Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween....Starring Mulan, "Luke" the Builder, & a Guitar Ninja

We have way too much candy at our house!  The kids had double the fun.  They went to a trunk or treat at a local church that had games for the kids on Saturday afternoon.  Then they even squeezed in a little trick or treating at friends houses last night.

Joy was Mulan (our version)......and Luke was Bob Luke the Builder.  We have always put together costumes with what we can gather inexpensively, or find at consignment shops.  It's always a fun challenge to see what we can come up with by spending little or no money. Luke only cares about Bob the Builder and since we didn't have a costume for that, we just did the best we could with his hard hat, a make-do tool belt with his hammer, screwdriver and tape measure, and construction shirt. 

He would have been just as content (or more so) to wear his new footie pajamas that Grandmama bought him.  He doesn't want to take them off and when he does, he carries them everywhere and begs to put them on!

Luke was mostly amazed by the fact that everyone was just giving him candy, anyway! :) He was so appreciative.....and was so cute!  He caught on really quickly and was a bit hyper last night after all the candy!  Colt and Amber came in and asked why he was running around the living room in circles.  :) The candy is now out of sight and being rationed.  :)

AND then we had a ninja in the house too.......a guitar ninja (so he's nicknamed at church).  :)  

Hope you all have a great week!  :)  Thanks so much for stopping by!  You always make my day with your comments too!  


Audrey said...

It sure was a treat seeing your beautiful family. God Bless.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh they all look so cute in their costumes..;) and love those little footie pjs..and I am with Luke..I love being in my jammies too.:)did you get Joys banner hung yet?

Susannah said...

Oh..what fun!....for the adults, too!!!!

Michele said...

We try to do the same with costumes ~ I have a stash of them that my mom made my brothers and me. This year I did break down and purchase them ~ at least they were already 50% off! We love blanket sleepers here too ~ our kids call them their "fuzzies" and I'm so glad that more stores are carrying the larger sizes!

Blessed Beyond said...

How fun!!! love all of their costumes!! How fun!!!! Elissa begs to wear her footie sleepers too! All the time!
Hugs and blessings,

terrypi said...

Tammy. I just love seeing pictures of your family. Luke loving his new pj's is so precious!!!

Tanya said...

How fun!! We can only imagine what little Luke must have been thinking for his first Halloween! HA! What a wonderful memory for all of you! I know you must have a very special scrapbook going for that little cutie!

Carmen C. said...

Awesome costumes and if I had me a pair of fuzzy, footed jammies I wouldn't want to take them off either, LOL!!!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Tammy - I think the costumes you came up with are so much more meaningful when they are picked out piece by piece trying to find just the right things that will go together. Part of the fun of custumes.
Great pictures.

Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

Growing up it was the same way with us and our kids, we always made our own coatumes, we had so much fun creating them!! Luke so cute as Bob the builder, and glad he really enjoyed his first trick or treating!! Have a wonderful week!!:0)

Mandie said...

How sweet! They all looked good in their Halloween costumes. We had our celebrations on Saturday as well. We do the same thing as far as not buying costumes. It makes is much easier on the pocket book, lol.

Nancy M. said...

Their costumes look great! Luke's looks better than a real costume would have been, anyway. My Hunter has some PJ's with tractors on them, and he tries to wear them all the time. I usually let him if we're not going anywhere.


what fun for Luke !
was this his first " trick or treating". He looks so happy.
He is the cutest little guy and looks so happy with your family.

Our Hannah is really sick with anxiey and depression. she is having to go on a program where she can do her schoolwork by computer from home. Not able to go to school.
We would appreciate many prayers for her recovery.
Thanks for prayers.

Shelley said...

Your children looked adorable! That Joy is getting taller and more beautiful by the minute! Loved the costumes! And seeing the smile on Luke's face in his cuddly pjs was heartwarming!!

Sharon said...

We did the same thing when the boys were younger. It was so fun for them to come up with some costume design.
I loved those footie pjs. I would stay in them all day too if I could.
Thanks for sharing your family with us.
I also think that Colt did a great job on his costume.

Melissa said...

All the kids looked great!