Friday, September 24, 2010

A Great Day for Apple Picking

Today we had our first homeschooling "field trip" for the school year.  Our homeschool group visited a local apple orchard for apple picking. 

When we woke up this morning, I told Luke that we had to get ready because we was going to pick apples.  He obviously didn't understand what that meant because he came to the breakfast table, expecting an apple for breakfast.  When he didn't get that, he told my mom on the phone something about an apple as well as jabbered about apples in the car on the way over.  Then when we stopped to check in at the market, he noticed some baskets of apples, and I guess he thought we were buying apples then, and was very excited.  I had to tell him again, that he was going to pick apples off a tree. (It's hard to remember that he doesn't know the meaning of all those English words just yet).  Well needless to say when we arrived at the orchard and he had his little bag, and caught on to what we were doing, he had quite a time!

He picked and picked until his little bag was so full that he had to drag it behind him!

Joy had no trouble filling her bag either!  I was a little worried about how much we would owe at check-out, but it turned out that we ended up only spending $5 on apples! 

Joy and her friend, Molly Grace posed for a picture at the orchard.

After picking, we headed back down the gravel road to the market, to pay for our apples, and even added a package of deep fried peanuts (which I had never had and are actually pretty good).  I wish I had tried the cajun deep fried ones though.

We noticed they had pumpkins.  Joy and Luke picked out a pumpkin each to take home.  Luke kept trying pumpkins, until he finally found one he could lift and handle!

Of course, we had to take a photo in the pumpkins.

And in the corn stalks.

It was a lovely day for a field trip.....wasn't quite as hot and I think I can tell that the cooler weather is headed our way.  There was a little breeze in the air.

Then it was home for Mr. Luke to take his nap.  He slept for a little over 3 hours, so I think we wore him out.  He left his half eaten apple sitting beside him waiting for him when he woke up.... so he could finish it.         

Now it's time for the caramel apple pie and apple dumplings........something nice to look forward to this weekend!  :)


Carmen C. said...

YUM! Our trees don't have many apples this year due to a late freeze so I enjoyed watching Luke & Joy pick them:) Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Annie said...

Oh boy, that looks like fun and yummy!!!!! Your Luke is just too cute and Joy... Well I think you know how much I think of that wonderful girl of yours!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Tammy glad you had fun picking the apples..besure to share your "baking" with us..wish there was smellivision..;) love the pictures of the kids..;)

Julie said...

He is so very cute, and I can just tell from the photos that he adores Joy. What a fun day!! Have fun this weekend. Julie

basketsnprims said...

What beautiful pictures of Joy and Luke. Thanks so much for sharing. Caramel apple pie sounds delicious. I'll have to google it and see if I can find a recipe. Enjoy your weekend.

Susannah said...

Sounds like Luke is adjusting very well. I love the pictures of him and Joy. She looks like such a sweet girl. Happy Fall.....


The Farmers Oldest Daughter said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Memories is what I call them. Our apples aren't as plentiful because of the weather we have had.


Silvia said...

Came here from CS. What fun the Apple picking must have been.

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Looks like everyone had a great time at the apple orchard! Luke is growing like a weed! And Joy is such a beautiful young lady and a great big sister. You can see Luke and Joy's love for one another in every picture of them together. So sweet! Please share your yummy apple recipes with us as they sound very yummy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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