Sunday, May 30, 2010

Updates (on Luke and Life This Week)

To say this has been an exhausting week for me, is an understatement, BIG TIME. Besides being physically exhausting, it's been an emotionally packed week as well.

Our TA is not here yet. I think I "fixed a date" in my head that I hoped it would be here....really hoping for May 27th or 28th. We found out that it IS being processed and should be sent out next week! However, in the meanwhile, we also learned that because of the Dragon Boat Festival that will be occuring in China in mid June, the provincial offices will be closed for adoption processing, which automatically moves travel away a week further at the least. A consulate appointment cannot be requested until we have the TA, so we're just praying the appointment dates don't fill up too quickly! Every week that passes seems like an eternity here at the end of the wait. This part of the wait has been, by far, the hardest for me! I've had lots of sleepless nights with my mind working overtime!

A bright side to all of this happened this morning when I woke up to find an update and pictures of Luke in my inbox from Ann of Red Thread China from the care package we sent! That just made my (OUR) day. Just look how big he's getting!

The update measurements say he is now 37 inches tall and 41 pounds! Wow! We need to go get him before he's grown! lol! He is only 27 months old! I'm wondering now about all the clothes I've bought. I think I'm going to have go get a size bigger and maybe take some of both sizes with us to China! I pretty much bought all 3Ts and I'm thinking 4Ts are more what he'll need!

His foot is now 6.89 inches long! I'm pretty sure the shoes we have now won't fit either! lol! I have size 8. I'm thinking maybe even a 10! I guess his foot matches his height and weight though! :)

His update also said that he is a very smart child and a strong boy and that he is loved so much by his foster family!

He looks so happy in the pictures!

In addition to the emotional draining this week, we've spent at least 10 hours between Wednesday night and Friday night at Joy's dance recital rehearsals. Then yesterday was the big recital day......3 recitals in a day - 10:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. The title of the recital was "The Hottest Ticket in Town". We were there for 13 hours! But it all went so well....actually smoothly in everyway! I spent my whole day walking up and down stairs from the auditorium (so I could watch) to going back stage to help Joy with costume changes and makeup....constantly...all day! :) But it was all worth it! They all did really well on the dances and Joy did a super job on her first solo!

Because I was so busy, I didn't get many pictures. However, I did manage just a few!

Here's Joy with friends, Christina and Kayla, dressed in their gumball costumes for the Willy Wonka Ballet play, which by the way were their least favorite costumes of the day! lol! They had really pretty flowy ones as chocolate bars in the play. I think these were super hot to wear!

Here's a few of the pictures of them on stage during the Willie Wonka Ballet. Remember you can click on the pictures to make them bigger and see them closer (since they're SO far away)!

Their studio performs a full length ballet every year and rotates between Sleeping Beauty, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz. I've never seen The Wizard of Oz, but so far, Willy Wonka is my favorite!

That's Joy on the back row with her arm held up straight in the air.

Here's the part where Violet blew up from chewing the gum...that's her rolled in as a ball! lol! And aren't the colorful Oompa Loompas cute?

And Ava, Joy, and Christina during a moment they were able to enjoy the show between numbers:

We counted up how many times she performed and it was 14 dances throughout the day! She's a little tired today! :)

Jason did video some from a distance and maybe we can share some of that next week, if they turned out okay. Thank goodness we can buy the DVDs so we can sit back and enjoy the whole show together later!

Hopefully one day this week, I'll have good news to share on our TA and will know more about when we will leave for China!

Thanks for remembering us in your prayers! I do know God is in control in the midst of this waiting and I don't want to be in China any sooner than what God has for us. I know He will work all things out in his timing! :)

Okay, have a great week everyone! :)


Tiffany said...

Oh, Luke!! He is so sweet. Soon Tammy, soon he will be in your arms. I am praying!! I think you will need bigger clothes! My Cadi is 4 almost 5 and is under 40 lbs wearing some 4Ts and some 5Ts! Awww, what a big boy!

Steve Finnell said...

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Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Luke looks like the happiest little boy in the world! How precious. I loved the photos of Joy's ballet too. Willy Wonka sounds like it would be so much fun to watch. I'm reading the book to the twins right now.

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

I know it's hard waiting but god has the perfect timing for you to go get Luke!!
He is ADORABLE!!! So handsome and what a smile!!
I remember when my Julie danced and recital l;ove the striped costumes--LOL-- in a couple of years those girls will have a seizure if their dance teacher would suggest anything like that ("it makes my butt look HUGE"-LOLOLOL)

Twin Creek Primitives said...

