Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Planning the Kids' Bedroom Makeovers

Finally! We think we have a weekend that we can actually begin the kids' bedroom makeovers. So far, there's been something going on every weekend, to keep us from getting started. However, there has been a deviation from the original plans. We won't be doing anything to Colt's room. He's decided that he'd prefer to stay put in his room and not do anything to it. Joy is getting the spare (or guest bedroom) and Luke is getting Joy's present room. So that means only two rooms to redo....instead of three....for now anyway.

We are starting this weekend with Joy's bedroom, (at least painting it).

Joy received the bedding she was wanting for Christmas, so the inspiration for her bedroom makeover came from this bedding set. As you can see, it has several colors in it, but we will be pulling out the aqua and brown mostly with accents of pink.

She will finally be getting a full size bed.....the bed I received as a gift from my parents on my 12th birthday! However, we are going to paint it white. It has a dresser that matches it, but she wants to use the dresser she has now instead (which is already white).

For a long time, Joy has talked about having a ballet barre in her room with mirrors behind it, so we are going to try to incorporate that into the new bedroom. We bought the supplies for Jason to make her one.

And this is a piece you probably never seen before. I don't recall ever showing a picture of this armoire on my blog before. We paid $50 for it. My cousin was having a garage sale. It was the end of the day and she didn't want to take it back inside. I convinced Jason we needed it and he brought it home and even hauled it upstairs to it's resting spot. I don't think he's ever liked this piece but I always have. However, I've always intended to do something different to it, because I have never been a big fan of dark wood, really. So now, guess who else loves it? Yep....Joy loves it and asked could she please have it in her room. So it will get a makeover too.

And right now, that's what we have to begin Joy's room, so we'll see where it takes us!

Next on the list is little Luke's room. I've had this bedding picked out since before Christmas, actually before Thanksgiving, I believe. We have been told on a couple of different occasions that he LOVES cars and loves riding in cars (which is a really good thing because he'll do alot of!). So here's his bedding:

My dad insists that he needs a car bed. I'm not sure if that is going to happen yet or not. That will depend on if I can find one used because they're more expensive new than I thought new and with travel expenses to China coming in the future, this won't be an option. So, I'm on the lookout for a used twin size blue car bed (Little Tykes). If that doesn't pan out, Jason will just build him a twin bed.

I purchased these vehicle/construction prints to frame for his room. I loved the bright colors and thought it went so well with the bedding.

And speaking of frames, I'm thinking red accents (that's his favorite color and they say he loves bright colors). You all know how much I love red, so this made me very happy too! Also Dan of Yesterday Once More (remember his letter giveaway?), got in touch with us and told us he wanted to do letters for Luke's room as a gift! What a sweet thing to do! We thank you so much, Dan!

My sister-in-law, Missy, bought a cute little accent to go with his car/transportation/vehicle themed bedroom right before Christmas, but I don't want to reveal it all just yet, but it's coming together.

I have a few ideas floating around in my head for the rest of his room, but that's exactly what it is....floating around and not concrete I'll share more as we get to it.

That's the plan for the makeovers and I'm ready to see them start becoming reality now! So let the bedroom makeovers begin!

Oh yeah, someone asked about how our upstairs bathroom was coming's STILL NOT FINISHED....we just kind of stopped with the holidays and haven't gotten back into the mode of finishing it yet. I promise to share it when we finally get it done!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great Wednesday! :)


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!

I can't wait to see how both rooms turn out, Tammy...

Lynn said...

Tammy, I love the new bedding that will be in Joy's new bedroom and also the bedding for in Luke's bedroom! I really love the armoire that will be going into Joy's room too!! It is real neat looking! Years ago when I first got married I had an armoire with my bedroom set and absolutely loved it.. It would be sooo wonderful for Joy to have her own ballet barre in her bedroom! That would be great!! I bet she is real tickled about having the same bed that her Mom had when she was a young girl! How awesome!!
You are going to have a great time redecorating Joy's new bedroom and redecorating Luke's bedroom too! I love the theme you are going with in Luke's room!! I agree with your Dad though.. Luke really NEEDS to have a car bed!! I always liked the looks of them too, and the boys that have had them seemed to really love having that kind of bed too!

Take care now Tammy and I hope the storms don't be real bad your way, if and when they arrive.. You and your family are and will continue to be in our prayers!
Love & Blessings,

Carmen C. said...

Something tells me you're going to have ALOT of fun decorating Luke's room!!! I love that bright cheerful bedding that Joy has, very upbeat:)

Lynne said...

A new year always brings out the decorating bug in me.Looking forward to seeing the final results!

Parsley said...

I love your daughter's bedroom! CUTE!

I'd like to invite you to enter my giveaway Tammy. CHOCOLATE!

Dan said...

Tammy~ Wow you guys have your work cut out four you! I know it is going to be great when you finish! ~Dan~

Janene said...

Joys bedding looks so much like her...if that makes any sense!
And Luke will definately love his room. What little boy wouldn't love cars and bright colors?!
What an exciting time!
I would have snatched that armoire up too...especially for $50...STEAL!

