Sunday, November 22, 2009

Adoption Story Update & Prayer Requests

Another week has flown by! It seems like it's taken forever this year to get all of our Christmas decor out....or maybe it's just seems to be hard to get into it this year. I think my mode of thinking has been into making sure all of our paperwork was on course for the adoption. But....I have to say that the more I got things out and actually had a long enough length of time to actually work on it, I began to get more excited about Christmas decorating. And now, it's finally all up and done.....time to take all of those Rubbermaid boxes back out to the garage, and time to enjoy the light of the Christmas trees and those Christmas movies together! :) Over my next few posts, I will share some Christmas decor photos with you.

But for today, I'd like to share something with you concerning the adoption. This would have made a great Faithful Fridays post, but I totally missed posting on Friday. However, I decided it would be a good "anyday" post! :) Remember in the first post that I shared we were going to pursue adoption? I stated that this would most definitely have to be a "God thing" where God opened the doors. And He has to make it plain for me to see! Well I don't know why I would ever be surprised, but God never ceases to amaze me on how He works things out.

Let me tell you a story.

I shared with you already about how quickly doors opened for us to find our son, Luke Tai (by the way that's the name we gave him), who waits for us in China. We came to the decision to pursue adoption in September, and I did research on agencies and special needs. By the first of October, we found our agency, BAAS, and began the paperwork end of our homestudy too. By October 19th, we received the call from Xiaoqing at BAAS with the referral/match of our little Luke (whom we fell in love with immediately). By October 21st, we sent in our LOI for him. By October 27th, we received our PA (approval to proceed with the adoption from China). I knew God had a purpose for things happening so quickly, because I never knew things to happen this fast.

Now let me tell you what I didn't know was happening during that time. I only recently learned this bit of information. I know God put this person and information in my life for a reason and to show us just how wonderful He is and how much He cares and to give me confirmation that Luke is our son and God planned it that way all along.

I joined a couple of forums recently, one being a waiting child through China forum and one being a forum for the province from which Luke is from. In one of those forum messages just early last week, someone (named Tammy by the way), asked how long it was taking to get PAs these days, to which I replied to the post on the forum with how long it took us. Well Tammy saw my blog link at the bottom and went over to visit and read about our adoption story. Imagine her surprise when she saw Luke's picture. Here's why.......the third week of September, her family was referred Luke's file to consider and pray over from an entirely different agency. After prayerful consideration, her family couldn't get peace that this was their son. Her words to me were, "no wonder I couldn't get peace about it....because he wasn't our son....he was your son! (You can imagine the goose bumps as I read her words). She was so thankful to know "why" God wouldn't let this boy be hers and to know she was obedient to His word and didn't make a mistake by following through with his file. And she was thankful to see that Luke had a family. And then I could see why God lit a fire under us in September so we could find the agency that held Luke's file. He lit that fire under us about the time they were considering his file. I'm sure that the next hands that held Luke's file with a referral were Xiaoqing's of BAAS, when she called and had all of his updates and knew he was right for us! And so doors opened quickly!

As I read more of her story, the tears came for me! She told me more of the story...a personal testimony of how Christmas Eve of 2007 was a hard time in her life. When she received the next referral file, she saw her son! God gave her family peace that this little boy was their's. Found on Christmas Eve that same year of 2007, this little guy was God's gift to their family. They knew it in their heart! So now God gave them the little boy that was meant to be their son all along!

And it gets even we talked a little more mentioning little tidbits of our lives, we discovered that we live about 40 minutes from each other! Our boys are going to be's meant to be.....and I will forever be grateful to Tammy for listening to God speaking to her heart....and for being obedient to His words.

How amazing is that? God is SO good. I know He let us find each other to give us peace and contentment in what He's working out for our families to His glory.

And I've got to share a couple of pictures that were sent to us within the last week when we sent Luke's care package. They aren't new updated pictures, but pictures, nevertheless, that we haven't seen....a stage in his life for which we now have photos! Yay!

Look what a priceless smile! And what a chunk he was!

And here.....Colt says he looks like a little Monk.....our little Monk! Don't you think this looks like a bit of a mischievous "got caught" look?

I just want to scoop him up and hug and kiss him!

And to fill you in on the next step in our adoption journey, our homestudy is complete and awaiting approval with our agency. As soon as we get approval, we go the next step with Immigration and fingerprinting. That's one more step closer to Luke! I really appreciate all of your comments and prayers concering Luke!

