Monday, August 8, 2011

How Do YOU Blog?

I’ve been wondering, so I’ve got to ask!

When you blog……when you’re writing posts for your blog, how do you do it? Are you always at your computer, typing it and saving it to your computer? Or do you jot down ideas or even entire posts on paper, (possibly for later use), and then type them?

I’m wondering because Joy and I are totally opposite on this. She types hers and saves them to her computer almost always. I have a notebook that I grab and carry with me, so when an idea or blogging opportunity arises, I can jot down at least the idea.

 But more times than not, I handwrite the entire post (very messily I might add because I'm in a hurry to get my words on paper). Then when I get the chance, I type it on my blog. I rarely ever begin at the computer.

So I was just wondering if I’m strange in the way I post? Am I the only one that does this?

How do you blog?


Dawn said...

Well I usually only post when I have a new picture. I just sit down and type it out. Honestly, I thought everyone else did it that way, never thought about writing it down first.Proably why I dont get many comments! Sometimes weeks go by and I dont post. But my life has been boring lately due to this hot weather. Im ready for school to start again. Enjoy your day!!

Farmchick said...

I type a post to go with a picture...I think of ideas and usually take the picture to go with the post...I NEVER plan too far ahead in blogging. :)

Come on over and say hi!!

bettyj said...

Oh Tammy, good question. I am embarrassed to say, I usually look at the date of my last post and think I need to update my blog! Once in a while I'll post for a special purpose,like yesterday. Most of the time I just sit down and start typing, with no beginning and ending in my mind. Some how it comes together, don't know how. My problem is coming up with a catch title. I am really lacking in that area. I am coming back to read your comments to see what I can learn. Joy is going to set the field of her chosen career on fire! I am going to keep my eye on her and say I knew her when!

Paula said...

Tammy, you and Joy are just wayyy too organized! *hehe*
I'm usually on the computer either early in the morning or at night, and I usually write my blog posts the night before and re-read them in the morning to make sure everything is spelled right and it doesn't say anything dumb. (well, not too dumb anyway...)
I might jot down an idea or two during the day, but most of the time when the inspiration hits, I just hold onto it until that evening. (Unless I forget what I was going to say, which is highly possible...)

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


I love these kinds of posts!

It's funny you just posted this...because a few days ago in the car (probably on the way to Lowes), I actually wrote out a pretty long post in one of our notebooks! But, like you said, I usually start at the computer.

I love you! 8!

God bless you!
Joy :D

Wendi said...

I do a little of both. I like to keep a notebook of ideas. Not just blog post but also things to do and try. Most of the time I do my blog post in the evening after Megan is tucked in bed. Then I will type a post to go along with pictures and happenings of the day.

LynnMarie said...

I do a combination. I take a lot of pictures so I may go through them and make a blog out of them. Other times, I write ideas down of things to write about (on my iPad under "NOTES" and then just do the writing later. I also have some drafts on my computer of things that I am working on and go in and add to them so once they are ready, I can just schedule the post. I do all that on my Ipad and it is with me most of the time, if not then I send myself a email from my phone.

Tanya said...

Hi Tammy
Well, I'm a JOY type blogger! I just sit down and start. I am way way way impressed at how you do it! I don't think if I got it down on paper it would make it to the computer! HA! I usually get in bed in the evenings and turn the TV on (funny movie, HGTV, although there is really NOTHING good on TV to be honest) and start checking blogs and then feel guilty so I try to type a post myself! I get so wrapped up in reading others that I truly forget to blog! HA!
I must say...I'm always so tickled when you have a new one up! ;)

Bama said...

I always blog at the computer without much forethought to what I'm going to write. Sometimes I do a post to go with a photos and the photos are planned, but not the writing. I just let it flow. :o)

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

I think about what I want to post and then I just start typing.

Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

Oh my, I just sit down and start typing - and it shows by the looks of my posts!

Blessed Beyond said...

I do mine at the computer... But I really do like your idea and may have to keep a notebook handy!
Hugs and Love,

Never So Simple said...

Hi Tammy,

I do all of mine on the computer. When the urge hits me I post whatever I am feeling at the moment. I have been slacking in the picture department.


Anonymous said...
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Elle Bee said...

I do all mine on the computer. But I must say I do love the lost art of writing things on paper!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Very interesting thoughts Tammy.

Well I am a spur of the moment typer...I have ideas throughout the week but they formulate directly on the blog 'new post' page...whatever comes to me get typed...even though there's a general thought - it goes its own way once I start to type it out.
But I do take photos here and there during the week and put them in a NEW POST folder on my desktop for future use.

Not much planning ahead for me as far as what the post will be about.


Anonymous said...

No, you are not the only one who does this. I too write-out rough drafts on paper before I start typing them at the computer. I type all my blog posts in Word. Then, I copy them into Notepad, and from there, I copy them into Blogger. I can't start at the computer, or I'll go crazy, ha, ha! :)

~Madame Wildflower

Hollie said...

When I decide to do an entry! I just sit down at the computer & talk about what's been going on in the past couple days. I also share a new picture if I have one.

blessedmom's simple home said...

I blog both ways. If it's a longer post, or a story, I write it in a notebook like you do. I use it to jot down ideas too. Lately my posts have been shorter, so I just type them up as I go. I can't picture my kids keeping a notebook though, I think it has something to do with the way we grew up, having to hand write everything. My kids go to the computer to look up definitions too, and I still use the dictionary :)
P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes for my boys. I've been staying off line more this summer, trying to enjoy family time and get more things done, so I hadn't gotten by to thank you yet. Sorry!

Annie said...

This is so interesting! I am usually at my computer and the words just kind of start to flow. I have to confess, I have a love/hate relationship with writing. I love it but it can stress me out too! Sometimes, if I am in the car or somewhere not by my computer and a blog post comes to me, I will write it out in an email and send it to myself with my phone! LOL!

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