Saturday, January 7, 2012

Additional Information on Movie Review "To Save a Life"

Since I received an anonymous comment concerning the movie that I mentioned in yesterday’s Faithful Friday post, To Save a Life, I wanted to share some additional information.

I did a little more research, on the internet, as well as reading through the leaflet in our DVD case. We do NOT have the church version. The DVD that we watched is the theatrical version, rated PG-13. The church version has been rated PG.

Since the comment left anonymously expressed concern about not showing a movie in the Lord’s House that had bad language, I wanted to clarify.

A PG-13 rating can mean many things. It can mean thematic elements, violence, and it can mean bad language. For instance, Courageous is rated PG-13 and my goodness, it was wonderful! I highly recommend it! Also The Passion of Christ was rated PG-13 (for obvious reasons of violence and intensity).

Here’s how I know we have the theatrical version. Church versions can only be purchased as a kit and require a license to show in a church setting. It states that, in the church version, only a little bit of bad language was left and other scenes shortened bringing it down to a PG rating. In my opinion, I believe there will still be what I consider a curse word used in one scene where a troubled teenager stands up at a youth group meeting at church and calls down (or speaks out) against the hypocrites in the youth group. Since this scene is an integral part of the story line concerning the youth group leader, I suspect that’s the bad language that is left. I can’t see why the other language wouldn’t be removed, especially for showing in a church setting. And as stated, they shortened the bedroom scene and the cutting scene. However, those were already fairly short, in my opinion, on the version we watched. Considering what is shown on regular TV these days, this is very mild, believe me.

So, what am I saying? Anonymous, I really do agree with you. I don’t like bad language in any movie and I wish they wouldn’t put it anywhere! I also think the best setting to watch this movie is with parent/teenager at home. However, knowing that not all teenagers have parents that would do this, I also realize that they may never see this movie if it isn’t shown to them in church. However, if I had to choose whether I would recommend teenagers see it or not see it (especially those not being brought up in Christian homes with Christian parents guiding them), I would have to say I think they should see it.

And it’s okay. I’m used to being in the minority too. I respect your opinion. I do agree with you about the bad language. And I would have personally been offended to hear this language in the Lord’s house too. I don’t like it at home either. Hollywood seems to include most language for the filth and tearing down of morals. However, I don’t think that was the intent in this movie. I think the church version probably strips it down to the cleanest level and still maintain the severity of issues that a lot of teens face.

There were a couple of movies mentioned through comments that sound wonderful: Seven Days in Utopia and The Way Home. I had heard of them both, but we haven’t seen them yet. We will make a point of seeing these! Thanks for those suggestions! If you know of anymore, we would love to hear them! Since we don’t have cable or regular TV and only use Netflix or DVDs, we are always seeking out wholesome movies for our family.

And to Anonymous, I also appreciate your comment that you enjoy my blog! Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend!


Never So Simple said...

I totally agree with everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just get tired of comments that are negative when famalies are doing their best to raise children in todays world.

A group of us were talking at work about the good old days. You know where you stayed outside all day playing and being children. How when you were bad you may get a spanking. ANyway the conversation lead to some of the younger mothers I work with. They expressed how scared they were for their children to be alone outside. Even though as parents they try to be good loving parents society keeps children from growing up the way we did. I guess my point is be thankful some parents are still out there trying to do the right thing. We all know their are a lot of children raising themselves.

Tammy I just want to say you and your family have been a huge part of my life and beliefs. Keep up the good work Jason and you are an inspiration to a lot of your readers.


Anonymous said...

Tammy....thank you for clarifying about the PG-13 movie. I certainly don't mean to judge anyone wanting to see this movie. If it helps the youth I welcome it.

I certainly didn't mean to sound negative about the movie....just questioned the language part of it.

God Bless

Rebecca said...

Good post. I saw this movie in my youth group over a year ago. I liked how it tackled the severity of certain teenage issues, handling it in a believable way while not going overboard (or "underboard") with the content of the type that you mentioned. I probably did see the church version, but I have to say this movie felt very truthful and didn't fabricate a false reality in any way. I'd see it again.

Hollie said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm closing my blog down. I just think it's time for a change! I may blog again at some point. If I do I will start a new one!

Just wanted to tell you personally! I'll still be visiting though!

Rissi said...

To Save a Life is an amazing movie. I rented it one night after seeing the trailer for it and was more than impressed by its moral implications. Does it have "issues" that parents should consider before showing it to their young teens? Sure, but the message is one of triumph over adversity and that is worth a lot. It demonstrates (beautifully) that we can become a new creature in Christ even in our mistakes. And that just because you live a Christian life, that doesn't mean that God will give us a "pass." It doesn't work that way.

I have a review of this somewhere buried in my Microsoft Word documents - I should find it and give it a revise, because it is marvelous. Thanks for reminding me what a great movie it truly is, Tammy. =)