Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Music to My Ears!

We now have two guitar players in our house!

Friday, Jason and I took Joy to get her first guitar. She used birthday money for her big purchase. She had this planned for quite awhile. After looking and trying out several guitars and with help from the folks there at the music store, Joy found the guitar that felt most comfortable in her hands.

I have been impressed with what she's already taught herself in three days through tutorials off the internet! She quickly learned four chords and can go through this chord progression changing chords fairly quickly (much quicker than I could ever do)! She played and sang most of a Taylor Swift song for us yesterday!

Last night, Jason made us some (delicious) homemade milkshakes, so we were all gathered in the kitchen. Joy brought her guitar in the kitchen to show Colt what she had learned. Then Colt grabbed his guitar.....and I loved it! Of course, I had to grab my camera!

Colt giving Joy pointers...and Joy taking it all in.....it was a special moment for me! I think she was hanging on Colt's every word!

These informal moments of teaching really are the best! Colt learned so much this way...and by leaving him alone with his instrument!

Music is such an important part of our lives, in so many ways!

Joy's new guitar is an Ibanez. She liked this one because it was actually a full size guitar, yet not too thick for her hands.

Colt has several guitars, including an Ibanez too. I don't even remember exactly how many he does have. This one he grabbed was his Aria.

Oh, and see Colt's hair? That's what happens when your girlfriend goes to cosmetology school! Colt told us Amber was giving him a haircut and red highlights Saturday night. I was expecting red, as in "my kind of red hair". I wasn't prepared for the fire engine red.....but it's growing on me.....well sort of. However, I do LOVE his haircut! Amber does a great job!

Colt is such a natural with his guitar and music in general....and Joy seems to be following in his footsteps. I know she loves music just as much. Rare is the day around here that music doesn't happen in some form in our home! And that's just the way I like it!

I hope there's many more moments like this one ....hanging out in the kitchen..... sharing these moments.....it's truly music to this mom's ears!

** Pictures coming soon of Joy's new bedroom makeover....I've got one more last accessory touch to add. **

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping by! :)

~ Tammy ~


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the photos..I always wanted to play guitar but I am too left handed..can do alot of "ambedextrious" things but playing right handed felt too weird...love Colts hair too..I love the red..:)

Shelley said...

Such a sweet brother & sister moment w/ both of them playing guitar together! I know that Joy is a sharp cookie - she'll be strumming many tunes in no time!

In His service, Anne said...

Thats so awesome!! I cant wait until my little ones are old enough, we bought a piano with the same thing in mind. They looove music and I need to expound on these "learning" years! Have a great day!

Dan said...

I love the photos of your two musicians. I am sure Joy and learn a lot from Colt. Imagine all the good times you will have listening to them play. I can't wait to see Joy's room. I bet it looks great! I hope you have a great week! ~Dan~

At Home With Amy said...

How wonderful for Joy. I envy you Tammy having two children that are musically inclined. Neither of my kids play instruments but my daughter can sing. My son thinks he can sing as well but I think he is the only one thinking that way! Maybe one day you can do a post where we can hear the kids playing together. How cool would that be.
Enjoy your week,

Sharon said...

Love the photos of the two musicians.
What a great big brother he is.
I can't wait to see her room.
Have a great day.

Kountry Girl At Heart said...

It is amazing what our kids can learn from the internet. My son taught himself how to play guitar from lessons he found on the internet. Now he has several different guitars and likes to get together with his friends and play. My hubby plays guitar but I think my son has more interest in it than his dad. His dad will tell you that our son plays better than he does.

Twin Creek Primitives said...

Love the photos! You have a BEAUTIFUL family!

Madison said...

Thats great! I just got a guitar from my sister and am going to learn! Great job Joy!!!

Madison said...
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Never So Simple said...

Looks like a scrapbook moment. :) I loved these pictures! I guess you are going to have to buy Luke a toy guitar so he can join the band.


Kim said...

My oldest son wants to play the guitar so badly! We are so busy right now, but hopefully this summer he can start. I just know your LOA will be here soon!!!! Have a great week! Love, Kim

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

That is so cool! Mallory has decided to add the guitar to her list of accomplishments. She's been wanting to for some time and we have arranged for a teacher - Mike's brother, who has been in several bands. Maybe someday, the kids can all be in a band together! Wouldn't that be awesome? Mallory plays piano and clarinet, too. Of course, clarinet isn't so much of a small band instrument but there are lots of great Christian rock groups these days that have piano.

Tanya said...

HI Tammy,
I read a comment from Farming on Faith about a mustard seed necklace/bracelet that you have and it touched me. May I ask where you got it? I think that would be a wonderful item. I also enjoyed looking around your blog... I'll be back...you have a really nice family and such great values. God bless you.

Beansieleigh said...

Oh this is great! LOVE to see Joy could get something so special as this with her birthday money!.. And that her older brother is helping her out! That is just THE BEST! The only instrument I know how to play is my crochet hook, but I've secretly always wanted to play the violin! (I LOVE Irish fiddle music!)... Can't wait to see the new bedroom when it's finished! ~tina