I have a few prayer requests that I'd like to mention and would really appreciate your prayers! First of all, my father-in-law (who is 80 years old and lives alone) has been in the hospital most of this week having tests run. We don't know the results of any of these tests yet. Please remember him (and all of us) in your prayers! I would like to ask prayer for Tammy (from the story above) and her family that they receive their PA very soon on their little guy, so they can bring him home as early as possible too! And, I would appreciate prayers that our homestudy approval wait and immigration wait is a short one and things move right along as well! I'm not a very good "waiter". :)

And next time, I'll try my best to have some Christmas pictures for you. It's time to clean up after all those boxes first! :) I can't wait to visit your blogs to see YOUR Christmas decor too!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Tammy I have both tears running down my eyes and goosebumps!! Isn't God so good and amazing how he knows what is best for us? I will indeed keep your FIL in my prayers as well as Tammy and your family as well!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Just think next year, you will have an extra plate at your table!! warm hugs, Linda

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I so admire the love you have in your heart! Prayers that things continue to go quickly and smoothly in the adoption process. Prayers also for your FIL. I know what you are Thankful for this year! Hugs

AG'smoma said...

WOW!! Tears and goosebumps here, too! Not to mention the fact that I know the Tammy you are talking about, as she was originally in my travel group way back in 06. She found her daughter soon and didn't end up going to China with us, but we have remained friends through her other adoptions and loved seeing them at the CNY celebration earlier this year. God works in mysterious and wonderful ways!! Some things are most certainly a GOD thing. So glad you found each other and the boys will have a friend close to play with!! You will all be in my prayers!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Such a testimony...of God's ways..not ours. Dianntha

Nancy M. said...

Wow, that is amazing! A true testimony to Him knowing what is right for us! I'll keep praying for y'all! Luke is such a cutie!

horse loving lineman's wife said...

I LOVE GOD THINGS. Especially when they involve adoption. The only way we got our (special needs) Matthew years ago, was through GOD. It couldn't have been anything else. I will continue to pray for you and your family with the wonderful addition of your 2nd son!! Keep us posted on what's going on. I think you and your family are wonderful!! (Our family is finishing up with paperwork for theraputic foster parenting). Should be ready to receive children in January 2010. Have an awesome day!! Love, Kimberly C.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'm so happy for you Tammy and that is such a special story gives me goosebumps also:)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and will be keeping you and yours in my prayers.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Tammy, what a precious story of how God is leading every step of the way. I'll be praying for you and your family. Btw, I have a friend who went over to the Ukraine to bring home a son they were adopting, and came home with a son and a daughter!

Angie said...

I am just sitting here with tears in my eyes as I read through your adoption is all so wonderful and beautiful, Tammy! Luke has the sweetest little face...ohhh, lots of ornery in there, too! :-) I have a feeling that no gift you receive for Christmas this year will top the one you are waiting for! God Bless you and your family, my friend!

Hugs ~ Angie

Elle Bee said...

What an incredible story! You have filled my heart with joy! God is so good and he knows just what we need just when we need it.

Susan said...

Tammy, Ive been scarce around here because our lives have been so buy and full but I'm glad I dropped by today and got to read this fantastic blog. I am so very happy for you and this little guy. God is sooooo amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

oh Tammy, what a wonderful thing for you and the other weird that it all worked out!!
Luke is just too cute!! I hope your holiday season goes well and you get more good news about Luke's adoption!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jill from NY

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Tammy, what a beautiful post and I do believe in devine intervention - HE is there and does work his wonders.
Bless you and I will pray for all the best for you, your Father In Law and Tammys family.
This is going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving for all of you!

Dawn said...

Tammy, I too had goosebumps, God is good!! He is adorable,I know how much you want to put your arms around him. Im so happy for you!

Leslie said...

I have been so out of the loop and behind on Blogs that I wasn't aware that you guys were in the process of adopting. How wonderful! And what a great story you had to share with us today! The internet is an amazing place and look, without you would have never learned what you have now and wouldn't have met this wonderful person...What a GREAT story :) Congrats on everything and I hope your little boy is with you very soon!


Debbie said...

My prayers are with your family and Tammy's. I think it is wonderful that your sons will be so close.


Madeleine said...

I got the goosebumps. too!!!

When we were praying over children, I felt SO bad that we passed because we didn't feel at peace about them.

My friend, who has adopted 2 girls, told me the same thing. It's not like they will stay in an orphanage for forever, it's just that she is not yours, she belongs to someone else. Listen to the Holy Spirit.

This is a GREAT post!

UPON A HILL said...

Isn't that just like our GOD. I am always standing in awe of HIM! PRAISE HIS NAME!

Will continue to pray for your family & the new member & for a smooth transition. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mandy in Mayberry said...

That's just amazing, Tammy! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Blessings to you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

the primitive country bug said...

What an amazing story, one that only God can put together. He is so gracious and good! I wait on every post of yours to see His hands at work in your lives. I will certainly be keeping your f-i-l in my prayers as well as Tammy and your family. It's truly amazing too, that these young boys will be able to be friends. God is truly awesome!
Hugs to you~ Birgit

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow Tammy what an amazing story..I am speechless as i bet you were..but a wonderful one!!! can't wait to see your christmas decor..;) have a very happy thanksgiving...:)

Michele said...

Oh Tammy ~ I'm sitting with tears streaming down my face. God is so good...I will definitely keep you and Tammy in my prayers, as well as your FIL.

