Monday, October 28, 2013

Pinned it, Made it! Monday ~ Week 60 ~

This week for Pinned it, Made it! Monday I'm sharing a favorite around our house.  I can't really say that I found it on Pinterest or even the internet, although there are recipes for homemade donuts all over the internet.  I make them the way my mama always did and they're easy!

Homemade Donuts


Canned biscuits (or homemade)
powdered sugar
cocoa (optional)
Vegetable oil

Roll up your sleeves cause this is SO hard!  :)
I always use canned biscuits (the jumbo ones)....the bigger the donut the better!  :)
I just pull the biscuit apart in the middle with my fingers in a nice round shape while my oil is heating on medium heat in a pot on the stove.

When the oil is heated well, just drop the biscuits in and turn them over when they start to puff up and turn lightly brown.   It doesn't take long for them to lightly brown on each side, so keep a close watch.  When both sides are fluffy and lightly brown, remove and place on a paper towel lined plate.

If you have a helper, you can have them mixing up your icing.  Jason likes to help me with ours!  If not, I would probably have it mixed beforehand.


Start with about 1 cup of powdered sugar and 1 tablespoon of water....not too much. It's best to just add by tablespoons because you want it to be a thick paste consistency.  Too much water makes it runny and it doesn't stick to the donut well.  You can always add more powdered sugar if you get too much water.  

If you want chocolate glazed donuts, just add about a level tablespoon of cocoa to the above mixture.  It doesn't take alot of cocoa either because it will be bitter with too much.

Glaze donuts while hot.

We like the plain glazed best, but Luke wanted a few chocolate so we had to make Little Emperor happy.  :)


Thanks to those that stop by weekly to check out the Pinterest projects and a big thank you to those that link up your awesome projects!  I can't wait to see what you've been up up below!  :)

Have a great week!


Michelle said...

We made these as kids. We would also roll them out. Then add a tablespoon of pie filling to one side of the biscuit. Fold over, seal the seams then fry. Add a little powdered sugar and you had a great snack.

Trace4J said...

Oh yummy and super easy.
Thanks for sharng.
Woolie Fall Blessings

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

yummy and easy! Can't go wrong with that. Ü

Karen said...

I need to give these a try!! :)

Raggedy Creations said...

they look good Tammy. Would never have thought of making donuts with biscuit dough.

annie said...

I used to do these, I used a mini cutter for the holes, they were the best part! sometimes, I cut them all into holes! yummo!

Jazzmin said...

Oh, these have my mouth watering!! They look so good- and fun to make, too :) I think it would be tempting to eat every single one, hehe.

Thank you for sharing, I would love to try these. Hope you have a blessed day!

Hollie said...

YUM!!! I might just have to try these!!!

Farming On Faith said...

I have not made these in forever~
My kids loved these donuts. It was a treat for sure.

Allison said...

My husbands mother made bird dropping for them when they were kids--which is biscuits cut in 4-8 pieces and deep fried, then dipped in cinnamon and sugar. We are cruder and call it bird poop--we don't make them very often but my kids love them.

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