Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Luke!

February 25th. Yesterday. That’s the day our Luke turned 4!

 How can he already be 4? It’s so hard to believe that this June will be 2 years since we were in China! Gosh, how time flies! And he’s growing up right before our very eyes!

I so wanted to post on my blog yesterday morning on the actual day of his birthday, but our plans were shifted to Plan B. I’m learning to chill out a little when these things happen because there’s nothing at all I can do about it. It’s hard for a type A personality!

Pop (my daddy) had it all worked out with a friend through his work for Luke to explore his 18-wheeler on Friday evening. However, the man didn’t make it back in town in time. So it was moved to Saturday morning, which turned in to Saturday at noon. With plans for a birthday dinner and party at 3:30, this made me nervous. But it all worked out!

Luke loves 18-wheelers! And Mr. J had the nicest cleanest Peterbilt tanker 18-wheeler around!

 Luke was so excited. He had been talking and talking about getting to do this for a long time. Then when it finally was time and he got there, he was suddenly shy.  He had to have his Joy there with him!

After that, we came home and decorated (very quickly and simply) for the birthday party.

It was just family. He still gets overwhelmed with kids, so we decided to keep it low key. He sure didn’t need a lot of gifts either. He’s definitely not toy poor. So Pop, Grandmama, Colt, and Amber came out for dinner and the party.

We wrapped a few small inexpensive gifts just for the fun of opening.

And Colt and Amber gave him the Chuck and friends racetrack.

Then we brought out the big gift he had been anticipating (from us and the grandparents)…..

It didn’t take him long to figure out how to handle his new motorized John Deere tractor.

He still needs a little practice on reverse though.  :)

He has plans for that cart too. He’s already talking about all the sticks and tools he’ll haul in there and help Daddy and Pop.

In fact, it was hard getting him back in. It was dark (and cold) outside. Only the lure of birthday cake awaiting him did the trick.

Oh, and he was pretty tickled with himself for mastering the art of driving a John Deere.  As you can see, we were clapping for him.

And I'm so glad I had my camera clicking because I caught this priceless moment.  He was literally strutting into the house, and turned around with this proud look:

Can you guess what kind of cake?

He was very specific about the kind of cake he wanted. An 18-wheeler cake. Not just any 18-wheeler cake either. He wanted it to be a blue tractor and a yellow trailer.

 He loved his cake and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then we had to play a little “pin the wheel on the 18-wheeler” (drawn by his daddy).

After the party was over and everyone was gone, the kids did what kids do best after opening fits – they played with the boxes. One huge box in particular…..

Luke called it Honduras. Guess he listens in on school more than we think. I suppose not every 4 year old names their box Honduras.  So when he goes to play in it, he says he's going to Honduras.  :)

At the end of the day, he was exhausted and I had to capture the sleeping emperor.  I just love sleeping babies and kiddos!

And here it is Sunday afternoon. First thing after coming home from church today, Luke wanted to drive his John Deere.

And so he did.

He helped his daddy carry some tools to mend the fence.  He got it delivered before I got to my camera.  :)

Then, he gave free rides to a couple of Joy’s old dolls.

And he collected sticks to haul.

He rode until the battery bit the dust. It’s now recharging for another adventure.

As I was typing this post, Luke found another use for his box - he made an 18-wheeler out of it.  He's driving in the cab, and the box is his trailer.

He suggested that his sister be his cargo:

I thought I'd share some random tidbits that sum up Luke at 4 years old:

- Adores his sister.
- Loves to build things.
- Loves to do demolition on the things he builds.
- Likes to show off and use his big vocabulary.
- Acts silly when he gets nervous around folks.
- Loves 18-wheelers…..toy ones and the real things.
- Adds “tones” to his words – very expressive.
- Is afraid of most dogs.
- Bosses the cat.
- Tries to boss his sister.
- Loves Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine.
- Loves Cat in the Hat, Blues Clues & Super Why.
- Doesn’t take a nap anymore (unless he’s in the car).
- Loves green beans.
- Doesn’t like much Chinese food.
- Loves any type of construction equipment.
- Can’t stand the tags in the back of his shirts.
- Picked up on the sarcastic remark, “Oh burn”.
- Loves riding in the car. Perfectly content there.
- Plays on the iPad like nobody's business.
- Doesn’t like having his hair washed.
- Says “Joy” about 999 times a day.
- Very good about sharing. Will share his last crumb.
- Loves to help me cook.
- Likes putting together puzzles.
- Is either ornery or gives a cheesy smile for pics.
- Loves books.
- Likes for his daddy to get in the floor and play with him.
- Carries a tune really well.
- Makes up words to familiar tunes.
- Adores babies and is gentle with them.
- Not particularly sociable.
- If he is sociable, it’s usually with girls or older kids.
- Is a master pouter when the need arises.
- Can work up a pretty believable fake cry.
- Loves trains and train tracks.
- Likes “doing school” and asks for more.
- Loves sweet tea.
- Likes going barefoot.
- Has “Jack Black” eyebrows.
- Prefers his pajamas over clothes any ole day.
- Holds the doors for “the ladies” as his daddy taught him.
- Likes to ham it up when his big brother is around.
- Gives the best hugs and kisses.
- Has a BIG imagination.
- Little booger likes to play practical jokes, especially on Joy.
- Likes to jump out and scare us.
- Teams up with his sister and locks me out of the car and "makes me dance". 
- Does the "Indian yell" when he wins a game.
- Loves music.
- Sings or hums constantly.
- He’s loud.
- Loves to pray.
- Has a southern drawl.
- Has his entire family wrapped around his little finger.

