Friday, May 15, 2009

A Winner & Faithful Fridays!!!!!

Wow! Joy and I wrote out over 200 entries for the giveaway! You all left the kindest comments! Thank you! I really appreciate the readers and followers over this past year! Thank you to everyone that entered....I wish I could afford to give you all the giveaway package! :) But....we did have to pick last night at 10:00 p.m., after Jason mixed all the entries really well, Joy reached in and drew out a name. (She just about went to sleep on the couch, but she held on so she could be the one to draw out the name)!

And the winner is..............Susan of Penless Writer!!!! Congratulations, Susan! I hope you enjoy everything! I know you are a regular visitor over here at my blog and I appreciate you! Email me your address so I can get these goodies boxed up, addressed, and ready to go!


Today is also Friday, which means it's time for Joy's Faithful Fridays! I have a few things I want to mention today! Faithful Fridays was set up by my daughter, Joy, to share her faith in share things God has done in our lives, prayer requests, any story of faith, really. If you would like to participate, please feel free to use the button and go to Joy's blog, Doodlebug, and let her know in a comment that you participated!

First of all, I am very thankful that my mom received a good report after her routine mammogram and Dr.'s visit, after having breast cancer a few years ago.

Next, is really a small thing, but worth mentioning because it was something Joy and I prayed for and received an almost immediate answer! I misplaced some important papers that I was looking for.....I told Joy we should pray that we find them somehow..somewhere. Shortly after, I felt like I should look in my car....and there they were! Coincidence you say, well you can say that if you want, but I choose to believe it was a direct answer to a sincere prayer and I give God the glory there!

In addition, there are a couple of blogging friends that really come to mind this morning! I would like to ask you to pray for Molly of Molly's Country Memories. She is really having some health problems right now. She is just a sweetheart and I want to pray that she's better soon! And many of you know Donna of Never So Simple. Her family is really going through some trials right now as they look for jobs and even more health issues with her husband. Please remember Donna, Ray, Jessica and Eleni in your prayers too!

Last, but not least, I wanted to tell you about a movie that is worthy of this post today. Reading the Bible, you know that God says that mountains can be moved with the faith of a mustard seed. Have you ever seen a mustard seed? My aunt gave me a necklace a few years ago because I always admired it. It is a locket with a tiny mustard seed embedded inside. I never realized just how teeny tiny a mustard seed really is. And God says THAT MUCH faith can move a mountain. Wow, that shows how little I really have. That's why this movie really blessed me. It's called Faith Like Potatoes.

It's not an action packed movie, and they do have accents in the movies, but it is really an inspiring film! It's a movie for the entire family and shows basic moral principles that I think our nation has abandoned. Jason, Joy and I watched this movie and I was touched by this man's faith. It is based on a true story. This is the basic overview of the movie:

Faith Like Potatoes is an inspiring true story of a rugged South African farmer, Angus Buchan, and is set in the turbulent hills of the KZN Midlands. Angus' manic quest for material success is slowly transformed into a wild love for God and people, as he wrestles with faith, hope, natural disasters and tragic personal loss.

I won't tell you anymore about the story line, so you can see for yourself! I pray I can have this kind of like potatoes! :)


Janene said...

Tammy~This is such a wonderful post!
I wish I had the faith that you do! I do believe that God works in ways that we can't even imagine.
I will say a special prayer for those you mentioned.
And I would also like to congratulate the winner of your giveaway!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Christine said...

Hello Tammy! So nice to become acquainted with in blogland! I think it's great that you take 'everything to God in prayer' and am pleased that your mom is doing well. Thanks for a lovely blog to read!

basketsnprims said...

Tammy ~
Congrats to Susan for winning such a wonderful giveaway. I'm so glad your mom got a good report & I will keep those you mentioned in prayer. Have a wonderful weekend.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Congratulations to Susan on winning.

I saw the movie 'Faith in Potatoes' at Walmart and thought it sounded really good. I will have to go rent it now that I've heard your review.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,


Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

Congrats to the winner! What a blessing.

I will certainly keep Molly and Donna in prayer.

That movie sounds lie just the weekend flick to stay in and enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation.

~Blessings & Warm Cozy Wishes

Heather's Stitches said...

Congrats to Susan! That was a great give-away!

We just received "Faith Like Potatoes" from Netflicks and I'm waiting for DH to be able to sit and watch it with me.

Enjoy Your Weekend,

The Whites said...

Congratulations to Susan!

I'll pray for the folks mentioned. I pray daily that my faith will grow more than I can even imagine. When it comes down it, faith is really all we can count on!

Have a great weekend, Tammy!


Shellmo said...

Congrats to Susan to winning your wonderful giveaway!! loved the mustard seed story - something I'll remember for a long time and helps me with my faith! Thank you!!!

Kath said...

Hi Tammy-So happy everything is good w/mom :)
Congrats to the very lucky winner!
Donna is in my prayers, daily and I will add your friend Molly too.

Have a Happy weekend!


Sharon said...

Congrats to Susan
I will pray for those you mentioned.
I loved the mustard seed story.
Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

wrcdgc said...

Your posts today brought tears to my eyes. Thank-you for mentioning my family and for thinking of us. You just have no idea what your friendship and kindness means!


At Home With Amy said...

Congrats to Susan on her win. I'm sure she will be delighted with everything.

Wonderful praise report on your moms tests. Isn't God good!! I would be happy pray for the people you mentioned in this post. They are lucky to have a friend like you that is praying for them. Your faith in God is so evident in the way you write.

God is able to answer all prayers both big and small. I pray for a parking space that is close to the store everytime I go shopping and I am never let down. My daughter gets a chuckle out of this but she never has to walk too far either.

Have a blessed day,

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Congrats to the winner! The movie sounds great! I'm always looking for something to be able to watch with the kids that's good and clean!

I'll keep your friends in prayer. There is so much sadness going around lately. Just read of another blogger who lost her best friend, a mom with kids still at home.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Susan said...

WOW!! What a packed full blog of information.

I am so honored that Joy drew my name......JOY for Susan JOYce!!!! Neat.

I'll add these prayer requests to our prayers. I know many people are really facing some difficult times right now......BUT GOD is faithful!!!
Thanks & ((hugs)) to you and Joy, Tammy.

Zaroga said...

Congrats to Susan!

A wonderful post, Tammy.

I really believe all of our prayers are answered.. just not always in the way we wish.

I just said a prayer for each of those mentioned.

Colleen said...

Another wonderful post, Tammy. And an exciting one for your lucky winner too :)

I so enjoyed your comments today, my friend. They really made me smile. I hope that God continues to answer your prayers, both big and small.

Have a lovely weekend....

Shelley said...

Hi Tammy,I enjoyed reading your awesome,the way God lead you to look in your car for the papers...I once lost my cell phone for a few days and couldn't find it anywhere...I prayed and ask God to reveal to me where it could be...he lead me to look in my daughters car and I found it under the seat...he is so mindful of his own...


retha said...

I just had to say, that movie is from my country.
The person whom the story is about is now having 'men weekends' on his farm. Once a year I think 20-30 000 men arrive in their caravans/tents motorbikes what ever you can name- I hear.

Karen said...

Hi Tammy,
I loved reading your blog today - very inspiring in itself.
CONGRATULATIONS to SUSAN the winner of your giveaway.
Prayeres for all mentioned here.

country gal said...


Congrat to Ms. Susan!!!!!!!! I'll be praying for everybody mentioned here!!!!

Love, Joy =D

Farmchick said...

Hi Tammy-just stopping in for a visit. Wow--I am sorry that i missed your giveaway.

Stop in and visit me soon!