Tammy - thank you for sharing the pics of your beautiful children! Luke is so precious and he does look so very happy! I know he will be even happier once he is home with his family! Joy looks so grown up and beautiful...
Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend!

terrypi said...

Pictures of Joy are wonderful. She is beautiful. I just can't wait until Luke is home with you. He is so adorable. I just love seeing pictures of him.

Sandy said...

Oh WOW...Luke looks like he has grown from your older pics. He is sooo cute!

Wow...I am tired for you...LOL for Joy's dancing. But I know that you are one very proud MOM!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Its like being a kid at christmas waiting for the big day and it seems like it is going backwards..:) great photos of Luke..he is getting so the photos of Joy willy I have the umpalumpa song in my head.:)

Nancy M. said...

I hope it comes ASAP! Hoping your travel won't be delayed, either!

Luke is so precious! He looks like such a happy boy! Glad he got your gifts!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh Tammy how adorable is that little Luke getting...he grows cuter every time you post a photo.

I'm just sorry that the TA isn't moving faster so you can hold him as a wee little thing....but whenever it happens will be a precious moment and a lifelong one after that.
I pray it goes faster than anticipated from your post.

Congratulations to Joy on such a hectic and tiring adorable are they.


Hugs, Karen

La Dolce Vita said...

New pictures, how wonderful! We are waiting on our LOA as well. SO anxious!!!!

arkie said...

Praying all goes well for your adoption next week! Hopefully, you will find out about when you expect to be traveling anyway. I would go with at least a size 5. My grandson is only 24 lbs. and 28 (or so) inches tall and he wears a 2T and some 3T's.

Annie said...

Luke is just too cute and so big!!! He is soooooo much bigger than Lizzie and Lizzie just turned 4:) Loved the pics of Joy and the ballet! I took dance for YEARS and loved it! She looks like she was having fun!!

The wait is so hard, especially at the end - being so close but so far away. Hang in there, Tammy. I wil continue to keep you in my prayers!

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Tammy~
I hope the long weekend has given you some time to get some much needed rest. Luke's smile is a treasure in itself. I hope you get your TA very soon.
I'm praying for you and your family that Luke will be in your arms soon.
I'm in tears as I've been catching up on your posts about the other adoptive families who are in need of prayer. You can be sure I'll be praying for them as well.
Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

ps. Joy's recital sounds like it was such fun. Willie Wonka is one of my favorite movies. :)

Sharon said...

Prayers and Hugs coming your way.
He sure is a sweetie and I can see why you are getting so anxious.
Love the photos of Joy's ballet.
Hope this week will give you the news you have been waiting for,
I hope that you get some rest and don't get yourself run down.
You will need all of your strength when you get that little guy home.

Shelley said...

That Luke has the most handsome smile and looks so darn huggable!! I am praying that you have at your home soon!! And I bet that Joy is a wonderful dancer - she just exudes such happiness from the photos you post.

Kristi said...

WOW - Luke has really grown! Piper is 32 mos & is 33", 29 lbs, and wears a size 6 shoe. Our guide in IM told us she was "too small". He's such a cutie! Now come on TA - you need to go get him!

Traci said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited that you're so close to meeting Luke...and so bummed with you that you might not be able to travel when you want. Silly holidays! :P He's such a handsome little (big) man. Love it!

Joy looks fantastic! I can't wait to see some video of her dancing.

The Little Family said...

OH MY WORD!!! He is so stinkin cute!!!

The Greig Family said...

HOW STINKIN' CUTE!!! Love the pics! He looks so happy and so healthy! Yes, you better go get some 4Ts. :)

SO excited for you.


Sharing Life and Love said...

Luke is such a happy beautiful boy! So happy that TA is on the way and you will have him 'weighing down your arms' soon!

Joy looks wonderful in her willy Wonka recital costume---love it!

Thanks for sharing!

Lilly's Family said...

I just love the new pictures of Luke. He is so cute and always smiling!
Also, Joy is simply beautiful and obviously quite talented in dance. Katie has really enjoyed talking w/ her on the phone!
Hoping and praying for TA TODAY!!

Blessed Beyond said...

Precious pictures of your cute little man! He is darling! And Joys pictures are great!! Hugs and Blessings,