Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sam's or Costco?

I’ve mentioned before that we are seriously taking a look at ways to save on our grocery budget. For the next step, we’re considering either a Sam’s Club or Costco membership since we will be near one once a week. From what I’m hearing from folks, it is worth it.

I was discussing this with my friend Gina (Cat Nap Inn Primitives) and she suggested I ask about this on my blog to get opinions  (Why didn't I think of that?)  So, I am.  Actually I’m asking more than one question.

Are these two stores really similar? Any notable differences? Which one do you use and why? Can you tell me which one saves more, if that’s the case? If there are certain things that you really find to be a great deal there, will you share those? Why should I choose one above the other?

Okay, frugal shoppers, I appreciate the feedback! It would help so much!

And as always, thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great day!  :)


Zaroga said...

We have a Sam's Club here and it is worth it, but you have to be careful and know what things cost in the discount world. We went into a Cosco a couple years ago while visiting my brother and sister inlaw. It seemed very similar. I would suggest you go into both and check them out on a guest pass

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I agree with the previous comment.
Use guest pass and make a list of prices and quantities. Definitely compare Sam's to WalMart. We found that having large quantities of some items was good and others went stale before we could use them up, but we stocked up on jeans at a sale years ago and now Mike still has jeans he's never worn. Now Sara has just joined the new Costco in Ankeny and she is eager for me to go there with her. I will definitely go but be selective in my choices. I can only save so much money before going broke! Then for us there was the distance to travel just to get to either store. Nowadays, gas has to be figured in for us. I know we make a list of what we need and I know where each thing is cheapest of the best quality. We try to consolidate our trips to get the most for the least. I always read sale ads and give them great consideration when making the weekly menu. Actually, I make menus a month ahead so I can stock up on certain items. Mallory is known to say--'We could get our groceries here!'

A Girls Gotta Nest said...

At one time we had both a Sams Club and Costco membership. At this time we have neither....we try our best to eat organic and do not find that either one carries enough organic items to continue with a memembership. When we did have a Costco card the membership was at least $10 -$15 more.

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

We belong to Sam's Club and love it. We do not have a Costco--our son in Seattle belongs to Costco. He always says they are similar but Costco is a good bit more to join. We get mustard, ketchup, pickles, choc. chips, HE laundry soap, cheese, pepperoni, GREAT ground beef (92% lean), milk, chicken, poppers, you name it!!! We are empty nesters now, but nothing is wasted. BIG bags of salad, carrots, on and on. Worth it for us!!--:) Jan

earlene said...

Hi Tammy,
We used Sams Club often when kids were did save but we no longer go because it is too much food. I have never been to Costco.
Have you ever heard of Aldis? I have been shopping with them and have been very pleased and have saved quite a lot on groceries. I believe they are owned by Trader Joes but are a lot less expensive.

Hollie said...

We have a Sams Card, but honestly we don't use it very often....mainly at Christmas.

JeanM said...

I have a Costco.Most places your memebership fee is for 2 people in the same household. I have the $100 membership because you earn 2% on your purchases. If you don't make the $100 back by the end of the year then they will give you back $50 or the difference between the normal membership and the $100 one.. You do have to know prices. You want to belong to a club that has what you like to buy. As mentioned before,get a day pass and check out both places.

Tina said...

Hey Tammy. I am probably not much help since I am a member of both, but here is my take.
Sam's is the one I visit most often is it only 10 minutes from home. Costco is my fave but it is about a 35-40 minute drive in good traffic so I don't get to go often. I am under my mom's Costco membership so at least I am not paying for that one. Costco seems a step up from Sam's to me. Just a little higher end with an awesome selection of gourmet cheeses and their produce selection is always excellent. I am a major "couponer" so I do way better with coupons than I do at either store but somethings just don't go on sale so then I head to Sams/Costco. Good luck, you won't go wrong either way. Go get a guest pass for each and try them out.

renee said...

Well, we have the same membership from Costco~we upgraded to the Executive to earn back the 2%. I have been to Sams' Club, but I in general am not a fan of either Walmart or Sams Club. I also would like to note, I am not a snob either! LOL! I like Costco, it's clean, they have good prices, they have coupons too, and they have lots of sampling going on throughout the store, so you can try some things out. It depends on what you are buying, but for lots of things, it's worth it to have the membership. Whichever one you choose, I am sure you will be pleased with. I do also like Aldi as Earlened mentioned, however, I cannot shop exclusive there. I know I have given you my thoughts on this prior, but go and check them both out.
Have a good weekend!
God bless.
Renee ( Ooh~ I do the same as Linda, to a degree, she's a wise lady!)