Happy Thanksgiving...God was good to us...he brought Cassie and I little Liam...stop by to see pictures!


At Home With Amy said...

Just amazing Tammy. I am so happy for the way things are going for you and Jason. When we learn to trust in God and listen to him, things just fall into place. Praise his precious and holy name!
I will be praying for your FIL. Keep us posted on what they find out for sure.
Warm hugs,

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Tammy, I have goose bumps and tears rolling down my face! That's simply incredible and only something God Himself could arrange to happen! Praying for all of you! And also for your FIL and the rest of the family.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

Tammy, GOD is SO Good. I'm so happy for your family and little Luke. A couple from our church adopted a little girl from Ethopia, she has been such a blessing to all of us. God is so faithful, I can't begin to praise Him enough!!! Thanks for sharing, and you have a beautiful family!!
With Love,
Linda @ kindlelight blessings

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Dear Tammy, bless your hearts! I pray that all will be well with your FIL and your own little famly as well as Tammy's family. Bless your little boys that are not at home with you yet! It is so very important that we listen to that still small whisper huh!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sharon said...

Oh what a beautiful and tearful post.
Prayers for you and your family that things will move right along.
Prayers also for your FIL.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving,
I do not start decorating for Christmas till Dec 1st.
Hugs to all,

miss mary said...

what a wonderful story to read. amazing. Talk about God working things out. Gives a warm feeling all over. That is so great. Will keep your prayer request in my prayers. God Bless

{oh and I chose you for this Tag challange} List 15 things you are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

katie said...

God bless your in your efforts and may your wait be short.
God is amazing in the arrangements He makes.
I know the incredible JOY you will feel the first time you hold him in your arms.
You see I have a granddaughter adopted from China. She was 10 months old when she came to her forever family and she is now 10 years old. She is an absolute JOY

basketsnprims said...

Wow, Tammy! God and His amazing ways and wisdom is always there and speaking to us, we just have to listen. You, your family, your FIL, and Tammy & her family are all in my prayers.
May you and your family have a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Julie said...

That is one incredible story. And the two of you have the same first name, too. From God's hands to yours--how wonderful. I wish you the best through this wonderful process. It is so refreshing to hear such a positive, inspired story. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Julie

Anonymous said...

Tammy, such a beautiful story you've wrote today! Our God is so very awesome! He knows our hearts and hears all of our prayers. Your little Luke Tai is sooo precious! In that one picture though, he does look like he could be a tad bit mischevious at times! ;) But, at times aren't all boys?? :)
It is great that the other Tammy and you are only 40 minutes from each other, and that you'll be able to have Luke and her son become good friends. That is great!!

I will keep you and your family and your father-in-law in my prayers Tammy..

You and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Love & Blessings,

ghomeschool said...

Wow! I have goosebumps also. God is great and His wisdom and timing are always perfect. I am glad you get to go on this journey. There is no telling what else God has in store for you.

Anonymous said...

My friend, thank you for this wonderful post. We are so glad we have met your family. Sorry so busy right now, will talk to you soon...

still waiting for PA
thank you for the prayers

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

WONDERFUL post!!!!
Every thing is planned out by GOD...EVERY THING! :)
I am so happy for you, look at that sweet lil face!! He is one blessed little boy...he's coming into one amazing family!
I will keep all in my prayers, Tammy.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family♥ May the blessings keep comin ;)

janie said...

This story brings tears to my eyes- God works in wonderful ways.

God Bless, Janie

Farm Chick Paula said...

That is an amazing story, Tammy- I'm so glad our God knows best, don't you?
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Laura said...

What a great story!!
Tammy, my prayers are with you, with your precious family and in particular with Luke!
I saw his first photo on the CS Forum but those you published in this post are really fantastic!
All of you are very special and I can't wait to see more pics!!!
It's true: God blessed your family !!!


P.S.: Tammy! you & me have the same "blog-layout"!! Fantastic!!!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, Tammy, this is the best story. I have been so absent, I was unaware that you were adopting. What a joyous reason to be thankful. He is beautiful! It is amazing how fast this has progressed. God is great! You have put a smile in my heart!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a wonderful story and how awesome our God is!!! Hope your father-in-law feels better and gets some results from the tests. Can't wait to see the pictures of your Christmas decorating!

Tonya said...

God is so good (ALL the time)! Love the pics of Luke, he is a beautiful child. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I also pray that Mr. Springhart is better.

Love ya,


Charm and Grace said...

Great post! It's great to know how to pray for you. What a sweet story about you and the other Tammy and the whole adoption thing. I know you are ready to see Luke and hold him. Praying that will happen very soon!


Sandy said...

What a story!

It really touches your heart. I pray for you that everything will be speedy for you and your family to get Luke to his new home that is so waiting for him.

I will also keep your FIL in my prayers...

prashant said...

saw his first photo on the CS Forum but those you published in this post are really fantastic!
All of you are very special and I can't wait to see more pics!!!

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