Monday, October 17, 2011

A Pinch of Autumn (The Cedar Loft)

Since we’ve been staying out in the Cedar Loft on Friday nights, I just had to add a “pinch” of fall out there.

The center of the table:

Three simple pumpkins on the bar:

Linda of Parker’s Paradise sent me another little fall goodie envelope the other day, so when I opened it, I knew immediately where at least part of it was going…..into The Cedar Loft! Thank you, Linda! You are SO sweet!

It was more bittersweet (like she sent me last year which I reused in the house this year)! I think having bittersweet sprinkled throughout just oozes autumn! So I knew adding that to the loft would definitely give it the touch of fall it needed! It added instant cozy, I think. :)

On top of the refrigerator

I have plans to cover that outlet.  :)

She also sent this little “Autumn Blessings” stitched pillow tuck that she made. Actually Mr. Luke helped figure out where to put it. He was trying it out different places. (I guess he can’t help himself with a Mama that walks around tweaking with her decorating constantly). And he really did come up with a good spot, so there it stayed! I added it to the fabric pumpkins that Gina made me. I think it’s perfect there. This is in the house, not the loft.

And slowly, but surely, I’m adding a little more décor to the loft. I will share it with you later, when I have added more. My goodness, before I know it, it will be Christmas décor time and I can’t wait to add Christmas touches to the loft too!

Oh, and this is the fabric I’m thinking of using for the valance above the bed and the tier for the dormer window. What do you think?

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate each and every reader and comment!



FinsFan said...

Super adorable Tammy! Love your cozy and warm posts oxox

earlene said...

Very Sweet!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love all your decorations! Everything looks really nice!

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


It's so cozy up in the loft! I love those pinches and sprinkles of autumn here and there in the house and loft. :)

I love you! 8!

God bless you!
Joy :D

ohiofarmgirl said...


Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

I love your little get away spot! It looks sooo good!

Farmchick said...

Everything looks just perfect....I LOVE your red chairs. :) Come on over and say hi!!

LynnMarie said...

Love the fabric, good choice. Love what you are doing there.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love that fabric and think it will be perfect. Everything looks perfect in the loft. Looks like a successful and worthwhile project.
Is there room in your schedule for a bed and breakfast guest?
Warm autumn blessings,

Elle Bee said...

I really like the red checked fabric! All your touches are just perfect.

Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

Tammy the Cedar Loft is coming along so nicely! I love the material for the curtains in there it will look so good. Its very homey and inviting in your loft!!:)