Thursday, January 13, 2011

Waiting Blessings in China.....

Little boys are blessings.  And there's a little blessing waiting for a family in China from Luke's orphanage in Inner Mongolia.  He's barely over a year old, just turning one in October.  He is awaiting cleft lip repair. 

Little "Jonathan" is on the BAAS individual list.  Here's what is said about him, which is updated information as of December 2010:

Jonathan was born on 10-3-2009. His special needs are cleft lip and palate; hernia. He is being cared for at the Half Sky program.

His weight is 7.30kg, height is 71cm, head size is 46cm, chest size is 46cm, number of teeth is 6.

He can sit on his own, stand holding onto something and take steps holding hands with someone. He is bright, curious and good-natured. He loves to smile and communicate with others. He understands instructions and loves to listen to music.

Doesn't he look like the happiest little guy?   He could be your blessing!  Or if not yours, maybe you could spread the word so his forever family could find him!   
And this little girl just tugged at my heartstrings, so I have to share one more. 
This is "Ruby", also on the BAAS individual list.  Ruby will be two in June. 
Here's what is said about little Ruby:
Ruby was born on 6-18-2009. Her special need is postoperative sacroiliac tumor. She is an active and lovely girl.
Isn't she just beautiful?  Could Ruby be part of your family? 


Good news!  Ruby has been placed.  She has a family!  That's one less orphan out there today!  :)  
If you'd like more information on Jonathan, you can email me at

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Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Those babies are so precious! The hubby and I were talking the other day about how nice it would be to have a baby girl to love and spoil. Our boys will be graduating high school this year and then we will be empty nesters. I guess it was just tugging on my heartstrings a bit that on one hand I'll be glad to have the house to ourselves, but on the other hand, I feel as though my job as a mother is almost finished. :( Now, I know a mother's job is never truly finished, but you know what I'm saying! LOL! I wish we were in better shape financially because if that were the case, I would seriously consider adopting one of these adorable babies. I hope they are able to find forever families real soon!

Susannah said...

I can not stop singing - "Jesus loves the little children ...all the children of the world.....".
I pray these little ones are adopted into loving and caring families soon.


Wendi said...

If we were able I would be on a plane back to China today!

RM said...

Great post Tammy! Love seeing these two precious faces. Loved the snow video too, that IM boy really loves the cold doesn't he!

Michelle said...

SO precious!! I am praying about a little boy from China! Our old agency had over 60 little boys on their website recently. There are so many, and they need homes badly!

Karens-Korner said...

Awww what darling little faces.... I'd love to have a baby boy after 2 rambuctious girls... cleft palate or not.... As a nurse.... thats a minor problem... ahhh for completed paperwork and I'd do it in a heartbeat...
God Bless....

Nicole said...

Oh how precious they both are! There are just so many that need a mommy and daddy!
Are you guy's done? If we do this again it would be a sweet boy!

Sharon said...

What sweet babies. I sure wish that I was younger and financially able to take take little guy.
My grandson had a cleft when he was born and now you can hardly tell.
They can do so much for children now days.
Thanks for sharing
Have a great weekend.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

They are precious. We are so pleased to have one( special needs and Chinese ) as part of our family and excited to know that Sara and her husband are on the path to Chinese daughter #2. And, coincidentally, she will be named Ruby, after Mike's Mother.

Julze said...

awww...what precious little babes!

God bless,
Julia (New Zealand)

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


I want one!! :) Another one, I mean. Praying and hoping!!


Joy :)