've never been to one before, you can think Chuch E. Cheese times about 20 (and the food is WAY better)! It's huge with an all-you-can-eat buffet and games galore for the kids including an indoor go kart track, bumper cars, bowling, mini golf, "motion" movies, table ball games, video games, mini shooting range, and the list goes on. Jason was able to join us for this. They had a great time.

Here they are on the go karts. The second one is Kemper and the 3rd one is Joy.

Then if that wasn't enough, my dad took them fishing when they came home that evening. They caught quite a few, but let them go!

Yesterday, I took them to a museum that also included a visit to the planetarium, an Imax movie of the Grand Canyon, and a big dinosaur exhibit.

Here they are with the lifelike dinosaurs. They were moving and making noises too...very lifelike! They were really kind of creepy to me!

Here they are outside a replica of one of the first Piggly Wiggly stores:

And here they were outside a replica log cabin! I'd like to have one of these in my backyard to decorate or even better sitting on a lot in the mountains as a retreat...except mine would have an indoor bathroom! :)

And you probably know just how much kids can squeeze into one day, so after a supper of homemade pizzas, they decided to swim and "talked" me into going with them. We swam until the mosquitoes decided to visit. Here's some of the fun:

We then came in and watched a marathon of I Love Lucy episodes (from Netflix). Kemper had never seen one before and was a little skeptical, but he stuck with me through all six episodes. Joy made it through five of them before her eyelids got heavy! She just can't take getting very still, snuggled up in front of a TV for very long!

Today will be more low-key. I think we are going to hang around the house and swim and watch movies. Daddy plans to take them fishing again this evening.

Tomorrow is our day to visit our friends (and play bingo with them) at the Nursing Home, so we're taking Kemper along to introduce him. Afterwards, we plan to go out for lunch and possibly visit the Nature Center. And it's amazing how much swimming they can fit in, so unless the rain comes, I imagine the pool will be calling their names again!

Then Friday it's time to meet my brother, Richie, half way, to take Kemper back so he won't miss his dirt bike races for the weekend.

That is what we've been up to this week and why I've been missing in action. And action it is because they're keeping me very busy.

However, during this time, during the late evenings, I have worked on decorating my bathroom, and I hope to FINALLY show you my bathroom pictures in my next stay tuned!

Have a great day, everyone! :)