In His service, Anne said...

I cant wait to see the rooms, but cant wait to see Luke at home with you all even more!! I'm so excited for you. Love Joy's bedding and her choice with Armoire-lol

At Home With Amy said...

Smart young man Cole is. No sense changing up his room if he is comfortable with the way it is now.

Joy's room is going to be so tween grown up. It sounds really cool. I love the colors in her bedding. Hey, I would like a ballet barre in my bedroom. I wonder if my hubby would go for that idea?? I'm guessing not!!

I was waiting to see what you were going to do with Lukes room. How cute it will be. I'm sure he is just going to love it. I think you would be fine with a regular bed with all the car stuff you will have going on in the comforter and pictures. I wouldn't sweat the small stuff.

Please post pictures when you get each room done. Good luck with finishing up the bathroom too.


blancomt said...

Hi Tammy..I was excited to see the bedding for Luke is the same bedding my son Charlie has in his room. His room is transportation also. He has a stop light on his dresser for a light. And Sears has a great stop sign area rug, that we placed in front of his door. We bought bright red LONG tab top curtains at Target and for the curtain rods we used a bright yellow metal yard stick that we picked up at Lowes. He also has a white plastic peg board (4x8)(Lowes also)secured to the wall behind his door and we bought all kinds of little bins etc. from Lowes and attached them to the board. He has a construction hat (Lowes) attached and even a small tool belt that he keeps on a hook on the peg board. We even bought the orange road cones and safety glasses at Lowes! We made out really well there and his room looks awesome! You might also check Office Max for road signs to hang on the wall, we got several for pretty cheap. And my husband put caution tape across his closet doors. Long comment and I am sorry I just got so excited when I saw they had the same bed set! Have a great week! Michelle

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I'll bet both rooms look great, I have an armorie just like that one and it is now in storage, sure wish I had somewhere to put it. I just love it.
Can't wait to see your room redos and to see Luke in his room..

Elle Bee said...

I love the colors for Joy's room. And that armoire is fantastic! You & Joy have awesome taste. :o)
Luke is going to LOVE his car/truck room. That wall art looks like it was made for that bedspread. How fun!

AG'smoma said...

Hey Tammy-those look great!! I'm sure Luke is going to love it! Check out Craigslist for the car bed, if you check it every so often, you might just get lucky! Good luck and have a great weekend!


Dawn said...

Tammy, I can't wait to see the kids rooms when your done. I love the colors in Joys choices. So girly. And what cute trucks for Lukes room!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Joy's room is going to be just a dream of a young girls room when finished, oh to have a baller bar in ones room so very neat Tammy!

I love Luke's bedding a litle boy's dream room too:)


Nancy M. said...

I love Joy's bedding! The colors are great! I'll bet her room is gorgeous!

I like Luke's also! What little boy wouldn't love cars!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Oh my, I love the bedding for Joy's room and for Luke's room! How exciting!
And how sweet for Dan to make letters for Luke's room! What a sweetheart he is!
Doing these projects will help the time pass quickly for you. And when Luke is fianlly home, you will have more time to spend with him.
Looking forward to seeing the progress.
Have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

It's all going to look so great! I can't wait to see the rooms all finished. Love the prints you bought...will keep an eye out for a good deal on a car bed. :)

Never So Simple said...

I'm so jealous. I wanted to do a boy's room. Oh well maybe I will have grandson's. In the far future that is. :) I do love the bedding you chose for Luke. I am also a fan of Joy's bedding. She has great taste like her Mom.


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

I can't WAIT! :) I also can't wait to see the post you do for my birthday party! It'll be great! You're such a great writer. :D


Love, Joy =)

Shelley said...

Joy's room sounds like it's going to be so cute! And I love the car theme for Luke! That photo of him in your sidebar is precious!!

Madison said...

How exciting! I also can't wait to do my room were doing a Paris theme so I can't wait! I already bought a huge photo of Audrey Hepburn that is GORGEOUS and looks so good in my room!

the primitive country bug said...

Oh, how pretty Joy's room will be and Luke's will be so cute too!
The armoire is a beautiful piece! She's a lucky girl to be getting that.
the prints you found look like they were made for that bedding set. Are you sure they weren't?
Have fun with your room makeovers! it will certainly make the time pass by quickly for you while you wait.
Hugs~ Birgit

arkie said...

How exciting to be working on your new son's room and for Joy to get a new space to decorate too!

Jamie said...

I love redoing bedrooms! Fun! Looking forward to seeing the finished projects. Love the bedding for is similar to what my boys had at that age!

Rhonda Sadler said...

We're in the process of renovating the old nursery into my twin's room. My toddlers are starting to walk and they need more walking space to practice their steps. We will be keeping most of the stuff in the room like the dressers and shelves. My husband bought a nice new rug which is perfect on the hardwood (Tampa) flooring. I can't wait to see the results of the newly designed room.

By the way Tammy, I love your idea of framing the vehicle/construction prints. I can just imagine how nice it will look in your kid's bedroom. I'll adapt your idea in my boy's room as well. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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