Thursday, September 17, 2009

From the Workshop.....

While I was working on fall decorating inside our house this past Sunday afternoon, Jason was working out in the workshop! I do get excited when I know he's working out there because he comes out with such goodies and I love the sounds coming from there and the smell of freshly cut wood! That usually means something "new" for my home! However, this time, it wasn't for me, but that's okay! I get excited for other folks too.....just thinking as we packed the order, that it will have a special place in someone else's home is very gratifying!

The customer (who has already seen pictures of them, by the way, before they were shipped to her), is painting them herself to match colors she already has in the room, so they were left unfinished for her special touch.

They are actually reversible. Turned one way, the hinges are visible, if you like that look...(like this one below).

Turned the other way, the hinges are hidden, if you prefer that look.

Of course, everything Jason whips out for somebody else, I want one of also (or two or three or four)! :) After seeing these sitting in my living room window, I decided they looked great there and I bet they would look just as good in those bay windows in the dining room! Yes, poor honey-do-workshop-list just keeps growing and growing! My Carpenter better get busy.....Christmas is quickly approaching, right?

Anyway, I just had to show you his latest workshop project. I am going to put a picture on my sidebar after this post, so if you would like to have custom window sill shutters for your home too, just contact us with your window measurements and we can quote you a price, He really enjoyed making these!

And by the way, we still have a couple of sets of the "regular" shutters for sale at a special price. The prices shown include shipping to the lower 48 continental states. For shipping to other places, please email me for shipping costs to your area. If you're interested in any of these, just drop me an email. We'd love to ship these out to your home! (Custom sized shutters can be made like these too...just let us know your size and we can quote you a price on those).

This set is unfinished, ready for your special touch. The size of this set is 7" wide x 35 1/2" long.
$39 (includes shipping).

Here are a couple of smaller sets......each being 7" wide x 24" long. They look shinier than they really are in person....guess it was the flash. They do have a coat of a satin polyurethane, but still very prim looking, not much shine at all.

This one is black distressed with barn red. $36 (includes shipping)

And a barn red set distressed with black.... $36 (includes shipping)

They are really so versatile, for indoor use! I have a set flanking the opening of my fireplace. It was just the splash of color I needed there for all seasons!

And that, my friends, is what My Carpenter has been up to......out in the workshop!


As I was finishing up this post today, our mail lady honked. That sound means one thing.....a package too big to fit into our mailbox! And sure was...a belated birthday gift. It was from
Donna of Never-So-Simple. In the package was a very sweet birthday card, a package of yummy smelling crispy cinnamon cookie tarts and an autumn wreath Yankee Candle!

Now this just shows what kind of person Donna really is....with all she and her family have experienced lately and waiting to be back in her own home, and she sends me this! Donna, thank you so much! You're a sweetheart! You really had no idea how much I love the scent of cinnamon! Really! My house smells wonderful right now from your box of goodies! I hope you're blessed ten times over! You are so kind hearted!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I really do enjoy and appreciate every comment!



Parsley said... nice to get a surprise.

Love that you decorate your home. I've not added much to mine.

Karen said...

I just love these shutters! I wish I could figure out a place to put some. Believe me, I'll be looking! ;)

At Home With Amy said...

I love the idea of the shutters sitting on the window sill but first I would have to have Jason build me a window sill deep enough to set them on. His work is fabulous. I definitely think you should have some made for you to display. Like you said, Jason enjoys making them and who better to please than his precious little wife!!
Enjoy your day Tammy

Mandie said...

Those are great shutters! I love them. They would look fantastic in a bay window... hmmm.

Kimberly said...

Don't you just love those carpentar type guys! The shutters are gorgeous... hmmm... maybe I should have a little talk with MY husband...

Julie said...

Hi Tammy--those shutters are fabulous. What a talent he has. Hope you are having a nice day. Julie

Madison said...

Awsome they are great! He did a really great job on that didn't he! It's fun having someone who lives with you be able to make you handmade goodies! Have a great day!

Love, Madison

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

he does such a nice I must go and measure my windows...:)

the primitive country bug said...

Great shutters! You're one lucky gal to have a dh that likes to work in his workshop.
What a sweet gift to recieve in the mail too. Hugs to you ~ Birgit

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Tammy!!!
Wow, what neat shutters I think they would look great to in your windows:) My window sills are to narrow believe me I thought of it.LOL

Have a great day!

UPON A HILL said...

Your Jason does fantastic work. It is great to have a workshop husband. They would probably help keep out some cold this winter.

arkie said...

The shutters are just great! Your husband does a wonderful job! A husband wouldn't really enjoy life with some kind of honey do list, don't you think?

wrcdgc said...

I hope you like the scent of the candle. I figured it would go well with your Fall decor. :) Those tarts were too cute and smell so good. I have already been blessed a 100 times over with your friendship!

Those shutters will look great in my next house. :)


I-Karen said...

I guess I will try this again! I am new to this blogging and I tried to leave a comment,but for some reason it didn't go through! Thanks for stopping by my page. Brittany says hi and that she misses you guys...especially Joy! Brittany is 16 now and has a job. I can't believe my baby girl is driving and has a job! Well since I am learning more about blogging, I guess I can stop by more.

Love you guys,


Janene said...

Jason did a fantastic job on those shutters! Your customer is a very lucky lady!
I am drooling over them and searching for a place to put a set or two.
Have a great weekend!

Carmen C. said...

Those shutters are adorable! My hubby likes to build stuff too and I'm glad he knows how cause I always come up with stuff I "NEED", LOL! Your goodies from Donna are awesome, those tarts look good enough to eat:)

In His service, Anne said...

Oh your hubby is soo talented!! Just to let you know, we haven't forgotten about Joy (kids keep bugging me about it), . Homeschooling is going well, my oldest son is helping out this year, since he's home from Bible college now. Its tough this year with two little ones in on it!! Have a great week!!!

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Oh what wonderful goodies frim Donna! :)

Your shutters are great, good work guys (as always)

Have a wonderful weekend, Tammy!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Hey Tammy! Those shutters are awesome! Maybe one day I can get some for my kitchen. $$$ are short right now for us. And I'm trying to get the Christmas gifts bought early.
What a sweet gift from your friend!
I love Yankee Candles! They smell so good.
Hope you have a great weekend!

basketsnprims said...

Tammy ~
I love the shutters. Jason is so talented. You two make an awesome team.

Elle Bee said...

The shutters look fantastic!Everyone, I can attest to how amazing the craftmanship is from the peg board I got from Tammy in the mail today. It is absolutely flawless.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Tammy what gorgeous shutters!
I have been smelling the same wonderful aroma all week from my husband doing his woodworking as well - I agree that the smell of fresh cut wood is sooooo clean and refreshing.


Mandy in Mayberry said...

Those shutters are wonderful - what a great job he does on those!