Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (It's the Little Things.....)

Left for me by Joy......what can I say?  This just makes this mama's day!  :)


Sheila said...

Made me tear up Tammy! What a thoughtful and beautiful young lady your daughter is. You truly are blessed.
Wishing you a wonderful sunshine filled day~

Paula said...

Okay... crying now.... tissue, please..
That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen, Tammy!

Jo-Anne said...

Those are the sweetest words! It made me get all teary eyed. She is a wonderful young lady.

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

well my eyes are leaking now too!! What a wonderful child she is to tell her mom all those sweet things. She is a fine testament to what great parents she has!! HUGS!!

LynnMarie said...

How sweet! That is a keeper.

Hollie said...

Oh my goodness! That's the sweetest thing I've ever seen! I know you are one proud mama!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful thing for your daughter to do. I too am teary eye now.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Wow! She most certainly has the correct name I think! Also, me thinks the apple must not fall too far from the tree! She is truly a sweetheart, growing up to be like her mom. :-)
There really is nothing like a loving daughter to make our hearts overflow is there!

Lynn said...

This is so heart touching Tammy! Joy is such a sweet and very thoughtful young lady...just like her Mom! I know you are one very proud Mama!

Have a wonderful day Tammy!


Julie said...

What a sweetheart!! She is as special as you!! Have a great day. Julie

Anne said...

How sweet!! That speaks volumes...her children arise and call her blessed!!!!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Well I think you can say that is one of those Warm Fuzzy's that will revisit your heart for days, weeks and years to come. ((((Hugs)))) to you for giving her all that a mother gives that inspires her child to put into writing how much her mama fills her life with love.
(((((Hugs)))))) to your daughter for making sure her mama knows how much she is loved!!
Those are the moments that make being a mother the most special gift in a parents life!!


•♦•The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Like Momma like daughter...
She's the SWEET, loving, caring, giving and beautiful girl she is...because of YOU!

Susannah said...

Oh, How sweet! She is going to grow up to be a wonderful woman. You must be very proud of her.


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


:D I'm glad you like it!! Thank you for posting it. :D

I love you!!


Joy :D

Michelle said...

That is so precious!! :)
What a wonderful mom you are!

Tanya said...

That little doodlebug is the cutest, sweetest, most thoughtful darling! You just need to smother her in hugs and kisses!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I would expect no less of Joy. She is well-read, well-spoken and very literate. She is honest and sweet and loyal. She is smart and appreciative and thoughtful. I fully expected her to leave you this note.
On a serious note, I am so proud of her, as I know you must be.
You are doing something right, GF!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

So sweet! You have quite a girl there Tammy :-)

At Home With Amy said...

How special. Joy is such a sweet little thing. Treasure this always!