Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wanted: Forever Families!

There are some of cutest kids on the BAAS individual list (which is our agency), waiting for their forever families to find them.  It was hard to pick which ones I wanted to mention, but I felt like it was supposed to be these today. 

First of all, there's this little handsome guy that looks like he's loaded with personality.  I guess I'm automatically drawn to those personalities.  Spirited is what I call them!  Anyway, meet "Bart".

This is what it says about Bart:  Bart was born on 1-18-2005. His special needs are lower development indexes, meaning he is relatively small; his head is slightly oblate. He is a friendly, bright and curious boy who learns fast. He has outgoing personality and is very active. 

That little guy looks like he could fill a home with so much fun, love, and laughter!

Next we have adorable "Molly". 

This is what it says about Molly: Molly was born on 8-15-2009. Her special needs are congenital defect in left hand and leg.

It doesn't say anything about her personality, but I see personality written all over that cute little face!

BAAS (Bay Area Adoption Service) is a wonderful agency, and the coordinator for the Waiting Children Program is awesome....the best out there!

Could YOU possibly be the forever family to "Bart" or "Molly"?  Email me at or Xiaoqing (BAAS China's coordinator) at   If not you, then please pray with me that the invisible red thread connecting them to their forever families is found soon so they can come home!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great evening!  :)


Tiff said...

Oh my, they are both so precious. But something about Molly spoke to me, can't explain it, but I would love her to be our daughter. Unfortunately, I can't imagine we would qualify. Hopefully she will find he forever family very soon.


Grammee Linda said...

They are both so adorable!! I hope that this post helps to find them forever families!


Audrey said...

What BEAUTIFUL children. I will be sending lots of prayers.

Karin said...

Do you know what the diagnosis is for her leg? I have two daughters with limb differences. Not sure I could talk my RH into another...but who knows?! :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Tammy, you never cease to amaze me. These two are super cute. I will add my prayers that they find their forever families -- and soon. They look like they have so much love to give!

Sheila said...

Such precious little ones. I pray that they will be given a "forever" home very soon.
Continued blessings to you~

At Home With Amy said...

Praying along with everyone else Tammy for homes for these special little children. You are doing fabulous work posting on these kids.
In prayer,

Sharon said...

Prayers for these children on finding forever homes.
They both are just precious.
thanks for sharing them with us.
Someone will be truly blessed by adopting them.

Theresa said...

What sweet little dolls. That Bart is ADORABLE!!!!! God willing they will find wonderful loving families soon.

The Harringtons said...

Thanks for the tickle! We are actively pursuing Molly. We saw her previously on BAAS's list & haven't been able to get her out of our hearts since. We checked yesterday & her file is out for review. If the family that is considering her does not bring her home, we may! Again, thanks for allowing God to use you to bring her to the forefront so we could be guided back to her. Theresa, DH Patrick, DS's Kaleb & Cruzen

Annie said...

That little Molly is just the cutest!!!


awww..they are both adorable..I hope and pray they find a forever home..xoxo...


oh they are soooo adorable...I hope they find loving forever families real soon..xoxo

Melissa said...

I saw Molly and have been peeking at her and another little fella on that list. Am I crazy? The hubs thinks so...Sofie makes a hugging motion and says "now please". I have no doubt both of those beautiful kiddos will find their families soon.

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