Friday, January 24, 2014

Faithful Friday - "I Have Set You Apart"

I've really missed participating in Joy's Faithful Fridays.  I'm back today with a devotion that I read the other morning from one of my favorite devotionals, His Princess (Love Letters from Your King) by Sheri Rose Shepherd.   I just love how personal these devotions are, and they always hit me right where I need it.  :)

Often times I try to "fix things" instead of immediately turning them over to God.  I mean, I suppose when it's something so big that it seems impossible for me, it is probably easier for me to turn it over to God because I know there's NO WAY I can handle it.  But when it's the smaller things, I tend to try to handle it first, before handing it over to God.  He really does want me to just give it to Him from the start, big or small.  That takes so much pressure off me.  I tend to be somewhat hard on myself, so this one hit me right where I needed.  I hope it blesses you as well!

My Princess.....I Have Set You Apart

I have called you to be set apart, just as I called those who came before you.  I know this calling will sometimes come with great cost, but the eternal rewards are priceless and beyond comparison.  Just as I did with Queen Esther, I have given you the ability to walk in such a way so all will see that you are divinely Mine.  Some will admire you for your dedication to Me, and some will want you to fail rather than follow your lead.  You may fall because you are not perfect, but your mistakes can be the tutors that make you wiser.  Don't put pressure on yourself to be perfect.  I'm the only one who can perfect you, My princess.  All I ask is that you let Me set you apart so that I use you as a witness for the world to see.

Your King who sets you apart

"I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb.  Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my spokesman to the world."

Jeremiah 1:5


And on another note, I wanted to pass along some information to my blogging friends.  Many of you may remember Christina of Pendleton Primitives!  She and her husband retired from the military and purchased a farmhouse in Michigan, moved in and began renovating, only to discover later that the health issues her family was having resulted from previous conditions (toxins) in the house (it had been used as a meth lab). Of course, they had to move out, and are having to begin again.  There is a fundraising site set up for anyone that would like to help them along.  Every little bit helps I'm sure!  And please feel free to pass this along!  You can click here to get to the fundraising site.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!  :)



Earlene Landis said...

I had no idea that happened to Christina and her family...awful!
Thanks for posting it!
Glad your back too!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Tammy, I also wondered what happened to Christina, how terrible, a big thanks for letting us know, Hugs Francine.

Patty Sumner said...

I love Sheri Rose Shepherd... She is a powerful speaker too. I have missed visiting with you and your heart for the Lord! I am so sorry to hear about Christina... I do not follow her but such a sad story. May God bless her family richly and quickly with what they need for the new home.. Thanks for sharing that story.. May you be blessed and may your kind heart return in a wonderful blessing to you and your family too. Have a great weekend. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful post, Tammy.

Thank you for sharing about Christina. So very sad.

Pendleton Primitives said...

Afternoon Tammy! Thank you so much for sharing our story on your blog and I want to say thank you to the wonderful comments left for us! It warms my heart to know other people care. I did decide to begin blogging again but I was not able to recover my old blog name so here is a link.

I have one post up and it was quite therapeutic.
Again, thank you so much for always being so kind and for sharing your wonderful blog and Instagram!

Laura Rhodes said...

A blessed post and thanks for taking the time to share. May all praise go to our Father and Lord Christ our King! Hugs and Blessings Laura R.

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


I loved this post so much! Thank you for posting it. :) That devotional book is full of so much truth, worded so well. It hits me right where I need it, too. This one did tonight, so thank you. Just giving God our struggles and weaknesses, and our strengths and dreams, means that He can set us free and help us with them, and turn them into something beautiful. We just have to give it to Him, and let Him do the work. :)

Thank you for participating in Faithful Fridays, Mama! I love you! 8! :)

Joy :)

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