Friday, March 18, 2011

A Month of Celebrating.....

As promised a long time ago, I'm finally back with some pictures of our month long celebrating!  :)

We started off February with Joy's birthday...her 12th!   She had her party at the gymnastics center.  (I don't think I've mentioned it, but she's not taking dance this year, but gymnastics instead, as well as guitar).  It was absolutely the easiest party we have ever had for her.  I brought cupcakes, drinks and a tablecloth and just showed up!  The kids had free run of the entire place and had a wonderful time!  Not everyone that she invited could make it, so we only had a handful, but the ones that came really enjoyed themselves!  Here's a few pics from her party:

That's cupcakes in the shape of the #12 (in aqua blue...her favorite color)....

Then next up was Luke's (3rd) birthday party.  (Well my dad's was in between Joy's and Luke's).  We just had a small family party here at home for him and it proved to be the right decision.  He was so totally into his Thomas the Tank Engine table and trains, that I could hardly get a picture of him looking at the camera!  He loved his Thomas cake too!  Just having all the attention on him with the balloons and singing happy birthday made him beam!  Here's a few pics from his party:  

Pop and Luke playing with the new Thomas table and trains...
He was totally into this train table and set!
Caught this very excited expression on camera!
Then just a week after Luke's party, was Colt's 22nd birthday.  We spent most of that weekend at The Great Homeschool Convention (which was fantastic) but we were able to go as a family to a Tim Hawkins concert and then we celebrated with a birthday dinner at Hibachi Grill with family.  It was our first time to eat there (recommended by Colt) and it was wonderful!  I still can't believe my oldest baby is 22 though! 

Colt's dessert of choice was buttermilk pie

Blowing a kiss bye to Aunt Jo & Uncle Wayne
Mama & Daddy

And between all of that, our homeschool support group held its annual geography fair.  I bet you can't guess what country we did?  :)  Of course, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to share China!  I wish we could visit every country we've done in the geography fair because it sure makes the country's culture come alive when you experience it!  Joy & Luke both dressed in their Inner Mongolian native costumes.  Joy, of course, did most of the presentation , but Luke did come up and say "Ni Hao" (hello).   Here are some pics from the geography fair:

Other countries that were presented besides China were Russia, Brazil, Italy, France, Israel, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Madagascar, and Ireland.  And they were all wonderful!  It is definitely an event that we look forward to every year!  We're already brainstorming on next year's!

Oh, and last weekend, we went to Alabama and celebrated my Grandma's 93rd birthday....yes, 93!  :)  I think she still looks beautiful! 

Luke was a little overwhelmed when we walked into the church for the party with all the relatives coming to see him (for alot of them, it was the first time).  It's times like this that we see insecurities arise again in him.  He stuck to me like glue, hanging on to my shirt.  Overall though, he did great!  

I love the look he's giving baby Grayson (that I'm holding).... 
As you can see, he warmed up to everyone after awhile and even let go of me for a few minutes!  :)
Joy, cousin Laci, and Luke
 Now, I'm hoping that life slows down just a bit for us now because frankly.......I'm tired!  :)  I'm also ready for warm sunny weather so we can spend some time outside.  

Thanks for hanging with me and for coming back for visits (even though I've been absent).  I appreciate each everyone of you and your time spent here!    

Blessings to you!  Have a great weekend!  :)
~ Tammy ~


Never So Simple said...

All those cup cakes and cake made me hungry. :) Happy Birthday once again to all of your children. Luke is such a cutie Tammy, I just want to squeeze his cheeks. So have you had anytime to craft or decorate?


Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

What a month of celebrations you've had!

Glad everyone is happy, healthy and a year older!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

WOW!! You did have a busy month Tammy!! Happy Birthday to all the kids - big and small!

One can only imagine what a 3 year old is thinking when faced with so many strange faces - so nice he found comfort in you though!

I hope you get some quiet times now. Have a great weekend! HUGS!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

It is scary for lots of kids to come into a room full of strangers but it looks like Luke knows how to make friends out of strangers.
I'm like Cookie Monster with birthday cake! I guess that makes me Cake Monster. I know it was good. I can just tell.
Tell Joy she looked beautiful in traditional dress. She must make you so proud.
Give all 3 my warmest birthday wishes-hugs to all......

SANDI said...

Wow! What a busy month you had! Lots of Birthdays. "Happy Birthday to all!" I Love the cupcakes in shape of the number "12", great idea! I remember when my youngest son (now 10) was into Thomas and all the trains. Brings back memories! Thanks for sharing!

•♦•The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

You have so much to CELEBRATE [Always!], Tammy--on ontop of it have extra special celebrations scattered in there!! :)
What a beautiful family--Happy Birthday to everyone...and how special to be able to celebrate your Gram's 93rd!!

Little Luke is growing like a weed!
Have a great weekend, and HAPPY SPRING!♥

Kim said...

I have not looked at blogs in a while. Catching up on yours....what a cute little guy with his longer hair Luke is! Happy birthday Luke and JOY! You guys have the neatest family! We miss you!

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


I really had fun at all the birthday parties! Thank you for setting all of them up and doing sooo much!

Love you!


Joy :D

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