Our little guy is such a gift and a blessing. It’s hard to even imagine life before him, or without him. Our lives are all the richer (and livelier) since he became part of our family!

Happy Birthday Luke! We love you… the moon and back!


Carmen C. said...

My OH MY how he has grown:) Happy Belated birthday to him and I just love his new tractor:D My son had the Bigfoot truck when he was little, lol! Sure doesn't seem like 2 yrs. ago since you went to get him!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Can't believe it is 2 years! I'm seeing glimpses of what he will look like when he is older. Just adorable pictures and sweet smiles on his face. Boy, you can really tell when a child knows he is loved !! Happy Happy Birthday!!

Wendi said...

Happy Birthday, Luke! Enjoy your John Deere. :)

renee said...

He is getting older Mom! Oh, how I miss those years! I am glad he had a great day, and I can tell he was tickled to get that tractor! I wanted to do a post, and I still plan to try, but for some reason it won't upload my pictures on blogger. But, I wanted to thank you for the angel, she arrived last week! I think she is SO sweet! Whenever I see her, I will think of you!
Have a great week!
God bless!

Annie said...

Oh Tammy, Luke is just too cute and he looks SO grown up! Oh my goodness, he has gotten so big! My Caleb loved monster trucks and everything he owned had to have monster trucks on it! He has long since given that up and reading your post brought it all back. They grow up so fast! God bless dear Luke and happy birthday sweet boy!

April said...

Happy Birthday Luke. My husband loves your tractor--he has some big ones just about like it!!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Happy Birthday Luke!

Anonymous said...


bettyj said...

What a fun birthday for Luke. All little boys love their John Deere's. Joy is such a good big sister. Looks like everyone had fun.

Sheila said...

Hi Tammy,
Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy! Wow, seems like yesterday that I was reading about your trip to China!
What a blessing he is. Love all the pics, his smile is infectious.
warm hugz,

Tanya said...

That post was so fun! I loved reading it and especially getting to see all those pictures! He is so cute and squeezeable! His little cheeks are adorable. He seems like such a happy litte guy. I can't believe you have had him that long already. I found your blog when you were just about to go get him. That cake is so cute! What a wonderful treat to get to see his BIG truck!
He is so blessed to be a part of your family!

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


Love that cheesy, adorable smile at the end. :) I can't believe he's already four! He'll be six or seven before we know it!
He's got the hang of that tractor! I think he's just a little bit in love with it. :D

I love you! 8!

God bless you!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a lovely post! What a great birthday present for him to be able to sit in the truck and explore. The cake looks beautiful! He has gotten so big! Enjoy your day!

Rhonda said...

Hi Tammy
I remember when you got the pictures of his bday while he was still in China. How time flies. He's such a sweet looking boy. What a cool idea to see the 18 wheeler. He'll never forget how special you all made his bday.
Happy Birthday Luke.

Gla said...

Hi Tammy,
A Belated Happy Birthday to Luke. He truly is a gift from God. He sounds like a blessing and a very darling little boy. Thank you for sharing his likes and dislikes with us. May God continue blessing Luke and you and your family.

Hollie said...

Happy Late Birthday Luke! You are such a precious little fellow!!

You are truly blessed!!! You have such an awesome family!!!! I enjoy reading about them!!! Luke has a smile that just melts my heart!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Happy 4 years to your handsome little man!!! I love that he loves 18 wheelers and that cake was PERFECT! And his new John Deere tractor? Pretty sweet! And a fun of to play with too :)

Kim said...

Happy Belated Birthday Luke! It is hard to believe that you guys have had him for 2 years now, I remember my daughter and I keeping up on you travels on getting him. And he is already 4, WOW time has flown by. He is such a cutie!
May many more of Gods blesses be on upon your family,
Kim in OK

arkie said...

I can hardly believe how fast time flies! Luke is such a cute little guy! The things he does sounds so much like my grandson, Cavin.

Paula said...

Oh my goodness, Tammy~ Luke is already 4? That doesn't seem possible... time sure flies, doesn't it?
I loved seeing that big ol' smile on his face while he was riding his new tractor around!
I had to laugh when I read that he says Joy's name 999 times a day! *hehe*

Nancy M. said...

It's hard to think it's only been 2 years! He is getting big and such a handsome fellow! He and my Hunter love a lot of the same things. Glad he had a great birthday party!

Melissa said...

Oh my...that face is unbelievably adorable! I can't believe how big he is!

Happy Belated Birthday, Luke! Sofie & I think your tractor is really cool! We read all the things your Mama wrote about you and you and Sofie have lots in common. :)

Laurie said...

You have a sweet little boy!
God Bless you and your family.

Elle Bee said...

Tammy, this whole post was just the sweetest thing. I adore your family!! Happy Birthday to Luke!
His smile lights up the whole room!