Thursday, March 4, 2010

Colt is 21 Today!

How can it possibly be that our Colt is 21 years old today? In so many ways, it feels like just yesterday that we were anticipating his arrival and so excited to be parents! So today, in honor of Colt's 21st birthday, I invite you to take a trip down memory lane with me......

As I've said before, he arrived full of personality! He was 5 1/2 months old when he joined our family and had been nicknamed "Smiley" on the plane from Korea! Here's a photo of him at 5 1/2 months just a few days after he came home to us.

Colt has always been on the go! Here he is at 9 months. He and my nephew were "partners in crime" (Trey is 3 months older) and I'm pretty sure in this picture that Colt and Trey were making their way all over Grandmama's house! He was a busy bee! (Or should I say cowboy...he wore many hats).

The poor kid grew up with a camera in his wonder he hated it when he got a little older! He didn't seem to mind too much back then....he just hammed it up for me!

Oh how I remember these days.....he must be have been around 13 months old here, right after he started walking and then there was definitely no slowing him down! He kept me on my toes!

It's definitely that smile, not the roaring fire, that lit up the room!

Little man at church.....People were always telling us things that he told them at church, especially those in the nursery (he said whatever he thought).....I never knew what to expect.....we always said he was "too smart for his own good"! I think his mission was sometimes "outsmart the ole parents". He would notice everything too...what everybody wore and comment on it!

Here he is....almost 4 I believe. He loved playing with the goats next door in Pop's pasture (and riding them)!

He's going to love me for sharing this one, but I couldn't resist that snaggle-toothed grin! I love it! (Hey Colt, at least I didn't post the one of you playing guitar in your birthday suit)! :)

When it came time for Senior Pics, I guess Colt was so used to ole mom taking his pictures that he preferred that I do them instead of someone else, so I did. We shot tons of pictures. Here's a couple (we both love black and white):

Being a mother means so much to me, one that I consider the highest calling, and I love being Colt's mom! I'm so very proud of him! He is a responsible young man, going to school full time and working full time as well. He uses his talents for God's glory, playing the drums, guitar, and singing! I've never regretted one day of homeschooling all the way from kindergarten to high school and having everyday home with him!

To Colt....I just wanted to tell you that dad and I love being your parents. We love you so very much totally and unconditionally! I know you're 21, but just to warn you, you'll always be my baby and the hugs and kisses won't ever stop, so you better just get used to them! :)

Happy 21st Birthday, Son!

Mom and Dad (& Joy)


Parsley said...

How precious. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday Colt!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to Colt.
Thank you for sharing his younger years with us. He is a handsome young man.
I can feel your pride through your writing about him
God has truly blessed you all.

Lynne said...

Time certainly flies by so quickly!Happy 21st Birthday Colt.

Wendi said...

Sweet pictures. Happy Birthday, Colt!

At Home With Amy said...

How precious, Little Lukes BIG Brother Colt is 21 today. Happy birthday Colt! May God continue to move in your life and bring great things your way. Isn't it amazing how fast our children grow up. Sometimes we just wish they could stay little for ever. On the other hand, it is such a joy watching them develope into the adult they too soon become.
Blessings to you Tammy and to Colt also.

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Colt. He is a handsome young man and it sounds like you have done a wonderful job raising him.
Children are such a blessing. It is such a awesome responsability to be a parent. It is also such a wonderful reward.
My prayers are with all of your family.

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Colt! Thank you Tammy for sharing this post with us. He has grown from a cute baby to a handsome young man. You and your husband have done a great job!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

he is so handsome and he has such a contagious smile..happy 21st!!!!!!!!

Shelley said...

Happy birthday to COlt! I have to say Tammy - you have great taste in kid's clothes! I loved all of the cute outfits you dressed him in over the years! :-)

Amber Troxler said...

He is just the cutest little thing ever, and I must mention he has a really nice haircut in that last picture! lol!! Out of all our years I somehow missed the toothless picture I guess!!! lol... Happy Birthday colt!!!

<3 Amber

Carmen C. said...

What a cutie then and now:)Love the lil' jumper with the gingerman on, lol! Happy Birthday Colt!

Princess said...

Happy Birthday Colt!

Wow, your three kiddos have birthdays back to back!!

Lots of cake eating going on at your house!

Mandy in Mayberry said...

That comment above was from me - I can't get used to Leah Kate being on the computer so I forget to check and see if she's signed in!

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Happy BIrthday to Colt! You will be very busy celebrating birthdays when all your kids will be together, LOL. Beautiful pictures.

Madeleine said...

What a beautiful walk down your memory lane!

Happy birthday to your boy! 21! That is such a monumental milestone. It seems as though he is the man you have raised him to be, and you are so very proud of him.

What a blessing.

Happy birthday, man of God.

Never So Simple said...

HAPPY BIRTDAY COLT! I love the senior pictures you took of him they were great. He was such a cute little boy now a handsome young man. I hope he enjoyed his birthday.


Wolfie said...

Happy birthday Colt!!!

Thanks for sharing the pics and memories.


arkie said...

I hope his 21st birthday is the best!

Coy Graham said...

Where does the time go? He is a handsome young man. Happy Birthday and God Bless you Colt!

Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday Colt!!! I love all the pictures, he was such a cute little boy and now he so very handsome!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh Tammy! What a wonderful young man you have raised!! Happy Birthday COlt!!

Blessed Beyond said...

Happy belated Birthday to, Colt! I Love all the pictures of him growing up! You did great for his Senior pictures!