Monday, November 15, 2010

Need Helping Finding One of These For Luke.......

I just love our stockings made from an old quilt.  I bought Jason's, mine and Colt's at the same time, so they are very similiar and are about the same size.  When Joy came along almost 10 years after Colt, I found the lady at the flea market who then had a similiar one, only a little smaller.  Joy has always reminded us that hers was a little smaller too.  :)  Now 11 years later, I need another one.  And I can't find one.  And I can't find the lady that sold them.  Sigh!

So....this is where I hope someone out there can help me!  Does anyone know where I can find one similiar from an old quilt?  Or do you make them or know someone who does?

We could use the size of ours or the size of Joy's; either one would be fine. 

I've already searched Etsy and Ebay and found nothing similiar.

I felt guilty hanging our stockings with only four.  Fortunately, Luke hasn't figured out that there are five of us and only four stockings.....yet.  He has just claimed one and it's a different one each time, so he's okay. :) But I'm hopeful that I will find one.

Thanks for your help!  Luke thanks you too! 

And thank you for stopping by today!  Hope you have a great week! 



Hi Tammy:
Oh how I wish i could go up in the attic. I think I might have some quilts stored up there.. I would gladly make a stocking for Luke.. If some of the family comes in, I'll see if they will go up in the attic and look... I have a piece of a 100 year old quilt down in the craft room but it's real pastel and would not work with all your others..
I'll keep looking...
Bless you ,

Shelley said...

Oh I hope you find your quilt stocking Tammy! I love that photo of Luke - he looks so happy and cute!!!

Susannah said...

Wish I could help you out with the stocking but can't at the present time. Luke is so happy in the picture...what a cutie!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Tammy, I have some old quilts...they are not the same color as yours.but I could whip one up for you..just let me know.;)love Luke and his hair..what a little stinker.:)

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

This gal has old quilt things and may make special orders.Kittredge Mercantile
26019 Highway 74
P.O.Box 64
Kittredge, Colorado


hope this helps.judy j

quilting1954 said...
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quilting1954 said...

Hi Tammy, Try this girl on e-bay,her user name is cassiemae1 She does great work and just sold a stocking out of a cutter quilt. She also does special orders...Thanks and Happy Holidays Sue

Hollie said...

Your stockings are so cute! I hope you find Luke one. He's such a little doll! Just makes me want to give him a big ole hug & kiss on the check. I sure wish my Colt was still that size!

In His service, Anne said...

He is the cutest!!!! Just wanna kiss those cheeks!!! Hope you find his stocking, how fun Christmas will be at your house this year!!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

He looks so adorable!! Have you thought about finding someone who sews to copy one of the stockings and make a new one for Luke? Hope you find a solution soon!

Farmchick said...

Sorry I can't help you out...they sure are cute though. :) Luke too.

Stop by and say hi. Come over and learn about my Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Recipe Swap that starts tomorrow! I would love to have you share your family favorites recipes, craft ideas, decorating ideas, tradtions etc... :)

Paula said...

Awwww... he is soooo cute, Tammy!! Sounds like some of your bloggy friends have you on the right track to finding him a stocking!