Thursday, February 16, 2012

Early Bird

It’s a beautiful morning here in the south, after a dreary rainy day yesterday.

This morning Jason had to get up and out earlier than usual. On a morning as early as it is, with kids still snug in bed, I was tempted to return to bed under my warm quilt. Instead, I decided I wanted to do a rare thing (for me) and watch the sun rise.

I really must get in the habit of rising this early every morning. With homeschooling and a hubby that doesn’t have to normally get up that early, it really is a rare thing since I don't have to. But, what a peaceful and cozy morning it has been. (Kids are still sleeping….I really must wake them). But when I wake a certain 3 year old boy, peaceful is no longer a word in our vocabulary.  (Actually, I'm not sure the words boy and peaceful are words that could be used in the same sentence. But I wouldn't want it any other way).  :)

One of the first things I did after making Jason’s coffee and pouring my morning diet dew, was to plug in my tart warmer. Oh the aroma in my house this morning…….spiced pumpkin pie.


And because I love the cozy glow of lamplight, I turned on all my lamps. 

Okay, I really like this early morning thing. It’s so serene. I wonder if it is possible to make a consistent early bird of a night owl?

And today is a much anticipated day because our friend, Karen, is coming over to give Joy her first sewing lesson! 

Time to wake the kids! Let the fun begin!  :)


Sheila said...

Good morning Tammy,
Being an early riser for so many years, hubby being in construction has us up at 5 am or sometimes earlier, I've witnessed many sunrises and I am happy for you that you had that special time today. Honestly, I don't always find myself sitting and waiting as I'm multi-tasking the minute my feet hit the floor. Often times I have to make myself stop and watch the sun rise, reflect for a moment and thank God for another beautiful day. Enjoy your day my friend.

Sharon said...

I am so happy for you to get to have a serene day and watch the beautiful sunrise.
I am glad that gets lighter now and I enjoy my morning drive on days like this.
I have seen a lot of sunrises and I thank God for painting such beauty.
Enjoy your day

Marti said...

I am the original early bird. I love the mornings before all the hectic activity of the day starts. Have a good day.

Loretta said...

You are so right...the day seems to be so much more serene when you start out early. I love lamp light and usually have one on in the room where I am daily. You have a lovely home and I love the decor`. Hope you continue to have a beautiful day! Hugs

Glenda said...

Your home looks so warm and inviting, and I can almost smell the tart warmer! A beautiful start to a new day! I've enjoyed coming to your blog!

LynnMarie said...

As a morning person, I love getting up before the sun, getting a cup of coffee, opening up the curtins and watching the sun creap over the hills and through the trees. It's just so sweet to watch.
I'm glad you got to watch it a bit as well.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I am up almost every morning at 5:00 !!! To help hubby get out of the house to the university and then to get Michael on the bus for school. Some weekend mornings I get up even earlier if hubby has a reserve weekend or somewhere to go with the cadets. Uggghhhh. But when I'm sitting in my chair and doing my devotions I often look out the window and watch the sun rise and it is so beautiful. Your house looks very welcoming!

Never So Simple said...

Tammy I have that same tart warmer. I just got it from Walmart and I love it. I also like those mornings when everyone is asleep. Since my girls are older I can get up at 10am and enjoy quiet time.

I owe you an email I willget to it soon.

Love the star lamp where did you get it?


Hollie said...

Sounds like heavenly morning! I love quiet mornings also! Good luck with the sewing lessons!

Annie said...

Oh I love the mornings. Unfortunately, I have an early riser so most mornings are not quite as peaceful as I would like them to be. I try and remember though that before I know it, the kids will be grown and gone and every morning will be quite - and I will miss the noise:)